For a while,they were just like that.None of them knowing what to do with their eyes widened.After getting her senses,Emily hastily flinched back and looked away.

“Hmmm…” Joel cleared his throat and stepped back a bit.

“I…erm…are you alright?” He managed to ask.

“…” Emily hastily nodded her head,her throat unable to bring out any sound.

Joel nodded his head and stared at Emily for a while before he finally walked out.

“….” Emily’s heart was thumping in her chest.

She placed her hand on her chest and sat on the bed slowly.

Joel sat in front of the mirror and stared at his lips like did that just happen?….
His lips curled up in a cute smile,he just couldn’t get that moment out of his head.It kept replaying and replaying.
That was actually the best moment of his life.Even though they didn’t actually kiss,it still meant a lot to him.

“So,they did this to her?…” Joel’s face darkened like the back of a pot.

“Nde.” Noah bobbed his head.

“…” Joel rubbed his chin with his fingers and slammed the laptop.

That was just too much.

“Bring her down.” He breathed out.

“Nde?” Noah widened his eyes as he stared at his boss.

His boss was really cruel.

“Boss…who should I bring down?..” Noah stammered.

Joel looked up at his PA and shot him a cold glare.

Noah swallowed the lump in his throat and trembled on his feet.

“Boss,you need to think this through….if I bring her down now,she’ll go after Miss Emily.” Noah broke into cold sweats.

“….” Joel twitched his lips.

That was true and he didn’t want any problem for Emily.

“Who is this Anna?” Joel breathed out.

“She’s Annie boss and she’s an actress.A well-known one and she’s signed under CHOI ENTERTAINMENT.” Noah explained.

“….” Joel froze at the mention of Choi Entertainment.

A smirk appeared on a side of his mouth.Choi Entertainment…
Anyways,he wasn’t ready for that.

“Get her on her knees before Emily.” Joel twitched his lips.

“Boss….” Noah broke into fresh cold sweats.

Joel adjusted himself and crossed his legs.

“That video,get rid of it and other ones too.” He pursed his lips.

“And all of the people that threw eggs at Emily,make them lose their jobs.Every one of them.” He popped his lips.

“…..” Noah blinked rapidly.

“Do you have no mouth again?” Cold aura emanated from Joel’s body as he stared at his assistant.

“Nde.I understand Sir.” Noah bowed.

“But boss,I got to know that the script was switched that day.” Noah twitched his mouth to the sides.

‘Of course it was.Emily would never ask a question like that.’ Joel squinted.

“So who switched the script?” Joel asked calmly.

“It was Stephanie.” Noah grimaced.

He didn’t even like that Stephanie to begin with.And now she was after his boss’ woman?…
Your joking right,of course he knew his boss had a thing for Emily.Right from the first day,he’d known.His boss was never the type to go back to help someone.He never for once went back on his words but for Miss Emily,he did.Not once but so many times.He was currently doing that again; going back on his words because of her.
Grateful part was Miss Emily was gradually changing him.

“Ste-pha-nie.” Joel puffed out his mouth.

“Boss,should I do anything about her?….” Noah asked.

“Ani.” Joel raised his hand in the air.

“I need to catch her red-handed and with a lot of evidence…just leave her for now.” He smirked.

“Nde.” Noah bobbed his head.

“Boss,she also changed Miss Emily’s schedule too.” Noah scowled.

He really liked Miss Emily,she was a good person and her enemy was his enemy too.

“Changed?” Joel furrowed his brows.

“She changed all the time for her schedules.Everything.” Noah bit his lower lip.

“Mbo?” Joel’s face darkened.

“Nde.She was supposed to interview Mrs Mason two o’clock two days ago but the time was changed to four o’clock.” Noah pouted.

Joel rolled up his fists and squeezed it.So that was why she locked herself up and even passed out.He bit into his lower lip till it almost bled out.Stephanie was a problem to Emily.

“Boss,we should act fast.” Noah stared keenly at his boss.

“….” Joel narrowed his eyes as thought deeply about some things.

“We just have to watch her closely till we catch her by the wrist.” Joel breathed out.

“Let me take a look at Emily’s schedule.” He looked up at his assistant.

Noah being a smart ass,he hastily hacked into Maria’s account and handed the tablet over to his boss.

Joel furrowed his brows.Those were stupid schedules with stupid people.

“Delete everything.” He pushed the tablet back into Noah’s hands.

Noah did as he was instructed.

“We are going to make her a new schedule.” Joel smirked and picked up his phone from his desk.

He placed few calls to people and soon got like thirty huge spots for Emily; documentaries,TV shows and interviews included.
Noah filled the schedule list and saved everything as his boss made the calls.
Joel hanged up finally and turned to his personal assistant.

“How many?” He arched a brow.

“Thirty.” Noah grinned.

“Not bad.” Joel smirked.

Once people noticed how good she performed,she’d get more spots.Best spots.

“Make Maria’s account unhackable by just anyone.You can do that right?” Joel arched up his brows.

“Nde.” Noah bobbed his head.

He didn’t take up to two minutes to tighten Maria’s security.

He and his boss were both crazy smart asses.

“Did you find out what I told you about?” Vincent adjusted his tie.

“Nde.Annie did that to her.” Gabe placed the file in his hands on his boss’ table.

“Mbo?..which Annie?…You mean Annie Bella?” Vincent couldn’t believe his ears.

“Nde.” Gabe bobbed his head.

“Aishhh!” Vincent sighed.

Annie was signed under his company.He was bent on making the person that did that to that girl pay dearly for it but what could he do now …

“Wae?…why did she hit her?” Vincent asked as he placed his hands on his table.

“Miss Emily dug out a dirty past of Anna’s.” Gabe breathed out.

“Ahhh…” Vincent nodded his head.

“Is Anna around right now?” He asked.

“Nde.” Gabe bowed slightly.

“Get her for me.” Vincent sighed.

“Ye.” Gabe bobbed his head.

He turned around and walked out of the office.Few minutes later,Annie walked in.

“Sir.” She bowed her head.

“Have your sit Annie.” Vincent spoke calmly.

“Kamsahamnida.” Annie grinned and took her sit.

“Concerning Empire World’s newbie that you slapped….” Vincent began.

Annie sighed.

“You know you need to apologise right?…Your fans even shamed her publicly too and it’s all over the internet.” Vincent sighed.

Annie pressed her lips in a thin line.Yeah,she had also watched the video and it wasn’t really good.

“You know very well that you shouldn’t slap someone from another industry,it’s a relief they haven’t pressed charges against us yet.” Vincent stated calmly.

“You need to apologise.” He breathed out.

Annie sighed and nodded her head.She couldn’t go against her boss’ wish.

“I will Sir.” She smiled and stood up on her feet.

“Good.” Vincent smiled and dismissed her.

He turned to his computer and logged in to his weibo account.He searched for the video but there were no more videos of Annie’s fans shaming Emily.
Vincent narrowed his eyes,he knew exactly the only person who could make the videos disappear.He smirked and rocked his office chair.Joel didn’t want anyone tarnishing the image of his company….Hmmmn…
He should get rid of that Noah guy soon.Vincent grinned.

“I guess we have to leave three hours earlier.” Maria smiled.

“Nde.” Emily nodded her head.

She was finally beginning to understand the entertainment industry and one of the things about the industry is that you have to be time concious.

Maria picked up the tablet on her desk and checked the next schedule.She furrowed her brows almost instantly.How did those spots get there?…those were crazy spots….she didn’t have connections to that extent and she was sure she wasn’t the one that got those spots.So who did?….There was only one person that could get those spots…
Almost instantly,Maria got a message.She picked up her phone and read the message,it was from an unknown number:


Maria’s eyelashes wavered slightly.She looked up at Emily who was playing a game on her phone and stared at her for a while….What relationship did the girl have with the CEO?…

“Huh?.. aren’t you supposed to take me back to the hospital?” She quickly removed the mask and looked at Joel.

“Aren’t you fit?” Joel removed his mask and threw her an irritable look.

He rolled his eyes and stepped out of the car.He threw his key at the nearest guard and made to walk into the lounge when something caught his attention.

“Deo,when exactly are you going to learn how to drive?” He pursed his mouth.

“Er….” Emily scratched the back of her head.

“Go and change, and come back.” Joel ordered.

“Mwo?” Emily stuttered.

“Ppali ppali.” Joel hushed.
(A/N: ppali means hurry/fast)

Emily slowly nodded her head and headed inside.

“Deo,get the key ready before I come back.” Joel ordered one of the guards and also walked into the lounge and up the stairs to his room to change into a casual outfit.

“So,this is the brake ..this is the steering wheel,you are not that dumb you know the steering wheel right?” Joel sneered.

“Tst!” Emily rolled her eyes.

“This here is the dashboard,this is the horn,this is the indicator,this is a airbag,this is the ignition,this is the gear,this is the brake,this is the accelerator,this is the clutch….” Joel continued as he pointed to everything.

He explained deeply the functions of everything in the car.By the time he was done explaining,it was already noon.

“Hunnn….I know everything now.” Emily clapped her hands excitedly.

“Good.You’ll learn how to drive tomorrow.” Joel twitched his lips and stepped out of the car.

‘awww… why not today?…’ Emily pouted her lips.

Anyways, tomorrow was fine too.She clapped her hands giddily.

“That reminds me…” Joel snapped his fingers.

He reached for his back pocket and brought out his purse.

“Here.” He handed a card over to Emily.

“Huh?..” Emily collected the card and stared at it.

“It’s a debit card.You can buy anything you want with it.” Joel breathed out.

“Huh?…oh…ahhh..Ani…I don’t want it.” Emily shook her head and stretched out her hand.

Joel shot her a cold glare and she hastily retreated her hand.Maybe she should just keep it,she would use it though.

“You are good.” Joel smiled and 
again and stepped out of the car.

Emily pouted and her mouth and also stepped out of the car.

“Noona!” Little Pumpkin ran happily towards her as he got out of the car that brought him from school.

He didn’t think he saw his pretty noona the previous day.

“Awwn,my darling!” Emily carried him from the floor as soon as he reached her and twirled him around in the air.

Little Pumpkin giggled happily.Emily stopped after a while and gently placed him on the ground.

‘dar….dar…my darling?’ Joel swallowed in jealousy.

“Kaja.” Emily took Little Pumpkin’s hand and walked him to the lounge.

“My darling?…Oppa?…and she’s always referring to me as deo deo deo all the time.” Joel kicked the air with his foot and huffed.

He walked after the duo into the lounge.

After bathing and dressing up Little Pumpkin,Emily helped Little Pumpkin with his assignments and after they were done,they both walked to the dining hand in hand.

“Deo,are you still going to eat tonight?” Joel couldn’t help but marvel.

“Huh ..” Emily pouted and bit her lower lip.

“Nde” she looked down.

” ….” Joel shook his head.

‘this is serious’ he folded his gmhands in his chest.

“I’m home.” Michael yelled as he walked into the lounge.

“Hyung”😲 “Oppa”😲 “Appa”😲

The trio at the dining hastily looked in Michael’s direction.

“Huh?..Emily…” Michael opened his mouth and stopped in his tracks.

“Uhn…annyeonghaseyo” Emily bowed and smiled cutely.

“Annyeon.Wow,you really scared hell outta me yesterday… it’s a good thing you’re okay now.” Michael smiled.

“Nde.” Emily grinned.

Michael walked into his room,changed his clothes and joined them at the dining.
After they were done,they all headed to their various rooms.

Emily took her shower and fell on her bed.Wow,the bed was really soft.She stood on the bed and kept jumping on it as it bounced.she laughed happily as she jumped like a kid.

Joel rolled his eyes as he tied his robe.Wouldn’t she let him sleep?..🙄
What was she doing now, disturbing him with her noise.

He walked out of his room and creaked open Emily’s door.Hr smiled as he watched her jump continuously on the bed.She was really pretty,sweet and naive,no wonder he was falling for her.

Emily who didn’t know she was being watched by the CEO continued to jump.She jumped up again for the umpteenth time and was about to land on the bed when she stepped on the hem of her nightie and lost balance.
Joel hastily ran towards her and caught her before she could fall and roll of the bed.He hastily turned her around to face him and caught her by her waist,unknowingly letting their lips collide in a kiss.💋💋



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