….. DREAME …. ..
One day challenge
Star – queen
chidinma Jerry .m.
episode 8
“Ummmm am coming” deya said.
I carefully moved under the bed and deya opened the door.
Odeya’s point of view
“hey, Uhmm sorry. can I come in?” she said I nodded and moved in she walked in.
“You can sit”I said
“No i might stain your bed”she said
“What! don’t tell me–
“Yes, am so stupid I have always been careless with dates. I came to borrow a sanitary towel; u have right?”she said.
“Yes one right?”I asked.
“4 is ok”she said.
“4, isn’t that much? “I asked.
“Am kidding one will do, they sell them around here right?”she asked.
“Yes of course”I said.
“thanks deya” she said and tried touching me I shifted.
“Ahhhhh don’t tell me you believe that myth” she said.
“It kinda works on me, if a girl touches me on the first day of her period mine will show up” I said.
She smiled
“Ok, thank you. sorry for disturbing you. goodnight!”she said i nodded and closed the door.
I turned and bryan stood up.
“Deya Alison is my childhood friend”he said
She Is the only daughter to my dad’s best friend. We are supposed to get married it was planned even before we where born.but after I met you I changed my mind deya but this is something that has been planned for many years its very disrespectful to end of over the phone not after everything her family did for me after I lost my parents. So I was actually waiting for this competition to end so I can go with you to Australia. Deya I didn’t know she was coming here” he said
“Well she did. I understand you couldn’t tell her outside but all these while why didn’t tell her?,”i asked
“Deya Allison is a very emotional person and she is working on my dads case. She was given only 3 days and if I shatter her hearts now she won’t concentrate” Bryan said.
I sat down.
“But you Will tell her right?”I asked
“I will I promise” he said..
Bryans pov.
I hope she understands.
Deya closed her door Quietly and lay on the bed.
I smiled as I lay behind her..I was even scared to touch her
I touched her waist the first time and she removed my hand..
I smiled as I touched her again she turned quietly and moved into my arms..
I smiled
“Dont smile when am angry”she said i nodded as i held her tight and hugged her to myself.
“Am sorry”I said as i turned her over to lie on Top of me.
She folded her hands on my chest and looked in my face.
“I will sing, right?..Then we will train for the duet together right..my dad Wont take me away right”she asked
I nodded and held her tight as i balanced on the pillow.
I tried kissing her she used her hand to cover her mouth I smiled.
“Not yet..after we clear Alison” she said I nodded and watched her lie down so i Lay beside her.
Thank God
Allison’s pov.
I woke by 3.
I logged in.
So choi se won once had a court case?
I need to visit the prosecution that handled that court case.
Its a bit far..
I will leave earlier.
I called my assistant
“Lucas send my file to the head prosecution here in south Korea. I need to to carry out some investigations” I said.
“I already did, good luck” he said.
I dropped the call and fell on my bed.
Mr Kim’s pov.
More 3 days wait?
Nooo I need to shorten this time.
Alison Is here..I need to secure Bryans wealth as soon as possible, I need to be ahead of that little girl.
I walked into Edwardo’s office.
“My good friend”I said
“Soo Hyun”he replied.
“I hope you have noticed all the changes in nationals date, do we still have to delay exposure” I said.
“Well i noticed the changes but we still need to give our singers time to train” he said
“From what I noticed my friend..all our singers are good..if we delay so much when will they have time to practice for the duet.” I said.
“What do you advice?”he asked
“Exposure, let exposure be tomorrow?”I said
“Do you think that Wil be good” he said.
“Yes..what the difference between two days and 3 days” I added
‘Ok..I will relay the news now” he added
I smiled and nodded
Nana was right in giving me this idea.
I returned to my ware house and kang hye stood up.
” soo Hyun, please let me go” madison said
“I will, tomorrow” I said
“What do you —
“Exposure will take place tomorrow..after my darling is chosen then I will let you go” I said and walked away.
I got a call
“Sir Allison is very close to solving this case..what do we do?”he asked.
“I will handle Alison” i said.
Hahahahahahahaha..i already hear the sound of victory.
Need more research on this Allison
Bryans pov.
I woke up earlier than deya..
I already got so many calls.
Exposure is tomorrow.
Isn’t all hope lost.
Will today even be enough to train
Deya’s mum where are you.
I turned to deya in the bed and she was sleeping soundly.
I smiled sheepishly as i tried kissing her she raised her hand and knocked the back of my head.
She opened her eye
“I Will kill you” she said
“Just once..please” I said
She smiled and nodded.
I tried kissing her she used her hand to cover her mouth again
“I really feel bad about Alison, we shouldn’t do this until we talk to her” she said I nodded.
“Dress up, your training starts early this morning” I said
“Why the rush,”she asked.
“Well i will tell you when you come” i said.
She nodded and I walked out.
I need to apologize to Jeremy
I need to talk to Austin.
I really annoyed them both..that’s not team mates.
I headed to Austin’s room directly and i locked the door behind me.
He was awake..
“Hey” I said and sat down
“What” he added
“Sorry..” I said he smiled and suddenly looked away
“For which crime ..deceiving me and getting me to protect deya for you?”he asked
“Everything;am sorry” I said
“I still hate you but am not stingy”he said and poured me a glass of wine
“Idiot”I said
“Shut up”he added I smiled.
“Have you told deya that exposure is tomorrow?”he asked
“Won’t she run away..I still Didnt find her mum” I said
“It will be fine but Alison Alison ..does she have a boyfriend?”he asked I laughed and stood up then headed to Jeremy’s room.
He stood up.
“Am traveling today..uhmm my mum came” he said
“I just wanted to apologize for not listening to you” I said
“Are you not a Crazy kid?”he asked
I smiled
“What did you do with Alison?”he asked
“Am stuck thinking of how to tell her myself” I said
“Exposure is Tomorrow” Jeremy said
“Still no sign of deya’s mum” I added
“Wait today is Mrs Madison’s birthday”Jeremy said i smiled
“I almost forgot” i said as we walked down.
Deya already walked down..she followed the boys to the roof while I walked into Alison in the room.
“Bryan wish me luck” she said
“Good luck” i added .
Only today..what can happen today
God i beg you..I need a miracle.
Alison kissed my cheek and walked out.
Hmmmm she’s in her business mood.
I ran to the roof top.
Deya was already facing the Mic..
All the idol’s watched her smiling.
I can’t wait to engage you.
How I wish Alison can clear this case today..so we get engaged before we travel for our training vacation.
But where Is your mum.
Diego walked up
He knocked my head I smiled
“Have you told her”Diego said
“Am scared”I added he nodded.
Deya cleared her throat as the music she chose started playing in the background.
Everyone watched her.
She was so pretty.
She smiled and held the Mic.
I know i will come before you go
not again I will never leave without goodbye.
the choices I made..I really regret
let Me love you till forever more ends.
let me–
She started crying I ran after her.
“Deya” i said as i hugged her tight.
ODEYA odeya
I can’t do it.
I feel like my dad will hit me from behind.
Bryan hugged me tight.
“I keep remembering my dad’s Cant..I can’t concentrate..I can’t I need to find–
“Deya,its ok”he said
I hugged him and all the boys tapped my back like a baby.
“Bryan has you sent Mrs Madison a text, today is her birthday” jace said.
“Today is my mum’s birthday too” i said.
“Deya what Is your mother’s name?”Bryan asked
“Choi kang hye” I said
“Could Mrs Madison be deya’s mother…I remember seeing her with nana and she said nana invited her to Korea..just that period when nana threatened you” Jeremy said
Bryan’s phone dropped out if shock and turned to the projective screen, everybody moved over and faced the screen.
“Call s-square”Bryan said and the screen instantly started calling.
I was shocked..
Mrs brook came on screen
“Bryan?”she said
“S-square worker,Mrs Madison. Send us her record”Bryan said
“Ok”she moved out and a white Paper showed.
Everyone read.
age: 28
local name:choi kang hye
English name Madison
from north Korea
married with a daughter
husband:choi se won
English name is Blake Manchester
My tears fell
child : Jin-ahh(choi jin ahh
engilsh name ODEYA Blake
work record…….
I already fainted and bryan caught me.
I turned and hugged him he held me tight.
“Shes my–
Bryan hugged me tight.
“But where is Mrs Madison, she is not in her house in north korea”Jeremy said
“Kim nana will have a better explanation”Austin said.
Bryan held my hand and smiled
“Jace send that info to Allison.tell her deya’s mum is Mrs Madison and she is missing” Bryan said and jace copied the text.
“Am coming “Bryan said to me
“Dont come without info on her ” I said
He nodded.
I knelt and started praying
If nana is with my mum I will never forgive her.
Allison’s pov
Omg allison Is runing mad.
I already arrived at the prosecution infact I sat facing the file.
You won’t belive this
It was a rape case..
The case he had was a rape case.
Now according to the full report
choi se won was arrested because he committed sexual abuse with 16 year old kang hye..who stayed in the orphanage.
The rape case is critical as it was found out that the little girl had been in his room for 3 days.
But how can she marry the man that raped her.
Choi kang hye is his wife now
I opened the next page
choi se won has been released from prison as it was found out that the girl is not from the orphanage, the girl took full permission from her grandmother before visiting her boyfriend choi se won and lastly the girl is still a virgin. It’s obvious that the nuns where wrong
Wow what a Crazy case.
I called Lucas again.
“Luke send me info on some kang hye girl and some choi se won boy from the rape case in the orphanage Bryan went to ..like 16 years ago” I said
“Ok” he replied.
Soon he called back.
“Yes”I said
“After the case kang hye traveled back to north Korea and i don’t know why but choi se won lost his job at the orphanage.
not long after personally registered a little boy.” He said.
“Little boy? how old was the boy?”I asked.
” twelve” he said.
“Wait when did he register the boy” I asked.
“Just 24 hour’s after Bryans parents died.”he said.
This means Bryan didn’t spend only two hours with this man he spent up to a day.
God where are you choi se won. only you can bring Bryans memory back.
“Luke is that all?”I asked.
“Wait wait. Choi se won is still in south korea.
after his work at the orphanage he filed for a work at a hotel with a different name;Blake Manchester” he said.
“This means he changed his name to English name” I said
“Yes I will send you the personal file now..it seems he changed all his family members name too” Luke said.
I dropped the call and got a text
worker:Blake Manchester
wife’s name Madison Blake
daughters name :odeya Blake
base in south Korea.
I smiled and dropped my phone.
So choi se won changed his name to Blake and he is still in south korea.
I need this man arrested.. even if he is innocent I need him to get Boost Bryans memory so Bryan Can tell me who to arrest
But where is he.
Where are you.
Madison Blake
I wish one of you can take me to this man.
God am so close.
Where are they.
Choi kang hye
Choi se won
Choi Jin ahh.
I suddenly got a call from jace
“Not Noooooooow
“Deya’s mum Is kidnapped..can you trail her?”he asked
ODEYA? Could it be the odeya Blake am looking for?
Her mum..can it be Madison Blake
Plus the paper on her room wall
Wait omg!!
“Jace what’s her name?.. the mum”I asked
“I sent you full info..”he said.
I dropped the call and
I rushed the phone instantly
Next chapter
Call me when it’s unlocked.

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