(As long as you love me //
chidinma Jerry mba
[Star – queen] #season_2_EPISODE_32
I looked down at my cloths and smiled.
I know it was a simple visit
Bryan is a moody person..his in a bad mood.
Maybe tommorow…
I dried my tears as i ran into my room
I changed in my room and covered my body.
Am confused but I don’t want to over think
I know my first kiss wasn’t a joke
It isn’t right
It shouldn’t be.
It felt real.
I want more..
I keep imagining it.
It must have meant something
I should be something to him
Anything at all.
I forced myself to fall asleep.
I can’t wait to hear what Bryan has to say about me
Nana’s pov.
I ran into zaina In the room..
She smiled
I heard water splashes..kira is in the shower with Bella.
No need hidding, we don’t keep secrets from each other..
“Now what did Bryan say?”zee asked
“He didn’t reply?”I said
“Do you think he fell?”zaina asked
“Tomorrow will tell zaina” I said
“Tommorow is a very dangerous day for you nana..what if Bryan doesn’t give in”zaina asked
“He will …because he loves deya for real zaina..he loves that dirty girl so much” I said.
“Did you try blackmailking him into your arms again or sweeter, into your bed?..”she asked
I smiled and stood to face my mirror.
“I didn’t do that..I couldn’t”I said
“Why..with what you found out Bryan can do anything for you.”she said
“I know but Zaina I love Bryan for real. I know I was attracted to him sexually but after I started dating him I loved him for real. I lived a careless life yes I know but after a while I stoped because of him. It was difficult but you Knew when I stopped.. I wanted to be everything I pretended to be. I even dropped smoking. I was really faithful to bryan for one year before I fell into Ian’s trap.
I love Bryan zaina and i cant black mail him into sleeping with me when I know he now loves deya.at first I thought it was a joke..I never knew he would fall for her just the way she is. Now having him hold me when his eye is filled with anger and rage and disgust..Nooo my heart won’t handle that..his eye has a different way of defining pain. I didn’t even try luring him into dating me zaina.
I can’t date him by force,it will hurt me More.
If i date him now tasha will come back and this time she might tell Bryan all the things I don’t want him to find out about me. Instead of hating me more its better I remain where I already am in his heart. Deya has ruined my life zaina. she took Bryan from me. he is in love with her, he told me he loves her.
he loves her and he wants to be hers.
i don’t know anymore, i know it will hurt but……should I let him go?” I said
“Let who!”zaina shouted
“Ok nana, are you high” Bella said as she walked out of the shower where she was washing her hair.
“Bryan is in love..you don’t know how difficult that is for him”I said
“He is in love with deyaaaa Nana….deyaaaa the commoner. Come on are you stupid. do you want tasha to finish you off..your boyfriend dumped you for a commoner?”zaina shouted
“Nana did you forget everything deya caused you? you hate embarrassments but because of her you faced the most painful embarrassments of your life. stop thinking about Bryan before you make the mistake of accepting deya because of your love for Bryan. think about odeya blake and all she caused you. she even teamed with tasha to ruin you.
come on nana, if Bryan falls for another;sweet.
but if it’s deya? Then its an insult to you.” Kira said.
“I mean that girl keeps bringing you down. all the girls who stood up to you felt pain but her?
the idols keep standing up for her.
the students already said she should be the real queen of dream high.
are you going to let her defeat you like that?
Are you that much of a coward.
I mean finally bryan is out of her life.
its time to ruin that girl.
it’s time to show them that you are the schools queen not deya” Bella said.
I smiled
“yes, I almost forgot that it was deya” I said.
“Now thank me for not removing that hate card.” Zaina said
“Thank you bes” I added.
” I can’t wait for school tommorow..tasha will loose” Bella said
“And deya’s pain starts afresh..with no one to help her” nana said
“What about austin?”kira asked
“Oh hotness, My crush” Bella said in a smile
“We all know he hates commoners” i said.
Early the next morning I ran down in a high speed..
I already dressed up fully.
I ran down and met sora.
“Unnie”I said
“Jeremy traveled with Nora..he said I should tell you” she said.
I nodded.
“Bye”I said
I bowed as I dragged my skirt up.
Then covered my hair well.
I held my bag in both sides.
I took a deep breath.
I already decided to forget everything…everything that happened.
I don’t even understand anything
Am so frustrated and confused
Once upon a dreame,I forgot who I was.
I wanted something bigger.
Something I can never really have.
I turned and jace walked out he was on call..I bowed..
He touched my arm as he laughed into the call
“I will ..ok” he dropped.
“Good morning sir” I added
“Thank you Hon–hey Evan come on”he shouted and Evan walked out..
He looked hot..he wore a black tracksuit
They met…
“So jeremy went shopping with Nora in Dubai… I knew that kid would get drunk in love” Evan said as i bowed to him.
he touched my shoulders.
“Nora’s birthday is really close,it’s gonna be hot.
Wait, where is Austin?”jace said as he looks back then carefully beeped his car.
Bryan walked out with Austin..
They both looked classy
I bowed when they came closer
Bryan looked at me and looked away..
“So uhmmm, I will talk to Samuel”Bryan said to Austin as he moved closer to his car
“Yes, so call me after that “Austin said and walked further.
I watched Bryan from behind as he catwalked slowly.
Sluggishly tracing his leg like he wanted to remove the pure white designer slipper He wore with a red tracksuit…which had a white inscription of “your boyfriend” behind it.
He carefully folded the sweater hand up.
Red suits him alot
His hair fell free…no band, no earing..no necklace.. no finger ring… he looked sad
“Guys uhmmm… text sora… water”he said as he Beeped his car.
I swear Austin’s car was the coolest.
He even had his name in it..
He wore a black tracksuit then a black designers slipper
He held his phone as he picked a call.
“Where are you?”…
Sora ran out with the pink basket it has full chilled water then locked in.
Its so difficult to take out I water..I remember the day I used it.
Bryan signaled her to come closer..and from the far distance she already started pulling out the water..
She gave it to him and bowed.
He Beeped his car
He opened the door to drop the water.
Jace was smiling in a call so she had to take the water out and hand to him herself.
“Thank you” he whispered as he opened his car.
Evan used his hand to take the water ..it took him just few minutes.
She met Austin who was still on call.
“No Bryan will do that” he said in a call as He moved his phone to the other hand so he could take the water but sora was a kind enough to bring it out herself.
Jace smiled “Disaster” he said as he entered his car.
Bryan turned..
Evan turned as Austin dropped the call.
“Are you high? What did you do?”Austin asked.
My mouth widened…
“Well i just–
“U Just don’t touch things directly if I am going to touch them too…you might infect me…thought she knew that gosh”he said.
“Sorry sir” She said and bowed…
I turned to bryan and he drove off
the others followed.
Austin is very proud gosh.
But he is so hot
Infact they are all hot.
Bryan is not talking to me.
Am scared..he might go back to The way he treated me before..
Was it the kisss
Is it his mood
Am so confused
An not used to all this
I guess its his mood
Now i have to trekk to school.
Am so tired and sad.
I miss jeremy.
No matter how busy he is..he always makes sure am okay
I tried moving when a car came over..the guard opened the door
“We where ordered to take you to school” he said
“Uhmmm who ordered?”i asked.
“You are not meant to know that”he said.
I smiled happily as I entered the car they closed the door.
I happily looked out the window as they drove me to school.
Ahhh I feel so rich..
I smiled as I looked at the Guard
“Ummm do you need anything ma?”he asked
Wooooooww…someone called me ma
Is that how good it feels
“Ummm I didn’t hear you well”I said
“I asked if you need anything madam”he asked
“No..am fine but who told you to drop me”i asked
“Am sorry”he said
“Give me a hint huh…pls”I said
“Uhmmmm someone who really shouldn’t care..” he said
Someone who really shouldn’t care about me
I smiled as I fell back
“Was it Bryan?” I asked
He smiled
“Anyone you want it to be madam” he said
After a while he got to the school gate he opened the door and helped me walk out.
“Good luck today madam”he said and i ran inside just to see a mob.
All the students where there shouting.
oh sweet..deya arrived.
A student came and dragged me over.
The noise was all on nana.
They where shouting at nana
The Crowed kept increasing.
nana speak up
where is the proof you talked about in the group chat
nana is a liar..proof my foot” tasha said as she smiled and looked at nana.
Nana smiled
“Am not a liar and Bryan doesn’t have anything to do with the nobody” nana said
“Well i guess we should all ask Bryan” tasha shouted.
hottest option
best better bestest
where is our oppa.
I looked around ..what is going on.
Min ah touched me I smiled.
She pointed up I turned and saw the bill board.
My picture with Bryan vs nana’s picture with Bryan.
Even videos.
And the tag
* who is dating the leader of dreame*
*who should be the queen of dreame high*
*Nana vs deya*
My eye widened..
Just then the boyfriends walked out.
gosh sooo hot
oppa I love you
omg Bryan!! …look his real eye colour!!!
Everyone shouted.
I looked at Bryan..gosh he forgot.
He closed his eye …Every one laughed.
To late to hide it noow.
All the idols walked in one line..jace showed Bryan something in his phone.
wow hottest
oppa has a crazy dress sense.
Austin looks hot
oh my…jace has a new hair style
i love you Evaaan
someone be my boyfriend!!!
I looked at min ahh..the idols tried passing when the crowd blocked them.
Bryan scoffed and stepped back.
Pictures where being taken
“Bryan we have a question for you” tasha said
Bryan nodded.
“What’s wrong” Bryan said
I felt someone drag me out min ah left me.
They kept me on the far left side since Nana was on the far right.
Bryan looked at me quietly.
“Who Is your girlfriend and what is your relationship with ODEYA Blake?”tasha said
I took a deep breath.. what a question
i feel so embarrssed already
But i really want to know too, what I am to bryan
oppa is nana still yours
is it deya
what’s going on
what is your relationship with deya.
Bryan say something.
“Tick tock..Bryan say it” tasha said.
Bryan nodded
I will only say this once..the noise, its disheartening. Deya is….
He looked at me and looked down.
Nana smiled.
deya to me ..well..

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