{Drunk in your Love}
# Episode_17
“Camille! where the hell could be? i rushed in and the whole place was scattered.
“we need to find her, please let hurry,” i said to the nurses while we rushed out.
“Camille! i yelled her name as her ran through the hallway, then reached to a corridor, i breathe a sigh of relief when i saw Camille on the floor crying, i quickly walked up to her while the two nurses hurriedly came.
“Ca..mille,” i muttered in tears holding her hands but she jerk off my hands making me scared.
“just leave me alone, let me be, can’t you see that they all left me now, am all alone,” she said then wipe away her tears and laugh.
“i have no one, no one at all,” she yelled then broke into tears again. This has really affected her.
“nurse, please you need to do something,” i said in tears while they quickly grabbed her and injected her, making her fall deep asleep.
I sat down close to Camille who was still asleep, she has lose so much weight these days and i don’t actually know that wrong with her. The doctor came in and observed her for a while.
“doctor, will she be fine, you need to help her,” i said amidst of tears.
“she’s mentally affected by what happen to her. I mean i can’t believe Mr. Anton left her for another woman and with this trauma, she need to be taken to the psychatric, so she could be examine, cos she’s gradually losing her sense due to this trauma,” he said while i breathe out.
“but doc, her daughter is also sick, i mean just do anything to make sure she’ll be fine,” i said wiping away my tears.
“yes, but she have to be transferred from this hospital,” he said while i nodded. Things are just becoming so difficult for me, i need to call my husband and tell him about this. After their house was burnt that night i need to rent a single room somewhere else to stay for the main time before Chloe and Camille get okay.
..Hours later, i was feeling so sleepy when one of the nurse came in and called me. I went to the doctor office and thank goodness it was a good news. Chloe is awake. I was surprise about it, i wish Camille is in her right senses.
“i need to see her,” i said to the doctor while i was taken to see her. I felt pity for the poor child.
“Chloe..” i said in tears as i stood beside her, holding her hand, her eyes were open but she couldn’t talk, i guess she’s still so weak, thank goodness our prayer worked out.
“thank you for being strong for us, for your mommy too, it now Camille turn to be storng for you,” i whisper in tears. Why is all this happening to Camille, was this what she has to pay for keeping secret from Anton, but if only he trust her. I need to track down Jake, i need to know where the hell he is.
I went to check on Camille, who was already awake.
“Camille, you need to be strong, Chloe need you more than ever. She’s awake,” i said in tears while Camille only looked at me without saying anything.
“please Camille, you need to respond, you need to let go,” i said while tears slide down her eyes and she couldn’t say anything.
The next day Camille was transferred to the psychatric hospital and the doctor examine her for a while, he asked about her daughter, or husband or anyone she love most and i told him she only have her daughter with her whom happen to be sick, and she just lose everything, her mom, husband, her second daughter and her unborn baby. He went through her health record and urge me to bring her daughter to her anytime she’s much better.
Ken also came with our daughter Erica when i told him the whole truth, we decided to help Camille to find Jake and press charges against him, he such a liar i wonder how he was able to brainwash Anton so easily.

“gudnite princess,” i smile then kissed Erica on her forehead, she was already asleep, i and Ken have dinner and decide to go and check Camille and Chloe, now they happen to be in different hopsital and it gonna be damn hard for us.
Yesterday visit makes me cry, Camille is not getting any better but Chloe, she seems to recuperate fast. Atleast she could now talk, that’s a great progress.
I return home so exhausted to bath Erica while Ken is still at the hospital with Chloe. I heard a knock on the door then went to open, i guess it Ken but i was surprise to see a man, i guess he must be in his late thirties.
“hi,” he said while i looked at him again.
“hi,” i replied with a fake smile.
“am Timon,” he said.
“Ti..mon, how may i help you, am sure you might have lose your way,” i said.
“no, i guess you know Ma’am Camille? Mr. Anton ex wife,” he said while i was surprise, well Anton is so popular and everyone knows he married to Karen after his divorce with Camille. I can’t believe Camille is now Anton’s ex wife. I remember what Camille once told me about her mother’s death, she vowed to find that unknown person and make him pay for everything he did to her, she said her mother died alone the way when she was trying to tell her who murdered her.. starting with T.. yes i think so Camille told me everything.
“are you the one that murdered her mother? i asked while he laughed sarcastically.
“of course not, i guess she was trying to tell her to ask me everything, i was their neighbor and saw everything,” he said still standing at the door, i took a step forward then went out and sat on a bench, i can’t let him in.
“you know everything? i asked.
“yes, that evening i had someone crying, it was Chloe. I slowly walked to peep through the window to see what was happening, i saw a man dressed all in black with a mask, so i couldn’t see the face, he was holding a gun and also the little girl Chloe.
“please leave my grand daughter alone,” the old woman cried while the man pushed Chloe to the ground and pull the trigger but the old woman was fast to protect Chloe. That’s how the bullet penetrated through her, i turn to leave, to go look for help but i mistakely fall down on some stuff which make some sound, making the man to ran out immediately. His main target was to kill the little girl and not the old woman,” he said while i was surprise to hear that. Camille was right when she said someone was after her life, could it be Jake?
“so what happen when the man left,” i asked.
“i woke in to check the old woman and the little girl crying.
“Timon… please tell my daughter everything. The man was sent by someone close to her. She was about telling me everything the man told her because he was sent by someone to killed the little girl but i saw how hard she was breathing, i quickly rushed out to the call for ambulance and before i came i saw Camille already at home in tears, the old woman was gone. I left the city the next day and happen to came back just last week only to be told about the bad news, the little was shot again? he asked while i nodded in tears.
“who could that be, maybe only Chloe could tell this, maybe she could remember what the man said,” i said while he nodded in agreement.
“don’t worry Timon, i need to track that person down, am ready to help Camille fight this and i hope you’re on the right side, i hope all you said was the truth? i asked while he nodded.
That night i kept pondering about what Timon told me. All i need now is know about Jake’s where about, he must be the evil person behind this. I picked up my journal and went through some phone numbers, i sighted Jake’s name. It was Camille that once gave me this number since when they’re dating. But he might not be using this number again, it almost to six years now. My inner mind keep telling me to try. I picked up my phone the dailed the number. Thank goodness it ringing…
“hello,” A manly voice popped in, it Jake i felt kinda relief.
“who is this? he asked while i smirk.
“we need to talk, let meet at rosy restaurant by 4pm tomorrow then you’ll get to know me,” i said then hanged up, has he forgotten my voice, well what do i expect from such an evil person like him. I so much hate Jake. I have to slow doned with my plans, i didn’t tell Ken about what happen i don’t wan t him to worry and atleast he’s helping by checking on Camille and Chloe at the hospital.
…. The next day in the evening i was their exactly 4pm and waited for Jake to show up. After like thirty minutes, he walked in and was shocked to see me.
“i was the one who called you,” i said while he smirk.
“how is my dear Camille doing? he asked with an evil grin.
“you’ve won right!, now you’ve finally seperated Anton and Camille, what about the girl you claimed to be your daughter, huh? i asked with a frown while laughed.
“look Catherine, if you don’t want to be hurt, just stay out of this,” he ranted in anger.
“okay then let see how you’ll gonna win this time around,” i said while he laughed.
“i don’t have your time Catherine, i better leave,” he said then hurriedly left in anger, something slip off from his trouser pocket. His phone! I look around and only few people were in the restaurant, i quickly put it in my bag, suddenly i saw Jake walked in looking curious and angry.,
“my phone! have you seen it? he asked while i felt scared all of a sudden, i felt like giving him back but hell no!
“phone, are you this dumb. Well i didn’t see your phone. I have to go and just know that am gonna file a case against you for what you did and am sure Anton might suppport me since he’s powerful and more connected, you claimed Chloe to be your daughter and it almost four month since you left.. you’re so wicked,” i yelled while he laughed.
“for the very last time Catherine, stay out of this, anyone who plays with fire get burn,” he smirk while i felt so angry i quickly grabbed my handbag before leaving. I hate the sight of him and he must surely pay for what he did. I hope Anton help me in this, somehow i suspect this Jake. Anton can’t be fool by him i don’t care if he’s married now, i will make sure the truth is out so Anton will atleast believe Camille.
I arrived home and sat down feeling so exhausted, i can’t believe i meet with jake after all this years, it just like a miracle, he’s still using the same number and thank goodness he picked up my call. I quickly brought out his phone and opened it, i just hope it doesn’t have a security code, i need to see what in here and submit it to the police as my evidence.
Jake’s POV
Catherine was damn lucky i picked up her call and i was shocked to see her at the restaurant, am sure Camille must have sent her. Well am not done with Camille yet. I hit my fit on the table cos am still at the restaurant. Am sure someone might have picked up my phone. It has everything about me and my boss and even about our next plan.
My other phone rang and i quickly picked it, the caller was my boss, the one am working for.
‘BOSS, my phone is missing with all our secret and do you know the most scaring thing, it doesn’t have a security code,” i said feeling so sad and angry with myself. Am very sure the some idiot might have picked this phone.
“what, how can you be so dumb, haven’t i warn you to keep the phone secret, not to take it out, who took it. You must kill whoever that took that phone,” he yelled while i nodded even thou he couldn’t see me.
“yes boss,” i said hanged up. I asked the few people around their and they said non of them see anythign like my phone. I look around and notice cctv cameras around, yes! this the perfect way to know who took it. I hurriedly climb the stairs to meet the manager and told him about my problem, so he gave me access to go and check who the person might be. I carefully looked at the system. The restuarant was quiet busy so i sighted Catherine and i talking, i felt so angry and left, i saw how my phone slip from my trouser pocket down to the ground and how Catherine picked it up. She’s in for this. I quickly stormed out of the restuarant.
“gosh! i don’t know where she lives, am doomed! i kicked my legs on the tyre then called my boss.
“i have found the person, the one who took the phone,” i said
“you did?
“it Catherine, Camille’s bestfriend,”
“what! what they heck are you waiting for, just go and collect the phone make sure you killed her,” he yelled making the phone to vibrate a little in my ears.
“i don’t know where she lives…” i stuttered while i heard my boss randering curses on me.
“i will text you her address now,” he said to my surprise.
” you know.. you know where she lives? i asked.
“sure, i have been spying on them for a long time now, make sure you killed her when you get the phone and your next mission is to kill Chloe at the hospital too. You have to act as her father, go visit her each day before you kill her,” he yelled while i kept mute.
“boss, but.. the girl is innocent and as for Catherine i hope he doesn’t see anything because i can’t.. kill her,” i said i know he must be a bit surprise.
“kill her you fool or you’ll lose so much money,” he fired back. I know i hate Camille and i feel so happy whenever she’s hurt, she hurt me too, she was after Anton for his money, she broke up with me for no good reason, well i knew i was cheating then but that isn’t a concrete reason for her to break up with me, she also abort my child without telling me, if not for Mrs. Whitney. I love to see her suffer and am glad Anton believe me, that why he broke up with her and now am glad he have moved on maybe i can have Camille to myself but i can’t kill the little child, her blood might be in my hands and i might never find peace of mind, as for Catherine i also can’t kill her, am not use to killing people just the way the boss want me too. He can order one of his boys to follow me and do that.
” i can’t kill anyone…but..
“hello…” he just hanged up on me, immedaitely i saw a text from him, he just texted me her address. I quickly rushed to my car and drove speedily without caring if i could get into an accident.
Catherine’s POV
I cried as i saw what was on his phone, i knew he was up to something. I hate him so much, i can’t believe he has been siding with someone, someone whom i thought was a good person. I can’t believe Jake has been siding with the one that murdered Camille’s father and rape her, it still the same person that also killed her mother. I saw some of their messages and photo and how he was paid him a huge amount of money to claim Chloe as his daughter.
“they’re all betrayers, i wish Camille is here with me to see for herself. How can i even reach Anton, i need to show him this and i don’t even have his number, suddenly the door went open Ken walked in, he looked so tired.
“are you still crying? he asked then walked closer to me.
“welcome dear, am so scared about this,” i said then gave him the phone and he was as well shocked.
“we need to submit this to te police and Anton must know about this right away,” he said while i nodded. Sudddenly the door was opened with full force and two men putting on mask came, they were holding a gun. Ken quickly pushed me back then stood infront of me, i looked at the couch and saw Erica sleeping peacefully, i pray nothing bad happen.
“give us the phone,” the first man said.
“huh, has he sent you to threaten us, what type of wicked people are you,” Ken said in a harsh tone, i was already shivering, i was scared of what would happen.
“have it,” i said then threw the phone to them and they quickly picked up it.
“please don’t kill us, we haven’t seen anything,” i cried.
“you deserve no mercy,” the second guy yelled then shoot Ken twice on his forehead, i froze as i watch Ken moved back in weaknesss and fall. i heard Erica voice crying am sure she awake.
“ken.. Ken please don’t leave me,” i cried holding him so tight to my chest, my clothes were stained with his blood but i don’t care. What have i gotten myself into this. Why will Camille silly mistakes lead to all these, how many lives will it have to take, tears slide down my eyes uncontrollable, Ken is gone, i can’t bare this.
“what have you done to my husband,” i cried the looked up to them.
“we know you’ve seen everything, but it too late because we gonna kill you too,” the first guy said and before i could say any other thing, i felt a sharp in my stomach, they just shoot me right in my chest twice. I could hear Erica cries, i wish someone could come to her aid.
“Erica…please be alive for me and your dad..” i whisper to myself, i felt so weak, the pain is unbearable and then my eyes were closed, closed forever.
At the bugis junction, they were policemen that evening and ambulance because of the fatal accident that happen. Jake Rogers was the one ivolved due to careless driving and over speeding. Their was no chance of surviving and that was the end of him.
Everyone came late, Timon was shocked when he heard about Catherine and her husband death, he have no clue who that person maybe, no more evidence, everything is been shattered. The police was already their and no witness was found, it just the two year old Erica who as crying so hard on the couch.
Catherine and her husband’s corpse were quickly rushed to the mortuary while Timon was with Erica hoping if Camille get any better she might as well raise her as her own, that’s if she doesn’t get more affected if she heard about Catherine and Ken death.
What a world…
Jake is gone but Catherine and her husband are also gone…
Will Camille be able to bear the news..
who could be this wicked boss…

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