“I really didn’t see anything…” Joel pressed his lips tightly as he stared at Emily.

“Jinjja?” Emily pouted and looked up at him for the first time since she stepped out.

“Uhn,jinjja.” Joel hastily nodded his head.

“…” Emily sniffed and swallowed as she stared at the CEO.

Well,maybe he really didn’t see anything.Emily shrugged her shoulders.

“So….how are we going to get out of here without drawing people’s attention?” Joel changed the topic.

“Huh…” Emily blinked rapidly as she stared at him.

That was true,how were they going to get out of the hospital without being caught.Emily twitched her lips from side to side as she racked up her brain for an idea.

Joel stared at her and chuckled.He should help her out.

“Humm ..I think I know a back door.” He narrowed his eyes like he was thinking.

“Jinjja?!..where?” Emily’s face lit up.

“Hmm…shhiiii..” Joel breathed in through gritted teeth.

“I can’t remember.” He grimaced and pouted his lips.

“Please remember,please.” Emily stared at him keenly.

“Hmm…” Joel placed his hand on his chin and tilted his head to the left like he was trying to remember something.

“…” Emily blinked her eyes as she stared at him unwaveringly.

“Now I remember.” Joel snapped his hands.

“Jinjja?!…you do?” Emily’s face lit up in an instant.

“Uhn.” Joel nodded his head boastfully.

“The way is over there.” He pointed to I the right and headed for the door.

Emily quickly trailed after him,looking around to make sure no one was watching.

“Yah,walk faster.” Joel rolled his eyes as he climbed down the stairs.

“I’m walking faster.” Emily scowled.

“Besides,you should lower your voice.We don’t want anyone knowing I left the ward.” She pouted her mouth.

“Deo,have you forgotten who you are talking to?” Joel stopped in his tracks and looked up at her.

“….hm… Mihamnida.” Emily bowed her head like an obedient child.

“Good.” Joel turned around and continued walking down the fleet of stairs.

Emily raised her hand in the air and balled her fist like she was going to give the arrogant CEO a dirty blow.She pouted her lips and mouthed some things before dropping her hand beside her.
He was just too arrogant for her liking.She rolled her eyes and walked down the stairs.

After a few minutes of walking down the stairs,they saw a door.

“Finally.” Joel smiled as he walked towards the door.

Emily let out a sigh of relief and hastily scampered next to Joel.

Joel turned the door knob,both of them grinning from ear to ear.He pushed the door open and lo and behold,there were some doctors standing right outside the door on the other side.
Joel and Emily froze for a moment.They stared at each other and stared back at the doctors who were lost in their conversation.They stared back at themselves again.

“Run!” Joel dragged Emily by her hand and they both ran towards the direction of his car with Emily grinning widely as they ran.

The doctors looked up in their directions.What was wrong with those two,they didn’t know.
One of them stared intently at the man,his back looked just like the CEO’s but that was insane right,the CEO if Empire World Corporation running with some girl…Funny.
The doctors looked away from the duo that were running and continued with their discussion.

Joel and Emily got in the car and drove right out of the hospital.

Joel smiled as he watched Emily feel the wind with her hand.After driving for like fifteen minutes,he drove into Empire World Restaurant and parked his car in a corner.

“Here.” He handed a nose mask over to Emily and used one too.

Emily stared at the mask in her hands,what was she to do with it?..

“Yah,are you that dumb?… don’t you know how to use a mask?” Joel muffled audibly. 

He snatched the mask from Emily and fastened it over her nose and lips.

“Kaja.” He stepped out of the car.

Emily pouted and lips and slowly walked out of the car.She stared around.

‘ people everywhere.’ She bit her lower lip.

‘This restaurant must belong to a rich person.’ she puffed out her cheeks as she looked around.

“Yahaishh” Joel rolled his eyes and dragged Emily by her hand into the restaurant.

Emily shuddered immediately they stepped into the restaurant.It was chilly.

Joel dragged her up the stairs to the upper floor in the restaurant. He nodded his head as he sighted his spot.
The spot was meant for him alone,the CEO.Whenever he visited the restaurant for anything,he always sat there and he could see everyone and everything from that corner,both upstairs and downstairs.
His spot was at the far end corner on the left.It was the last table and was quite far from all the other tables upstairs.His table was different and it had blinds,the roller blinds were always drawn whether he was there or not.No one could see through the blinds but he could see through them.

Joel dragged Emily towards the table,on of the guards hastily rolled up one of the blinds and sat Emily down on a chair.He also sat down on his seat.The guard rolled down the blind and stood with three other guards guarding the CEO’s spot.
The guards were always there any time and any day,guarding that spot even if the CEO wasn’t there.

The people around stared at the direction of the CEO’s spot and gasped.None of them had known that it was the CEO till he walked towards his spot.

“Oh my gawd I’m seeing the CEO of EMPIRE WORLD for the first time in my life😱”

“Is that the CEO?😲”

“Gosh it’s such a pity I can’t take a picture of him😭”

“But who is the lady with him?😲”

“Awwn,Mr Handsome 😍”

Emily looked around and gulped.Her tongue was plastered on the roof of her mouth.Did the restaurant belong to the CEO?… Gosh…She broke into cold sweats.

Joel removed the nose mask and fluttered his eyelashes at Emily.

“You can get rid of the mask now.” He tilted his head to left.

Emily stared dumbfoundedly at the man sitting right in front of her.

“Are you deaf?” Joel snapped his fingers in her face.

“Huh?..” Emily swallowed and came back to her senses.

She hastily removed the mask and placed it on the table.

Joel twitched his cute pink lips and tossed the menu to her.Oh,he forgot…he was treating her to a BBQ.He snapped his fingers and one if the guards walked hastily towards him.He bobbed his head as soon as he was right beside the blind.

“The chef,tell him to prepare me a barbecue.” Joel stated.

The guard bobbed his head.

Emily watched the guard as he pressed his index finger on his left ar and whispered some things.

‘huh?’ Emily opened her mouth ajar.

The restaurant belonged to the CEO.She almost drooled.

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