“Kamsahamnida!” Emily grinned as she stepped out B-exclusive,the last place she worked at.

She walked forward a bit on the crutch and her right leg and stopped.She wasn’t ready to back to her apartment yet.She let out a gusty sigh and kicked the air with her right foot.She crossed the road and decided to head to a cocktail bar,since it was already noon and one of her employers had given her some money.

“Hey pretty girl.” A man in his fifties grinned mischievously at Emily who was slowly drinking her life away.

“Annyeon.” Emily stole a quick glance at him and looked away.

“Errrr,you look really pretty and I’m sure you’ll be very good..” the man winked.

“Let’s spend the night together.” he smirked.

“I’m not a prostitute!” Emily snapped.

“Besides,as you can see, I’m injured.” She added, throwing daggersat the man with the look on her face.

“Come on…I’ll pay you.Just one night.” the man smiled drunkenly.

“Stop playing hard to get..” he laughed hysterically.

The man staggered a bit backwards as he moved closer to Emily and touched her hair.

“Let go!” Emily yelled furiously,trying her best to to remove the man’s hand from her hair with her right hand.

“Come.” the man tightened his grip on her hair.

He was still forcefully holding onto her hair when he felt a very rough grip on his hand.

“Ahhhhhh…” he screamed as his wrist bones cracked.

He looked up and the sight he met made him shriek.

“Ahhh…please spare my life ..pleaseee” he quickly pleaded,already at the verge of tears.

“I won’t do it again…I swear on my life.I didn’t know she was your….” his voice trailed off as he sobbed.

He was pushed away by the hand that gripped him,he scampered on his feet and quickly ran out of the bar.

“Miss,are you alright?”

Emily looked up at the person that had just saved her.It was her life-saver again.That stunningly handsome man that had saved her from some guys the night before.

“Neo!” Emily stuttered.

“We meet again.” her life-saver smiled,taking a seat beside her at the counter.

“Uwa..” Emily grinned.

“Have you been well?…you are injured.” her life-saver chuckled.

“T’was an accident.” Emily pouted,staring at her bandaged arm.

“Ayah..Sorry.” her life-saver frowned.

He raised one of his brow and pressed lightly on his ear.

“I have get going.” He smiled at Emily and stood up on his feet.

“Ahhh,nde.” Emily nodded her head.

“Errr,I didn’t get your name last night..” her life-saver smiled again.

“Emily.” Emily twitched up her lips.

“Hmn.. my name is Vincent.” her life-saver nodded his head.

“Bye,I’m leaving first.” he waved at her.

“Ahh..” Something flashed through his eyes and he reached for his pocket.

He brought out a business card.

“Here’s my card.If you need anything,contact me.” he handed the card over to Emily.

“Annyeon.You should leave soon too.” he waved at her and slowly walked out of the bar.

Emily smiled and dropped the card on the counter.She cupped her chin with her right hand and smiled again.

“I keep meeting handsome men.” her lips curled up in a cute smile.

She took the glass of cocktail shake and gulped it down her throat.

“Haaaa.” She grimaced and dropped the cup on the counter.

Emily stood up on her right foot and reached for her crutch,she supported herself with it leapt out of the bar.
She huffed and rubbed her palms against each other as the cold breeze hit her face.She hadn’t walked 10 steps when an incoming car’s headlights shone brightly into her face.She stopped in her tracks and squinted.
The car screeched and came to an abrupt stop beside her.She stared at the driver’s side as the tinted window wind down.

‘huh?.. it’s the handsome god.’ Emily opened her mouth as soon as she got a glimpse of the person in the car.

“Get in!” Joel’s cold gaze swept her over.

“Huh?..” Emily stuttered dumbly.

Joel looked away from her and pressed on the accelerator.

“Ahhh…wait!” Emily screamed as soon as she had regained her senses.

The cocktail shake she had had definitely blurred her brain before.

She quickly grabbed tighter in the crutch and and leapt towards the car,but she was already too late.She couldn’t meet up with the car.She sighed and fell on the ground.

“Everyone hates me.” She sobbed silently,hitting her fist on her chest.

She was still crying a few moments later when she felt a car’s headlights shine brightly behind her.She sniffed,grabbed her crutch and leapt up on her foot.She turned towards the car.

‘he came back.’ she cried happily.

She hiccuped and sniffed as she kept staring at Joel.

“A second.” Joel fluttered his eyelashes.

Emily quickly got hold of herself and hastily leapt towards the passenger’s side of the car.She stood still and looked down at her hands; one was injured and the other was holding a crutch.She bit her lower lip and stared at Joel through the window with her eyes motioning him to help her with the door, but he was starting at everything but her.
Joel huffed and without looking her way,he pressed a button on his door side,the passenger’s side flung open and hit Emily on her forehead.

“Ahhhhahhhhn” she screamed.

Joel snickered as he watched her.Emily quickly looked up at him but he was staring at her with his usual cold gaze.Emily bit her lip,she could have sworn he smiled.
Grudgingly,Emily stepped in the car and shut the door.Joel pressed lightly on the accelerator and drove off to an unknown direction.

“Kumawo.” Emily stared at him gratefully.
(A/N: kumawo is an informal way of saying thank you)

“When you’re healed,leave.” Joel’s cold voice pierced through her skin.

Emily shuddered.

‘can’t he be less,as in really really less harsh and casual with me..’ she sneered puffily.

In no time,Emily drifted off to sleep,her head dangling from left to right and front to back as the car moved.
Joel drove straight into the villa and stole a glance at girl beside him.She was fast asleep.

‘fuck,she’s even drooling in my car.’ he clenched his teeth.

Joel bit his lower lip mischievously and pressed on the accelerator,the car moved speedily but then,he suddenly pressed on the brake.
Emily’s body lurched forward and she hit her forehead on the dashboard.

“Ahhhhahhhhn..” she hastily woke up and clasped her her hand on her forehead.

“Yahhh!!!” She yelled furiously.

“Can’t you…” her voice trailed off immediately she turned to face the god but was met by his cold stare.

She gulped.Her expression quickly changed from an annoyed one to a sober one.

“Ermm,I didn’t know it was you….sir.” she stated meekly.

A side of Joel’s mouth curled up in a smirk.He stepped out of the car and tossed the car key over to one of the guards nearby.
Emily bit her lip and opened the door.She hopped out of the car on her right foot and reached for her crutch .

‘annoying bastard.’ Emily scrunched up her face and stole a glance at Joel who had almost reached the door.

‘with fast legs.’ she sneered angrily as she put the crutch under her arm.

‘too wicked!’ she slammed the door shut in annoyance.

Almost immediately,the car began to make an alarming noise.Emily got back to her senses and widened her eyes.She flinched back.

Joel stopped in his tracks and turned towards the direction of the car.

The maids around stopped in their tracks and stared at Emily.

Emily lowered her face and stared at the floor,allowing her hair to fall over her face.She looked around and saw that she was still being stared at.

“Mihamnida” she bowed, slightly biting on her lower lip in the process.
(A/N: mihamnida is a formal way of saying I’m sorry.)

The maids removed their gazes from her and they all got back to what they were doing respectively.

Emily gritted her teeth and stared at floor,looking down casted.She slowly helped herself to the door with her eyes on the the floor.She was still very embarrassed.
She shook her head and pouted.She was still about the drama she had caused when she ran directly into a brick.

“Ahhh..” she hissed in pain and looked up.

Alas! It wasn’t a brick she ran into,it was a human being.The handsome god.Emily hastily opened her mouth,trying to get a word out of it but none came.All she could do was just stare blankly at the handsome god who looked like he was going to burst anytime soon.It was pretty much obvious,his freezing expression was saying it all.

“Yah…” Joel called quietly but his voice was as cold as ice.

“Why are you such a ding-a-ling?…” he gazed coldly at her.

“You are clumsy,stupid,poor…Why are you even still alive.” Joel scoffed and walked into the villa.

Emily stood transfixed on a spot.Joel’s word had hit her deep.She tilted her head,fighting back the tears brimming from her eyes.

‘he’s right..why am I even alive?…dad detests me,my step mum detests me..everyone detests me..’ Emily bowed her head and let the tears fall freely.

She was still sobbing when she heard a maid run out of the villa,crying.

“Eotteoke?…” a maid cried,running out of the door.
(A/N: eotteoke means what to do,how and what should I do.)

“What is it?” another maid asked.

“Little master is at it again… eotteoke?…” the maid stomped her feet on the floor.

“Oh my!” the other maid gasped.

The maids ran back into the house.

Emily hiccuped and stared at the door,she slowly leapt in.

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