{Drunk in your Love}
# Episode_11
I arrived back home when my phone rang, i smirk before picking up the call.
“you need to do this fast, tell Antonio right away,” the voice said while i smirk.
“as you wish, as long as you gat my back in this, i need you more than ever,” i said then hanged up. I picked up a bottle of wine to get myself drunk. Am gonna make sure Camille regret breaking up with me in the first, after dating her for good three years.




Camille’s POV
The door went open and mom entered, i was so happy seeing her, she travel last two weeks to see a friend.
“Grandma! Chloe and Jasmine yelled in excitement then ran and hugged her.
“i miss you mom,” i said then hugged her too, she seems so happy and so do i.
We chatted that evening and i prepare dinner before Anton comes back from work.
Anton fulfilled his promise as he said. It a cool evening and we went to a garden and have lots of fun, we had enough to eat, Chloe and Jasmine seems to be the most happiest.
“need some ice cream? i asked Chloe who just finished hers, she smiled then nodded her head.
“i have this,” i said then gave her a bowl filled with ice cream.
“this for you and your sister,” i said while she gave me a ‘thank-you’ smile.
“tomorrow we gonna go to the cinema to watch the lastest movie with your mom,” Anton said while i smiled.
“you’ll stay will granny at home and she’ll put your favourite barbie film so you could watch,” i added while they nodded.
“thank you so much dad, thank you mom,” the chorused which make me chuckle, they sometimes act like twin.
Anton played the guitar while i sing our favourite song. Your love by Alamid.
“am all alone without you..
“my days are dark without the glimpse of you..
…..but now that you came into my life..
”i feel complete..
the flowers bloom, my morning shines and i can see…
” your love is like a sun..
“that light up my whole world..
.. .i feel the warmth inside….
I smile as i listen to his sweet voice..
“you love is like a river..
“that flows down through my veins
i feel the chill inside…
“everytime i hear our music plays
“reminds me of things we’ve been through
in my mind i can’t believe it’s true
but in my heart the reality is you..
“your love is like a sun that light up my whole,” i said staring at Anton closing, he make an attempt to kiss me when Chloe ruin it.
“dad, look! she said pointing at the stars, the most shining star up the sky.
“it so nice, it a wishing star, you can wish for anything you want and it do come true,” Anton said looking so serious while i held his hand.
“i don’t believe in any of this love, because i have make lots of wishes about my father being alive to see me happy, but what happen? he died, a painful death,” i said with tears threatening to come out from my eyes.
“am sorry about that love but it do happens, because i have always wished to be with you, to have a happy home and that’s exactly what am enjoying now, i love you so much,” he cooed then kissed my hair.
“ok mom, i have one wish to make,” Chloe said while i looked at her.
“what could it be sweetie? i asked.
“i wish daddy will continue to love his girls just as he always said and dad will also not leave mom for any reason,” she said while i laughed, that so funny but so sweet.
“daddy will forever loves his girls because you’re my life and as for your mom, till death do us part and i mean it,” he said while i smiled, he’s so romantic. We spent time together as family and later arrived home late at night, we were so exhausted, my mom was already asleep. I have to tuck Chloe to bed, Jasmine has already fall asleep.
“good night princess,” i kissed Chloe forehead then stood up to leave.
“good night mom, i love you and dad so much,” she said while i smiled then left to our bedroom.
The next morning i woke up early to dressed those girls for school, i couldn’t want them to be late, we had breakfast and mom was happy to see how happy we are. And Catherine, i miss her so much. She just got married a year ago and now lives in Quebec with her husband, am looking forward to visit her anytime soon, i miss her a lot.
I was done combing Jasmine hair, she has a long dark-brown hair, i helped her packed it in a ponytail, she also loves it when her hair is packed in ponytail while Chloe loves to pack her hair in a bun. I helped her comb it before packing it i a clean bun. They look so neat, happy and smart. Everyone loves them at school.
“make sure you read well,” i said to Chloe and Jasmine while they laughed. Their driver came in and helped them cary their lunch box to the car.
Ethan’s POV
Mom was done combing my dark hair she said i look so handsome like my father but to me i didn’t see any resemblance.
“mom, why is dad so busy to notice me? i aksed while she frown.
“he’s just busy son,”
“no mom! but he always notice Declan and his mom, why do i feel so isolated in this house and you! he doesn’t even care about you talk more of me, we are like strangers in his house,” i half yelled while she sighed.
“you’re just too young for all this,” mom said with tears threatening to come out from her eyes. I ignore her then picked up my bag and left. Too bad am a bit late and our driver has left with Declan, i know his mom must have told the driver to leave without waiting for me, now i have to trek. I walked quietly down the street when i heard a someone called my name, a big flashy car stopped beside me and i notice Chloe and her sister inside.
“where’s Declan? and why are you trekking? she asked.
“he left, i guess he’s already in school,” i said while their driver opened the car door for me to enter.
“thank you sir,” i said while he nodded, i entered then sat beside Chloe and the driver closed the door.
“good morning princesses,” i said refering to both Chloe and Jasmine while they smile.
“next time you should not allow Declan to leave,” Chloe said while i nodded, i was lost in my thought, i left mom in tears and i was so upset to even comfort her. I sighed when we arrived to school, i hate school! i hate school so much!, i picked up my bag then came out from the car.
“Ethan! Declan called my name then rushed to me. Am so angry with him for leaving without informing me, what if i didn’t meet Chloe i would have trek all alone.
“am sorry Ethan, it was my mom who insisted the driver to take me first,” he said while i pushed him to the ground and Chloe ran over to us.
“that was so rude Ethan,” she said helping Declan to stand up.
“i hate you all, just stay away from me,” i yelled at them but i still feel bad about it, why wouldn’t father notice me and mom in the house? why will it have to be Declan and his mom??
Camille’s POV
I and Anton were at the cinema watching a romantic movie and i couldn’t help but to keep smiling throughout.
“seems you’re enjoying the movie? he asked.
“yes, true love conquers all, they seems madly in love with each other,”
“just like us,” Anton responded then kissed me.
The movie finally ended but it has a sad ending, after all the love, they later broke up, she died and after her death he couldn’t bare it, he blame himself for everything then killed himself, it just like Romeo and Juliet.
“he’s at fault, if only he trusted her,” i said wiping away the tears in my eyes, i never knew a movie could make me shed tears.
“yes love, that why it important to trust your partner,” he said. I was done eating my popcorn and i stood up to leave, i saw someone smirk at me then walked passed me.
“Jake,” i said silently but turn again and didn’t see anyone, maybe it my imagination or maybe i just saw someone who look like him.
“love, are you okay? Anton asked seeing the worried look on my face.
“am fine,” i said then smiled, we took a stroll down the street as we gist about lots of things, we looked just like those high school teenagers who just confessed their love for each other and seems so happy.
…. We arrived home and meet Jasmine drawing roughly with her crayons while Chloe was fast alseep on the couch.
“please don’t leave me daddy, please stay with me, you’ve always promise to love your girls, you promise never to leave mom too,” Chloe said while sleeping. I almost freak out, i hate people who talk while sleeping, Chloe hardly do this, i wonder why she’s begging Anton in her dream to stay with us.
“am here right here sweetie,” Anton said then touched her while she suddenly stood up sweating.
“dad.. daddy,” she said sobbing as she hugged him so tight.
“please don’t leave me,”
“am not gonna leave you Chloe because i love you,” he whisper to her then wipe away her tears.
“what happen Chloe? i asked then sat down close to her.
‘it a bad dream i guess, dad wanted to leave us mom, i don’t want him to leave, i love him so much,” she said holding my hands while is smile.
“your dad will not leave us because he loves us so much,” i assure her while she nodded. That same night we all slept in the same room with the kids. Am so scared about this her dream, i have never prayed for a shattered family, i pray Anton never leave us.
The next day i dressed my girls for school and Chloe told me what happen between Ethan and Declan.
They’re brothers and they shouldn’t be fighting. Their parent hatred might lead those little kids to hate each other for no reason, Ethan should have atleast listen to Declan first, he’s just a kid but atimes he’s just hot tempered. I need to talk sense into his small skull and also to Nicholas his father, he should atleast show some care, Ethan is also his son and nothing will gonna change that.
… That same evening i walked down the street when i meet my worse nightmare Jake. He came out from his car and smirk looking at me lustfully, how did he even become this rich.
“Camille,” he said while i looked at him with so much hatred.
“aren’t you happy seeing me, my love!” he said.
“Jake welcome back if that what you want to hear, but all i need from you is to stay away from me and my family,” i scoffed while he laughed.
“am here to have you back Camille, i still love you,” he said in apleading voice making me more angry, i turn to leave when he held me back, i quickly jerk his hand off from mine.
“am not gonna stop trying until i have you for myself, look at this,” he said then brought out his phone and the played a video which shock me out, i almost fainted. This the thing i hate, my family is all i could think of.
“I have the video of everything right from when you came to my room that day and right when i kissed you and you respond to my touch,” he said smiling while my head was down in shame. I cause all this to myself!
“but you rape me, i decided to leave when i realize what we were doing was wrong, you forced yourself on me,” i cried.
“and that why i cut that place off, i will only show Antonio this place, so he would know we once had a hot romance, seeing this no one will believe you decided to leave immediately and i raped you,” he said while i slapped him hard.
“i hate you Jake,” i yelled i tears.
“and i love you,” he said which irritate me the more.
“just let me and my family be happy,” i begged.
“only on one condition,” he said with a smirk licking his lower lips and looking at me lustfully.
“what? i asked in tears.
“i want you in my bed tonight and if you refuse am gonna show this video to Antonio tonight and i mean it…” he said in a serious tone…
Will Camille agreed to this inorder to save the family she so much love..?
what best do you think she should do??

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