“Your room is next to Little Pumpkin’s.” Joel stated,throwing his key at one of the guards.

They had gotten to the villa.

“Nde.” Emily nodded her head obediently with Little Pumpkin sleeping peacefully in her arms.

“You can’t leave the house for anything.You stay right here.” Joel instructed,his hands in his pockets as he walked lazily into the lounge.

“Nde.” Emily bobbed her head, trailing right behind him.

“If you need anything,tell the maids,they’ll get it for you.If you need to get it yourself,tell me.No one leaves without my permission.No-One.” Joel twitched up his lips.

“Nde..” Emily rolled her eyes but still replied respectively.

“You only take proper care of Little Pumpkin.Understood?” Joel took long strides towards the stairs.

“Nde.” Emily groaned innerly.

As soon as they got to the staircase,Joel turned around and faced her.

“Follow the rules.” He stated calmly but his words had fire with them.

“Nde.” Emily bowed.

Joel nodded his head curtly and climbed up the stairway.

“Aishhh…Don’t leave,don’t stand.. don’t do this,don”t do that.. don’t poopoo.” Emily mimicked.

“I heard that!” Joel stopped at the top of the stairway and placed his hands on the banisters.

He turned around and stared at Emily.

“Ahhh…” Emily stuttered, biting her lip in the process.

She bowed her head and walked swiftly to Little Pumpkin’s room.

Joel smirked and walked into his room.

After carefully laying Little Pumpkin on the bed,Emily switched off the light and walked out to her room.


“Open.” Joel dropped his phone on the bedside table.

“Sir,this bag,…it was in the car.Where should I put it?” a maid bowed her head as she entered the CEO’s room.

Joel stared at the bag.It belonged to that girl.

“Give it to that girl.” He flipped his hair with his middle finger and sat on his king-sized bed.

The maid bobbed her head and turned to leave the room.

“Wait.” He frowned.

The maid turned around instantly,her head to the floor.

“Ye?..” she fidgeted.

Did she do something wrong?..She broke into cold sweats.

“Drop the bag on the chair.” Joel’s cold voice sounded through the room.

“N-nd-nde?..” the maid stuttered.

Joel’s face darkened and the room was soon freezing from his cold aura.

“Ah-ahh ye.” the maid quickly walked towards the couch in the CEO’s room and dropped the bag on it.

She bobbed her head and hastily walked out of the room.The atmosphere was so unbearable.She let out a sigh of relief immediately she stepped out of the CEO’S room.

Joel stared at the bag for a while,he stood up and strolled lazily to couch.He carried the bag and unzipped it.He checked the content of the bag.

Ugly shirts🙄

Ugly long skirts😐

Hideous gowns🤨

Stupid earmuffs🙄

Cheap perfume😖

Cheap,hideous undies🤮

And a sort of paper.😒

“Fuck.” Joel cursed under his breath.

He zipped the bag and tossed it on the table.He shook his head.

“Those undies are so unpleasant to the eyes.” he muttered in disapproval.

He stood up on his feet and walked out of his room to his study room.He needed to work.
After working on his computer for a while,he checked the time.12:32.

Joel shut down the system,stepped out of his study and took long strides to his room.
He had not walked three steps when he heard a silent bang downstairs.He stopped in his tracks and listened again.BANG.He furrowed his brows walked silently down the stairs to where the bang was coming from.It was coming from the kitchen.
The door to the kitchen was slightly opened and Joel watched in amusement as a girl gulped down soju.He didn’t see the face of the person but he knew exactly who it was.No maid would ever do that and there was just one girl who had an amusing appetite like that.Emily.

“Ahhhh…” Emily shook her head in satisfaction as she gulped down the soju.

“Mhhmmmn.” She grinned.

She opened the fridge,took out another soju and gulped it down her throat.She continued like that till she had five sojus.

“PA PA PA” Joel clapped his hands after he watched her drink the last soju.

Emily flinched as she wasn’t expecting to get caught.She thought everyone was asleep.She gritted her teeth and turned around slowly.
She widened her eyes at the sight before her.The snobbery handsome god was right there by the door.Emily hiccuped uneasily,her legs suddenly went limp and held the cabinet for support.
She watched the handsome god as he gazed coldly at her.

“Speak.” Joel pocketed his hands as he stood by the doorway.

“Mem..ermm..I .I can explain.” Emily stammered.

“Explain.” Joel stared at her blankly.

“It’s… it’s…I can…erm…” Emily scratched her hair in confusion.

She didn’t know what to say.

“I’ll pay you back.” She finally managed to blurt out.

No Response 😶

“Please..” Emily swallowed in fear.

Who knew what the handsome god was going to do to her.

“Tell me what you want,…I-I’ll do itttt…” She stammered uncontrollably.

Something flashed through Joel’s eyes as he stared at the girl.He took a step forward,his gaze on the girl unwavering.Emily gulped and took a step back in fear.Joel took another step forward and she took another step backward.He took a step forward again,she took a step backwards.

Emily’s heart was beating really faster than normal,like it was suddenly going to pop out of her chest.What he was going to do to her,she didn’t know.

The duo continued to take steps until Emily’s back hit the fridge and she could no longer take steps backwards.Joel was just a inch from her and their breathings were gently feathering each other’s faces very lightly.

Joel stared closely at the girl that was right in front of him.

Emily gulped again for the umpteenth time as she stared at the cold, dangerous man before her.

There was no way out.

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