“So?..” Noah grinned at her expectantly.

“Hmn…I think I’ve seen him at quick Wash before.” Emily clicked her tongue.

“Quick Wash?…what is Quick Wash?” Noah stared at bewilderedly.

Joel arched up his brows.

“It’s a laundry.” Emily grinned.

“You work there right?” She turned to face Joel.

“hurgh hurgh hurgh” Jude coughed astonishedly.

He stole a quick glance at his boss as he felt the room go cold from his boss’ static body.

“Why is there so much cold?..” Emily asked rhetorically as looked around.

“The fan is not on.” she twitched up her lips and wrapped her right arm around her body.

Noah bit his lower lip,staring awkwardly at his boss as his cold aura grew even colder.

“Does boss look like someone who work in a laundry?” Noah quickly asked.

“….” Emily pouted and stared at the god…

‘he looks so handsome.His tuxedo,well ironed,…broad shoulders.Hmmmmm,he definitely doesn’t work in a laundry.’ Emily shook her head.

“Hmmn,so if he doesn’t work there,who is he then?” She looked up at Noah.

“Actually,boss is the C…” Noah’s voice trailed off as he noticed his boss’body go stiffer.

‘does he not want me to tell her?…’ he rubbed his palms against each other.

“Errr,I’ll go ask the doctor when you can be discharged.” Jude quickly walked towards the door,excusing himself from the very tensed atmosphere.

Emily continued to stare at the mute handsome god.

‘is he really deaf and dumb?’ she thought as the handsome god stared intently at her.

“You are free to go home.” Jude grinned as he walked into the ward.

“Really?” Emily raised her shaggy brows at him.

“Yeah.The doctor said you can come back after a few weeks to get rid of the bandage and the crutch.” Jude stated,smiled sweetly at the pretty lady.

“So, do I get home?” Emily stared blankly at him.

“Your family members.” Joel spoke up for the first time,expressionless.

“Uwa!” Emily wowed as she turned her head towards his direction.

“Di-di-did he j-j-jus-just talk?!” She looked up at Noah.

“Uhn.” Noah nodded his head.

“Uwa!” Emily stared back at Joel.

“But my family…they don’t live around here.” She pouted.

“He’ll take you home as compensation.” Joel spoke up calmly but coldly.

“But … that’s not enough compensation…” Emily scratched her hair.

Joel snapped his fingers at Noah.Knowing what his boss meant,Noah quickly walked out of the way.In a short while,he was back with a cheque book and a pen in his hands.He filled in some things and tore out a cheque,he handed it over to Emily with the pen.

“You can fill in any amount you want.” Noah smiled at her.

“Mwo?!…any- amount?” Emily blinked her eyes rapidly as she stared at the blank cheque.

“Nde.” Noah clicked his tongue.
(A/N: nde means yes)

“Boss here is a veeery generous man.” he clasped his hands together.

“Ahhh…so,if I fill in thirty billion won,he won’t get affected?” Emily asked,pointing at Joel.

“Animnida.” Noah grinned.
(A/N: animnida is a formal way of saying no.)

“Huh?” Emily opened her mouth.

“Hmmmmn,what about….one trillion won?” Emily asked,staring keenly at Noah.

“I can write that right?” she asked,licking a side of her lips as she eyed the cheque.

“Errrr…nde.” Noah nodded his head hesitantly.
(A/N: nde means yes)

“Ahhhhhh…” Emily nodded her head slowly.

“What about one thousand trillion won?” Emily dipped the pen in her mouth and chewed on it.

“Eynn?” Noah grimaced,staring astonishedly at Emily.

Joel stared blankly at Emily as she stared keenly at Noah.

“Umn.” He replied in a low nasal voice.

“Mbo?” Noah quickly turned to his boss.

‘even though that amount of money means nothing to you, and you have much more than that,it’s to much to give to someone you don’t know…one thousand trillion won is another person’s net worth…’ Noah bit his lip as he stared at his unbelievable boss.

Of course he could never say any of those out,he’d get his ass fired if he tried to.

“You can have that amount if you want.” Joel stared expressionlessly at Emily,paying no attention to his assistant.

‘….who exactly is this man…he must be really really rich.’ Emily thought as she sized Joel up with her eyes.

She decided to try one more time.

“So…what if I want all the money in your bank account?” She blurted out,staring very keenly at the handsome god before her.

“Huh? can’t.” Noah stuttered.

‘is this lady a gold digger?..’ he grimaced.

“It’s bank accounts, and you can have all the money.” Joel replied,his stare at Emily unwavering.

“Mbo?!!!” Noah stared at his boss in disbelief,his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

‘is he crazy?..he’s going to hand all his money over to a woman he doesn’t even know..’ Noah felt like hitting his boss’ head and resetting his brain.

But that was not only get his ass fired,it was also going to get him locked up in the prison for the rest of his miserable life.

‘b-ba-bank accountsss? …like with an S?!!.’ Emily almost threw up.

‘he must be very very very rich!’ she bit her lip.

Emily stared intently at Joel for a while and sighed.

“I was joking.” She twitched up her lips.

‘you didn’t disappoint me.’ one side of Joel’s mouth curled up in a smirk.

He knew that she was joking.He was only playing along.

“Aigoo.” Noah breathed out a sigh of relief.
(A/N: aigoo means OMG.It’s used to show that you’re surprised,happy,shocked or irritated.In Noah’s case,he was happy.)

“I don’t want any money.” Emily tossed away the cheque.

“Eynnn?” Noah stared at her astonishedly.

‘everyone wants money…” he thought.

“I don’t want it.” Emily shook her head.

“Wae?” Noah asked poutily.
(A/N: wae means why and it can sometimes mean what.)

“Why do you rich people think money is everything..tsk tsk tsk.” Emily clicked her tongue.

“What do you want then?” Noah asked.

“I live alone.And like this….” She paused,staring at her bandaged arm and leg.

“I can’t live alone,it won’t be convenient.” she sniffed.

“So….erm…you are saying that..” Noah began to talk.

“Go live with your family.” Joel cut in.

“I can’t.” Emily shook her head vigorously.

“Then?…” Joel arched up his brows,gazing coldly at Emily.

“Let me live with you till I’m healed.” Emily licked her lips feverishly as she stared at the statue-like god that was staring coldly at her.

“As com-pen-sa-tion….” she added slowly.

“Nugu?” Joel furrowed his brows.
(A/N: nugu means who)

“Ummm,na.” Emily stammered,pointing to herself.
(A/N: na means me)

“You can’t.” Joel waved her idea aside.

“Take her to her house,give her money if she wants.” He looked up at Noah.

He took a peek at the dazzling wrist watch that was resting comfortably on his wrist and stood up on his feet.He took long strides towards the door.

“Jebal.” Emily stared earnestly at his back.
(A)N: jebal means please)

Without looking back or stopping a bit,Joel reached for the door knob.He turned it and walked out of the ward.

Noah bit his lip as he stared at the pitifull pretty lady on the hospital bed.He helped her get down from the bed and handed the crutch by the bedside over to her.

“Kamsahamnida.” Emily let out a faint smile.
(A/N: kamsahamnida is a formal way of saying thank you)

“Errr,but I don’t know your name.” She twitched up her lips as they walked out of the ward.

“Ahhh..I’m Noah.” Noah smiled.

“Emily.I’m Emily.” Emily returned his smile with a broad one.

“Please don’t be mad at boss.” Noah broke the silence as he drove.

“Ahhh,ani.I’m not mad at him.” Emily shook her right hand.

“He’s always like that.It’s his personality.” Noah sighed.

“Ahhhh….” Emily nodded her head thoughtfully.

Noah spent the rest of the drive receiving directions from Emily while Emily spent her’s giving directions to Noah.

“You can drop me here.I’ll find my way home.” Emily pointed at a junction.

“Wae?..let me drop you at home.” Noah protested.

“Aniii… it’s okay here.” Emily smiled hesitantly as Noah parked the car.

Noah opened the door for her and watched her as she got out of the car inconveniently.

“Be careful.” he smiled worriedly.

“Nde.” Emily smiled and closed the door with her right hand.

“Kamsahamnida.” She bowed her her head repeatedly till Noah’s car was out of sight.

“Huff…” She let out a gusty sigh and turned around.

She headed to one of the places she worked at,Hot’n’Chilly.

Emily worked per time at five different places; a cafe,a restaurant,a drive-in,a diner and a bistro.
Hot ‘n’Chilly was a cafe she worked at in the morning as a server.

“Annyeonghaseyo!” She grinned immediately she slip open the glass door and entered the restaurant.
(A/N: annyeonghaseyo is a formal way of saying good morning,good afternoon and good evening.In Emily’s case,it meant good afternoon)

“Annyeon Emily!” Without looking up,Madam Ma,the restauranteur grinned.She knew Emily’s voice so well.

“Aigoo!” She gasped as soon as she looked up at Emily.

“What happened?” She shrieked.

“Ahhh,this?..” Emily pressed her lips against each other.

“I got hit..” she smiled sheepishly.

“Aigoo!” Madam Ma exclaimed.

“I’ve always told you to be careful.You are too clumsy.” She scrunched up her face.

“I-was a bit care-ful.” Emily sratched her head.

“So,the driver was blind?” Madam Ma frowned.

‘if that driver was here right now,you wouldn’t have said what you just said.’ Emily gulped.

“Erm…I came to ask for a few weeks off.” She scratched the back of her head.

“Aishh! shouldn’t have troubled yourself to come here to say that.” Madam Ma smiled at her motherly.

“Spend as much time as you want at home okay?..” she patted Emily on her back.

“Nde.” Emily smiled at her in appreciation.

“Kamsahamnida.” She bowed her head and headed out of the cafe.

As soon as she had left Hot’n’Chilly,she went to the four other places she worked at; Xi’s Snack Bar,Forks’n’Fingers(a diner),Smiley Drive-in and B-exclusive(a bistro) to also ask for a few weeks off.

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