Joel’s mouth twitched as he looked around.He removed the phone from his ear and handed it back to Noah.

“The luggage in the suite,there’s a key in it…take it to the villa.” He whispered to Noah.

Noah bobbed his head and walked out of the conference room.

Joel back to the stage and watched the speaker speak…

Emily was currently locked up…

Emily was currently locked up…

Emily was currently locked up…

His brother’s words kept replaying in his head.He couldn’t continue being in the conference room,he was losing concentration.He needed to go home.He needed to save the girl he was falling for.

Noah stood up on his feet at once and walked out if the conference room.

“Mr Joel!!..” “Mr Joel!!!” Some of the other important personnels in the room called but Joel didn’t look back even once.

As soon as he stepped out of the conference room,he walked straight into his suite and met Noah searching for the key.

“Boss…” Noah gasped immediately he noticed his boss walk into the room.

“Carry the luggage and let’s go.” Joel ordered and turned back.

“Boss ..” Noah bit his lip in panic as he carried the luggage.

“What about the contract?…” He hastily trailed after his boss.

“And what about it?” Joel twitched his lips as they stepped into the elevator.

“Boss…” Noah stuttered,not minding that there people in the elevator with them.

“….” Joel adjusted his tie and took long strides out of the elevator.

Noah broke into cold sweats as he ran after his boss.

His boss was weird…Anyways,money was not a problem to him so…..

The duo entered the limousine and the driver drove them straight to the airport where they took the next flight to South Korea.
It took them eleven hours and some minutes to get to Seoul,Noah kept drifting off to sleep while Joel kept checking the time.Joel was so scared,he was scared something had happened to the girl.

But how exactly did she get locked up?..he was going to find out later.

Immediately the plane landed,Joel stepped down from it.
He got into his car with Noah and drove straight to the villa.It was already 9pm.

“The key.” He stretched out his hand as he stepped out of the car.

Noah handed the key over to his boss and opened the door.Joel stepped into the lounge and walked up the stairs.

“Hyungnim.” He called as he sighted Michael sitting at the top of the stairs.

“Joel.” Michael looked up and stood on his feet.

Joel walked up and stopped in front of Emily’s door,he stared at it for a while.

‘please be alive.’ he breathed out.

He hastily fixed the key in the hole and turned the knob.

He slowly creaked open the door.Emiky was lying lifelessly on the floor.

“Emily!” He left the doorknob and walked briskly into the room.

“Yah!..Emily!” He patted Emily on her cheek.

“Yah!” He yelled furiously.

He placed his middle finger over her nostrils,she wasn’t breathing.

His eyes widened.He hastily carried her in a bridal style out of the room,down the stairs.

Noah quickly opened the backseat while Joel gently placed her on the seat.Joel walked around the car and got in the driver’s side.He started the car and sped off,out of the villa.

“Get me my key!” Michael yelled at the maids.

They hastily ran into the lounge and handed the car key over to him.

Michael got in his car with Noah and drove right after his brother.

After driving for a while,Joel drove into Empire World Hospital (EWH) and stepped out of the car.He carried Emily from the backseat and walked into the hospital.

The hospital was his and also the best in the country,he knew Emily was safe there.

The nurses at the desk were beyond shocked.Not only was the CEO in the hospital that night,he was carrying a lady and the look on his face could not be described.

“Are you just going to continue looking like morons?!” Joel barked at them.

The nurses came back to their senses and they hastily rolled a bed towards the CEO.Joel placed Emily gently on the bed and watched as the nurses rolled her away.

‘she’ll be alright..’ he assured himself.

He paced back and forth as he waited for a doctor to come give him the report.
It was so surprising that he was in his hospital but he was scared.He couldn’t sit,he just kept walking around.

Michael walked towards his brother and sighed as he sat down in the bench in the corridor.

The nurses opened their mouth agape.Even though these two were the owners of the hospital,they had never ever seen them in the hospital before except for once that they saw Michael and he wasn’t in a good state that day.

Joel huffed as he walked around,he was losing his patience.He was scared the girl was not going to make it.

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