After the chef brought their BBQ,Emily made sure she ate to her satisfaction.Joel just sat there and watched her eat,oh! he enjoyed watching her eat.

“Uwa!…I’m full.” Emily grinned,rubbing her bulging stomach with her left hand.

“If you are through,let’s go.” Joel stood up on his feet and used the mask.

He fixed Emily’s mask and pulled her up.The guards hastily rolled up the blinds and Joel dragged Emily towards the stairs.

People kept wow-ing,ah-ing and screaming as the CEO walked away.

Joel smiled and raised his hand.Hd waved to the few he could wave to as the guards guided him and the lady he was holding down the stairs and out of the restaurant to his car.

“But who is that lady?”

“Who is she?”

Onlookers kept whispering as they watched the CEO and the lady get in the car.

As Joel drove out of the restaurant,Emily stared at the big sign board.EMPIRE WORLD RESTAURANT.She said it…Emily gulped.

Joel drove straight to the villa.

“Huh?.. aren’t you supposed to take me back to the hospital?” She quickly removed the mask and looked at Joel.

“Aren’t you fit?” Joel removed his mask and threw her an irritable look.

He rolled his eyes and stepped out of the car.He threw his key at the nearest guard and made to walk into the lounge when something caught his attention.

“Deo,when exactly are you going to learn how to drive?” He pursed his mouth.

“Er….” Emily scratched the back of her head.

“Go and change, and come back.” Joel ordered.

“Mwo?” Emily stuttered.

“Ppali ppali.” Joel hushed.
(A/N: ppali means hurry/fast)

Emily slowly nodded her head and headed inside.

“Deo,get the key ready before I come back.” Joel ordered one of the guards and also walked into the lounge and up the stairs to his room to change into a casual outfit.

“So,this is the brake ..this is the steering wheel,you are not that dumb you know the steering wheel right?” Joel sneered.

“Tst!” Emily rolled her eyes.

“This here is the dashboard,this is the horn,this is the indicator,this is a airbag,this is the ignition,this is the gear,this is the brake,this is the accelerator,this is the clutch….” Joel continued as he pointed to everything.

He explained deeply the functions of everything in the car.By the time he was done explaining,it was already noon.

“Hunnn….I know everything now.” Emily clapped her hands excitedly.

“Good.You’ll learn how to drive tomorrow.” Joel twitched his lips and stepped out of the car.

‘awww… why not today?…’ Emily pouted her lips.

Anyways, tomorrow was fine too.She clapped her hands giddily.

“That reminds me…” Joel snapped his fingers.

He reached for his back pocket and brought out his purse.

“Here.” He handed a card over to Emily.

“Huh?..” Emily collected the card and stared at it.

“It’s a debit card.You can buy anything you want with it.” Joel breathed out.

“Huh?…oh…ahhh..Ani…I don’t want it.” Emily shook her head and stretched out her hand.

Joel shot her a cold glare and she hastily retreated her hand.Maybe she should just keep it,she would use it though.

“You are good.” Joel smiled and 
again and stepped out of the car.

Emily pouted and her mouth and also stepped out of the car.

“Noona!” Little Pumpkin ran happily towards her as he got out of the car that brought him from school.

He didn’t think he saw his pretty noona the previous day.

“Awwn,my darling!” Emily carried him from the floor as soon as he reached her and twirled him around in the air.

Little Pumpkin giggled happily.Emily stopped after a while and gently placed him on the ground.

‘dar….dar…my darling?’ Joel swallowed in jealousy.

“Kaja.” Emily took Little Pumpkin’s hand and walked him to the lounge.

“My darling?…Oppa?…and she’s always referring to me as deo deo deo all the time.” Joel kicked the air with his foot and huffed.

He walked after the duo into the lounge.

After bathing and dressing up Little Pumpkin,Emily helped Little Pumpkin with his assignments and after they were done,they both walked to the dining hand in hand.

“Deo,are you still going to eat tonight?” Joel couldn’t help but marvel.

“Huh ..” Emily pouted and bit her lower lip.

“Nde” she looked down.

” ….” Joel shook his head.

‘this is serious’ he folded his gmhands in his chest.

“I’m home.” Michael yelled as he walked into the lounge.

“Hyung”😲 “Oppa”😲 “Appa”😲

The trio at the dining hastily looked in Michael’s direction.

“Huh?..Emily…” Michael opened his mouth and stopped in his tracks.

“Uhn…annyeonghaseyo” Emily bowed and smiled cutely.

“Annyeon.Wow,you really scared hell outta me yesterday… it’s a good thing you’re okay now.” Michael smiled.

“Nde.” Emily grinned.

Michael walked into his room,changed his clothes and joined them at the dining.
After they were done,they all headed to their various rooms.

Emily took her shower and fell on her bed.Wow,the bed was really soft.She stood on the bed and kept jumping on it as it bounced.she laughed happily as she jumped like a kid.

Joel rolled his eyes as he tied his robe.Wouldn’t she let him sleep?..🙄
What was she doing now, disturbing him with her noise.

He walked out of his room and creaked open Emily’s door.Hr smiled as he watched her jump continuously on the bed.She was really pretty,sweet and naive,no wonder he was falling for her.

Emily who didn’t know she was being watched by the CEO continued to jump.She jumped up again for the umpteenth time and was about to land on the bed when she stepped on the hem of her nightie and lost balance.
Joel hastily ran towards her and caught her before she could fall and roll of the bed.He hastily turned her around to face him and caught her by her waist,unknowingly letting their lips collide in a kiss.💋💋



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