Emily puckered her lips and removed the duvet,she stared at the door and sighed.It was definitely Little Pumpkin.
She stood up on her feet,wore her slippers and dragged her feet to the door.She turned the knob,opened the door and lo and behold,the arrogant CEO was standing before her.

“CEO Joel…” Emily managed after a long while of awkward silence.

“Come down stairs for dinner.” Joel stated simply but his words held fire with them.

“…nde.” Emily gulped.

Joel turned around and smirked as Emily trailed closely behind him.

They got to the dining and took their sits beside each other.

“Emily how was work?” Michael asked,breaking the silence.

“Fine oppa.” Emily smiled sweetly.

Joel slammed his spoon on the table at once!

*All eyes on him*

“Hmn.” Joel cleared his throat.

“I’m full.” He pushed back the chair with his butt and legs on the floor and stood up.

He looked beside him at Emily and his eyes darkened,cold aura emanating from him.

Emily shivered slightly,she was feeling cold and she was sure the cold was from the CEO’s body.

Joel turned around and took long strides towards the stairs.His mood had been spoilt.

Michael squinted his eyes as he stared at his brother,…was it what he was thinking???..he wasn’t sure but he was going to find out.
He looked at Emily and slowly looked away.

After the dinner,the trio went to their various rooms after saying ‘good nights’ to themselves.

Emily dragged her feet up the stairs and opened the door,she walked in and closed it behind her.
She had not walked five steps when she felt she was being gazed at coldly by a set of dark eyes.

She turned around quickly to the left and the CEO was right there,his butt against her dressing table,hands folded across his chest and legs crossed.

“C- -CEO Joel ..” Emily stuttered as she trembled at the sight of the CEO.

Joel stared coldly at her.He raised himself up from the table and walked briskly towards Emily who hastily walked backwards in fear till her back hit the wall.

“CEO..” Emily winced in pain.

Standing a foot from Emily,Joel’s dark eyes gazed into Emily’s timid ones.He looked down at her not too pointed nose and then trailed his eyes down to her parted lips.He swallowed the lump in throat.
Joel raised his right hand slowly to caress Emily’s face.

Emily hastily shut her eyes.Was he going to hit her?..her heart thumped nervously.

Joel’s eyelashes wavered slightly.What did the girl take him for….a woman beater?…

He dropped his hand back to his side and watched the girl whose eyes were still shut tight.

“So,how was the interview?” Joel asked.

Emily opened her eyes slowly,the CEO was no longer a few inches from her.He was now sitting on her bed with a wide grin plastered on his face.

“…” Emily gulped hesitantly.

The guy was weird.One moment he was horrific,the other he was a sweet,charming prince.

Joel’s eyes darkened.The girl had not replied his question.

Noticing that the expression on the CEO’s face had changed,Emily quicy replied him.

“Fine,thank you.” she bowed.

Joel rolled his eyes innerly.He didn’t want her to be formal with him,he actually wanted the opposite of that.

But maybe he had gone too far scaring her like that.He should leave her to rest.

“Night.” Joel took long strides towards the door and walked out of the room.

Emily watched in shock and surprise as the CEO walked out of her room….The man was indeed weird.She nodded her head vigorously.
Emily heaved a sigh of relief and fell on her bed.

Joel walked out of the shower but he was still feeling weird.Why was he feeling that way?…he huffed as he stared at his reflection in the mirror,he flipped his hair with his fingers and pouted.

He really loved the girl but it seemed she was not aware…what to do …
He turned around and walked towards his bed. He fell on his bed and sighed as he stared into space.

After a long while,Joel stood up on his feet and walked out of the room.

Emily was still rolling around from one side to another when she heard her door creak open.She had already switched off the light so she didn’t know who it was.

“Nugu?” She sat up on her bed and squinted her eyes as she stared in the direction of her door.


She felt a body fall on the bed beside her.She hastily switched on the bedside lamp and looked back at the unknown body.
Woah!..The unknown body was actually the CEO’s!!

“CEO Joel?…” Emily called out silently.

“CEO Joel?…” she called again,gently tapping Joel’s shoulder.

He wasn’t responding,he was definitely asleep.
So the CEO sleepwalks….Emily chuckled.The CEO actually sleepwalked into her room…Emily let out a small smile.
She stared at the CEO beside her,she was just having a close look at his face.He was even more handsome than looking at him from a distance…He was indeed a god.He had the most perfect set of eyes,pointed nose,cute lips.. everything about him was just too perfect.

Emily raised her hand slowly to stroke the CEO’s face.

But she wasn’t as perfect as him,she was poor,had bad manners,clumsy…

Emily retrieved her hand.She gently fell on her side,her back to the CEO and fell asleep.

Joel opened his eyes and stared at the back of the girl beside him,he stood up from the bed and walked round it.He squatted right in front of Emily’s face and stared at her…He stroked her face gently with an affectionate look on his face,he leaned in,tilted his head and planted a kiss on her lips.He stood up,straightened his back and took long strides out of the room.

“What do you mean you can no longer hack into her account?” Carmen asked furiously.


“Get lost!” She spat and hanged up.

“What did he say?” Stephanie stared at her manager keenly.

“He said he can’t hack into Maria’s account…he said something about the security and address being unaccessible and untraceable.” Carmen sighed.

Stephanie’s eyelashes wavered slightly.

“A video of Annie apologising to that girl was also released on the internet this morning.” Carmen blurted out angrily.

“Our plans are failing.” She balled up her fist.

Stephanie placed her elbows on the desk,intertwined her hands and placed her chin on her intertwined hands.
Someone or some people were really behind that girl…but who?…who were the powerful men she was sleeping with?…She was going to find out.

“Now that I can’t deal with her indirectly,I have to deal with her directly.” Stephanie let out an evil grin.

“So… what’s your plan?” Carmen smiled.

Emily grinned as she sat in front of her manager….So the CEO liked to sleepwalk..

After she woke up that morning and checked the other side of the bed,the CEO wasn’t there anymore..maybe he had woken up that morning and found out he was in the wrong room..Emily chuckled.

“What’s making you laugh?” Maria smiled as she watched Emily.

“Huh?..” Emily got back to her senses and looked up at her manager.

“Hmn..” she cleared her throat awkwardly.

“Thinking about your boyfriend?” Maria teased.

‘well,if you put it that way….’ Emily let out a cute smile.

“Ahh..ani.” she shook her head.

“Hmn…” Maria smiled.

“Anyway,have you watched the video?” She asked.

“Nde?..what video?” Emily furrowed her brows.

“Ainne apologising to you.” Maria shrugged.

“Wait… don’t you have a weibo account?” She widened her eyes.

“Anyo” Emily shook her head.

Maria opened her mouth in astonishment,she took a peek at the EW phone in Emily’s hand and shook her head.

How could she not have a weibo account when she had such expensive and amazing phone.So she only played games on the phone?…Wow.

“Come over.” Maria shook her head,dropping her phone on the desk.

Emily puckered her mouth and walked around the desk to her manager’s side.

Maria collected the phone from her and transferred the weibo app from her phone to Emily’s,she created an account for her and handed the phone over to her.

“Now you can watch the video yourself and have as many followers as you like.” Maria smiled.

“I have helped you send request to me,the CEO,his brother,the broadcasting industry’s manager and some other important personnel.

“Uhn.” Emily nodded her head.

“Okay,you’re having an interview in a few minutes time.” Maria pursed her lips as she skimmed through Emily’s schedule.

“Kaja” Maria stood up on her feet.

“We should get your makeup done.” She smiled as they walked down the corridor.

“Nde.” Emily smiled.

“And we’ll get you a assistant soon too.Would have gotten one already but we need a trustworthy one.” Maria clicked her tongue.

Soon,they got to the changing room.The makeup artist helped Emily with her makeup and soon,they were on their way to the studio.

“I’ll catch up with you baby,just received a message to see the boss.” Maria patted Emily in the back and turned left.

Emily continued on her own to the studio.People gushed over her as she walked,she was always wearing an Empire brand and she always looked gorgeous in the dresses. 

“Well well well.” Stephanie’s voice made Emily freeze on a spot.

“Who do we have here?” Stephanie smirked,blocking Emily’s path with Carmen and Nancy right behind her.


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