“Uhn.” Rachel twitched up her lips.
“She’s really pretty.” Lucy grinned dreamily as she stared at her laptop.
Rachel shot her a dreadful look and she quickly shut her mouth.
“Hmn…” Lucy cleared her throat uneasily.
“Erm,so…what do we do now?…” She asked.
“Nothing.We do nothing.” Rachel stated blankly.
“Mbo?!” Lucy arched up her brows.
“Why are you so dumb?” Rachel rolled her eyes.
“Do you think Stephanie is going to stay calm?…” She smirked.
“Ahhhh,that’s true.” Lucy nodded her head.
“We just need to wait for the outcome.We don’t need to do anything.” Rachel giggled evilly.
“Mbo?!!!” Stephanie balled up her fists and turned to her personal assistant.
She had dressed up since 7:30pm,waiting patiently for Empire World to call her like they always did but she was surprised she didn’t get any call from the industry even until after the time for the broadcast.She was already getting agitated when her peesonal assistant ran in.
“What did you say?” Rachel slowly stood up on her feet.
“They used someone else.” Nancy stated again.
“Mbo?… someone else?…😂😂😂” Stephanie couldn’t help but laugh.
“It’s not funny…” Nancy fidgeted nervously.
“Wae?… it’s so funny😂😂” Stephanie took her sit.
“Empire World,really?.. someone else?..chill Nancy,they’ll surely come around.There’s no one better than me in the country.” She smirked,sipping her wine slowly.
“Ani,there’s someone better.” Nancy grimaced.
“Mwo?!😡” Stephanie’s face darkened.
“Nde,she’s a newbie.” Nancy frowned.
She handed the iPod over to Stephanie and clicked on the video.Stephanie’s face darkened the more as she watched the video.
It was true,it was really obvious the girl was better than her.Stephanie handed the iPod over to her PA.
Almost immediately,Stephanie’s manager rushed in.
“Have you heard?” her breathing hitched from running.
Stephanie squeezed the wineglass in her hand till it popped and shattered.Her hand bled out.
“You …have..heard.” Carmen stuttered as she watched blood drip down from Stephanie’s hand.
“Who is she?” Stephanie asked,no expression on her face.
“I’m on it.” Carmen gulped.
Stephanie stood up on her feet and walked into her room.
“Get someone to take care of this place.” Carmen turned to Nancy.
“Nde.” Nancy bobbed her head.
“The first aid kit,you know what to do right?” Carmen arched up her brows.
“Nde.” Nancy bobbed her head.
Carmen nodded her head and walked out of Stephanie’s apartment.
Little Pumpkin scampered towards the door as soon as soon as he heard the honk of a horn.
He had been walking around and looking through the window,expecting his dad and uncle to get back.He thought his uncle had sent his pretty noona away and had refused to eat since he got back from school.
As soon as he walked out through the door,he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the noona,she was looking very gorgeous.He ran towards her and Emily carried him in her arms.
“My darling.” Emily grinned.
‘my darling?’ Joel watched enviously as Emily carried Little Pumpkin into the lounge.
He threw his car key at one of the guards and took long strides into the lounge.In no time,Michael also arrived.ved at the villa in his car and walked into the lounge.
They all soon shot settled on the dining.Emily stared at the ‘boys’ one after the other,so she was really living with multi billionaires.Wow,impressive.But what had she gotten herself into…She remembered what her manager said and she felt chills in her body.
“Emily eat all you want okay? really did well today.” Michael smiled.
“Nde” Emily drifted out of her thought and bowed her head.
She suddenly lost her appetite.She pushed her chair backwards and stood on her feet.
“Wae?.. what’s wrong?” Michael looked up at her.
“I just need to get some rest.I lost my appetite.” She bowed again and excused herself from the dining.
The ‘boys’ stared at her retreating form in bewilderment.Emily?..Lost appetite?…That was weird.There was definitely something wrong with her.
Emily tossed around in her bed,sleep wasn’t coming.
“Hmph.” She sighed.
First of all,she needed to get rid of the feeling she was starting to have for the handsome god.There was no way they were going to have a thing for each other.
At first she had little hope but when she found out he was the CEO of Empire World Corporation,the hope she had died.The CEO would definitely not have a thing for a lowlife like her.
Secondly,she’d rather quit that job than fight anyone.Gosh! She had forgotten she couldn’t,eotteoke…
‘What to do now?’ Emily facepalmed herself.
She’d definitely try as much as possible to avoid trouble.Most especially,with her role model.
“Hufffff” she huffed.
She turned on her side and switched on the rechargable fan.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Paboooooooo” she breathed out into the fan.
She turned off the fan and dropped it.She stared silently at the ceiling for a while and stood up on her feet.She wore her slippers and walked out of the room.Everyone was already asleep.
She walked silently towards the kitchen and took a can of soda pop from the fridge.She really needed bubbles on her tongue.
She tried opening the can as she walked out of the kitchen but she couldn’t.Wow,even her hands were emotionally down,tsk tsk tsk.
“Let me help you.” a voice mail from her stop in her tracks.
She looked in the direction of where the voice cane from,the dining and her eyelashes wavered slightly.
“Stop looking like a dummy and come over.” Joel sneered,his hands folded on his chest.
Emily pressed her lips in a thin line and walked up to the dining.She handed the soda pop over to the CEO.
“Sit.” Joel ordered.
Emily sighed.She was trying to stay away from this person but he was asking her to sit right next to him,would she be able to get over him at this rate…
Emily sighed again and sat down next to him.
“What’s wrong with you?” Joel stared at her.
“Nothing.” Emily replied firmly.
Joel twitched his lips.The can rolled down from the table and he stood up on his feet,he walked towards the can but he mistakenly kicked it with his left leg,the can rolled away again.
“Aishh!” Joel groaned.
“🙂” Emily smiled.
Joel walked towards the can and kicked it again,it rolled away.
“😂” Emily couldn’t help but laugh as she watched the CEO.
“Deo,stop rolling okay?” Joel sneered wearily at the can.
He walked towards it and it rolled again.
“Aishhhhh! I just told you not to…” Joel ran after the can as it rolled till it got to the wall.
“😂😂” Emily laughed.
“Thank God,it’s going nowhere now.” Joel smiled and bent down to take the soda pop.
But then,his trouser tore.Joel widened his eyes,they were almost popping out of their sockets.He quickly stood up straight.
“😂🤣🤣” Emily hit her hand on the table as she laughed her heart out.
“Ehm…” Joel cleared his throat awkwardly and quickly turned around,he looked up at Emily.
“Deo,did you see anything.” He stuttered.
“Na?…” Emily pointed to herself.
“Ani…” She shook her head admist laughter.
“Aishhhhh!!!!!” Joel groaned.
“So embarrassing!..” he used his left hand to cover the torn part of his trouser and hastily ran up the stairs to change.
Emily couldn’t stop laughing.It was the first time she saw the CEO run.
Joel changed into shorts and went back down stairs,Emily was still laughing her ass out when he got to the dining.He smiled and took his sit next to her.He was really happy he made her laugh,he was falling for the girl.
“Is it funny?” He sneered.
“😂” Emily nodded her head.
“So…. what’s wrong?” Joel asked.
Emily stopped laughing abruptly.
“Hmph” she sighed.
“It’s just that,there are some thing that can never be your’s and you just have to give up.” She frowned.
“Give up?…what language is that?” Joel snickered.
“There’s nothing I want that I don’t have.I don’t give up.It’s not in my dictionary.” He stated calmly.
“That’s why you need to work harder and be rich too.Once you are rich,you can get everything you want.” Joel smiled boastfully.
Emily smiled.He was actually right,if she was rich, she’d be able be his wife but she wasn’t rich.She dared not compete with the women trying to be the CEO’s wife.Maybe she should really work hard and become rich.
“Huh,that reminds me…” Something flashed through Joel’s eyes.
“You don’t have a phone right?” He asked.
“Nde,my phone spoilt.” Emily pouted.
“I’ll be back.” Joel stood up and took long strides up the fleet of stairs.
In no time,he was back with a phone.Emiky stood up on her feet and turned around to face him.
“Have it.” He stretched out his hand,the phone in his hand.
“Huh?..what should I do with it?..” Emily stared at the phone.
“It’s your’s.” Joel reached for her hand and handed the phone to her.
“Jinjja?!!” Emily stared happily at the phone.
It was really a Empire World model.It had the EW on it.
“Awwwn…” Emily’s lips curled up in a cute smile.
She was really happy and grateful.She reached forward and hugged Joel.Joel froze.
A/N: money fall on me..😂
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