Joel was still walking around when the best doctor in the country that he employed walked in his and Michael’s direction.The doctor bowed his head as he got to them.

Joel fluttered his eyelashes and stared at him.

“Speak.” He ordered.

“Sir,the lady has regained conciousness.

“….” Joel’s expression didn’t change but deep down,he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Neo,are you sure?” Michael asked.

“Yes sir.” the doctor bowed his head.

“She only lost conciousness because she didn’t get treated.She’s alright now…Sir.” the doctor bowed.

Michael heaved a sigh of relief and stood up on his feet.He checked the time on wristwatch,9:30pm.

“Joel,I need to go.I have a meeting tomorrow.” He patted Joel on his shoulder and walked out of the hospital.

Joel turned to the doctor.

“The girl,take me to her.” He spoke gently but coldly.

“Ye.” the doctor bowed his head and led the way up to the private ward the girl was in.

“We are here sir.” The doctor bowed his head as he halted in front of a ward.

Joel eyed the door for a while.

“Leave.” He dismissed the doctor.

The doctor bobbed his head and hastily walked away.

Joel stared back at the door and placed his hand on the knob.He turned the knob and took his usual long strides into the ward.
He stared silently at the girl on the bed,the girl that was driving him crazy.

She was on drip,slowly breathing in and out through her nostrils.

He tucked the few strands of her hair that had fallen over her face behind her ear and adjusted her hospital gown.

He stared at her face,her tempting face; her long curly eyelashes,her pointed nose,her extremely tempting pouty lips and down at her neck and then down at her well-cupped boobs that were on her chest.
Joel swallowed and looked away.The girl was indeed driving him crazy.

He rubbed the back of his neck and sat down on the chair near the hospital bed, silently gazing at the girl on the bed.The love of his life.

He was in that position,staring at the love of his life till dawn.He called the doctor to remove the drip when it finished and just sat there,staring at Emily.

Emily’s eyes opened gradually.She stared around weakly.

“You’re going to snap your neck if you continue to do that.” Joel’s voice made her shake.

Emily hastily turned her head towards the direction of his voice.She stared at him in silence.

“Deo,how can you just pass out like that anytime you want…” Joel cupped his cheek in his palm,with his elbow on the arm of the chair.

“Huh?…” Emily continued to stare at him in silence.

“Wae?… can’t you talk?…or do you not recognize me this time too?..” Joel fluttered his eyelashes at her.

Emily swallowed as she stared at the handsome god before her.

“Aishhh!..I’ve said it before.I tend to talk more since I met you.” Joel fluttered his lashes again.

“Mihamnida.” Emily twitched her mouths.

“Hmph.” Joel scoffed.

“What exactly are you sorry for?..” he arched up his brows.

“The huge contract I losed because of you or what?” He stared intently at Emily.

Emily swallowed nervously.He lost a contract because of her?…

“Mihamnida.” She muttered weakly.

“Uhn.Mihamnida.” Joel twitched his lips.

“You owe me three.Don’t forget.” He sighed and stood up on his feet.

“Can you…” Emily paused.

“Can you please stay?…” She swallowed inaudibly.

Joel’s eyelashes wavered slightly.

“Ani.” He eyed Emily and walked out of the ward.

Emily sighed and pouted her lips.

The hastily looked at the door as it flung open.Joel took long dazzling strides towards her and sat down.

“Deo,you came back.” Emily smiled cutely.

“I didn’t come back for you, don’t mix it up.I came back because I ….I erm…I have nothing to do.” Joel pouted.

“Uhn..okay.” Emily nodded her head.

Came back for her, didn’t come back for her.Whichever one,she was okay with it.

“Uhm…can you tell me a story?..or a joke?…please?..” Emily twitched her lips.

“Pshht!” Joel scoffed.

“Deo,do I look like a story teller to you?” Joel sneered.

“…” Emily cleared her throat nervously.

Joel stared at her for a while and sighed.

“Okay,I’ll tell you one.” He breathed out.

“Jinjja?!..” Emily’s face lit up.

“Uhn.I won’t repeat myself so just listen okay?” Joel smiled.

“Nde” Emily chirped happily.

“There was a girl and a boy,they loved themselves and they fixed a day for their wedding.But before that day,do you know what happened?” Joel asked.

“Wae?..what happened?” Emily asked keenly.

“The boy died!” Joel laughed.

Emly’s smile turned to a frown.

“Yah, isn’t that hilarious?” Joel asked between laughter.

Emily stared at the arrogant CEO and shook her head.
The boy died,what was so funny about that …infact why did the boy die?…she scowled.

Joel was still laughing his heart out when he noticed the expression on Emily’s face.

“Wae?.. isn’t it funny?” He asked.

“What is funny about that?…the boy died.” Emily pouted.

“Ahhhhhh” Joel nodded his head thoughtfully,maybe there was indeed nothing funny about the story.

“Should I tell you another one then?” He asked.

“Really?..” Emily grinned.

“Uhn.” Joel nodded his head.

“Okay.” Emily stared at him keenly.

“Hmm there was this girl that loved this rich guy,she tried her possible best to marry him and she successfully married him.Buy do you know what happened to the on the wedding night?” Joel grinned.

“Wae?..what happened?..” Emily asked keenly.

“The guy died and the girl was arrested.” Joel broke into another round of laughter.

Emily rolled her eyes and gritted her teeth as she stared at the man beside her.The couple died and he was laughing.Such a heartbreaking strory.She huffed puffily.

“Wae… isn’t that funny too?” Joel stared at her.

“Yah!” Emily yelled.

But she quickly regained her senses when Joel shot her a deadly look.

“CEO…” Emily called calmly.

“There is nothing funny about the story.” She forched out between gritted teeth.

“….” Joel tilted his head thoughtfully.

There was truly nothing funny about the story.

Joel’s phone rang.He stood up on his feet and walked out of the ward.

“They died?…” Emily laughed.

“Such lame joke” she laughed again.

“It’s funny though.” She chuckled.

“Ahhh,my stomach…I’m hungry.” Emily placed her hand on her stomach.

“You are hungry?” Joel asked as he walked into the ward.

“Uhn.” Emily nodded her head.

Joel twitched his lips.

“CEO,please take me out of this hospital.Please,just for a second.I need to eat.” Emily pressed her lips in a thin line.

“Mwo?” Joel stared at her in bewilderment.

“CEO Joel,please help me get out discreetly.I just need to eat….I’ll be fast and we’ll come back before they notice we’re gone.

“Huh …..” Joel stared at her in astonishment.

“Jebal.” Emily clasped her hands together.

“Okay.” Joel twitched his lips .

“Ahhh,kumawo.” Emily grinned.

She hastily got down from the bed.She packed her clothes and stared at the CEO who was staring intently at her.

“Hum…I….” Emily twitched her mouth .

“Huh?.” Joel arched up his brows dumbly.

“I want to…change.” Emily stammered.

“Uhn?..change.” Joel stared at her unwaveringly.

‘mbo?…this man,is he a pervert?!’ Emily swallowed.

“Ehm….CEO please you’ll need to like erm…excuse me.” She tucked the hair that had fallen over her face behind her ear.

“Huh?…Ahhhhhh.” Joel hastily walked out.

He hit his head.How could he have been so dumb.But come to think of it,the ward had a bathroom.She should use the bathroom.
Joel opened the door and walked back into the ward.

“Deo…” Joel stopped immediately he saw that Emily was half dressed.

“Ahhhhh” Emily screamed.

“Ahhh, mianhae… mianhae..I didn’t see anything.” Joel quickly slapped his right hand on his eyes.




“I really didn’t see anything… mianhae…. mianhae…” he quickly rushed out of the ward.

“Ahhhhhissssshh!” Emily groaned.

“I said it,that man is a pervert.” She cried.

“He definitely saw something!” She yelled furiously.

“Wahhhhhhh😭😭😭😭” she broke down in tears.

How would she be able to look at him now…


“So embarrassing 😭” Emily slumped on the floor 

“Wahhhhh😭😭😭” she kicked the air with her feet.

“Woah!…” Joel breathed out as he stepped out of the ward.

“Is she crying?” He placed his ear near the door.She was crying.

“Aisshhh!” Joel kicked the air with his left foot.

“Emily,I didn’t see anything.I really didn’t see anything.” Joel yelled.

“Humph😭” Emily sobbed louder.

“Aisshhh!..” Joel ruffled his his hair.

“I didn’t see anything.Dress up okay?…Have you forgotten that you’re hungry?” He yelled again.

“Huh?..*Sniff*..” Emily stared at her stomach,it was grumbling.

“Dress up okay?..I’ll treat you to a five course meal…okay I’ll treat you to a barbecue.” Joel breathed out.

“Huh?…barbecue?” Emily stopped crying immediately.

“Come out okay?..” Joel smiled,he knew he could make her stop crying with food. 

Emily stood on her feet and dressed up.She slowly creaked open the door.And stepped outside.

“…*sniffs*…” Emily twitched her lips and sniffed as she stared the floor.

She was too embarrassed to look at Joel.

A/N: I can’t stop laughing.😂😂😂

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