(As long as you love me //
chidinma Jerry mba
[Star – queen] #season_2_EPISODE_25
“Nana let go”Bryan said
“Baby please.. Ryan just wait”Nana said
“Why exactly? whats wrong?”Bryan said…
“Well i just”she kept looking upward
Bryan sighed and moved away from her then be sat down
“Zaina!!!”nana shouted as she picked her phone and ran towards Zaina he was busy making a call
“Zaina Get out!!…are you drunk”nana shouted in frustration as she brushed her fingers into her fore head and looked at Bryan.
Finally zaina walked out and after few minutes later she returned with kira and Bella.
Minutes later nana sat down and zaina sat beside her.
I carefully cleaned the chAir with my hand and Bryan sat well beside me.
All the students faced us.
I smiled and hid my face.
He Will catch me always smiling when he Is with me.
Nana please keep bullying Me since it seems you are pushing me closer to this star.
And i feel happy when am with him.
Sometime I wonder if it’s really me who he talks to.
I can’t even belive he is with me.
I can’t believe anything anymore.
I keep getting amazed.
I turned and watched him drop his phone on the table.
He pulled the band on his hair deeper Inside so fringes of his hair will stop touching his face.. he noticed me looking.
He smiled…
I looked away
“What?”he said.
I turned and smiled as I Pointed to the plate.
“Sir you said you where hungry,here”I said and handed him the chopstick.
He nodded and took it then he scratched his hair.
“Uhmmm well, is this what you ordered..I mean is this what you want to eat?”he asked.
I nodded
“Yes..try it,please eat it too”I said and sat well as I tucked my hair into my ear in a smile
He nodded that was when I looked into the plate and rembered all the things nana said he doesn’t eat.
I hastily took the chopstick from him
“Hey What’s wrong?”he said
“Sir You don’t eat all this,why are you trying to eat them now”I said and dragged the stick but Bryan dragged it back..he Wont let go…I didn’t know when i used my teeth to bite his hand.
Oh my God ..what did i do?
“Ahhhhhh my hand is bleeding,omg its affecting my heart…deya has done it again, am calling my dad” Bryan said
“Huh? sorry, sorry. is it serious? ..sorry sir”I took and his hand.
I blew air on it..
Then I looked at him.
“Sir is it better?”I asked
“Nooo, but it will be a little better if you just return my chopstick…Huh?
am telling you now, see I can’t even talk well..ahh my heart “he said
I hastily handed him the chop stick then I sat well and Dried my tears.
Ahhh he is so rich why did i bite him now seems I infected his heart.
You see why I avoid touching him.
“Sir eat “I said.
He smiled and shifted the food to face him.
“Sir can you talk now”I asked
“The heart — oh well” he cleared his throat.
Oh no..
I better not disturb him
He can’t even talk properly.
Bryan smiled as he shifted the food.
Oh no.. I had bitten someone’s son into dumbness..
He started eating
“Sir can you talk well now” I asked
“Hey I told you i cant–mmmm he started coughing..deya lets talk later” he said.
I nodded.
He shifted the plate well and smiled to himself.
baby love me deeper, deeper. only–” he looked at me and closed his mouth
I opened my own mouth in shock.
He was faking!!!
“Hey how could you –hey Bryan, you are dead..you are so dead” I shouted and took the chop stick from him…I tried hitting him Bryan laughed and used both hands to cover his face.
He tried hidding under the table
I couldn’t even hit anymore,
I just watched him.
I couldn’t stop smiling.
He removed his hand and laughed “Hey sorry, sorry huh..sorry”he said
“Ok, So wait. I will get you a good food” I said and tried runing away but he dragged me back
“Sir I will flog you “I said not knowing I was already hitting him with the chop stick…
I used my hand to cover my mouth as i looked around.
Why am I used to beating people.
I gently sat beside him
“Uhmmm sorry, sorry,sorry..”I smiled in frustration and opened both my hands innocently..”sorry” I said
“Deya, why do you keep hitting so much? do you even know who I am? Hah! I won’t spare you I tell you. I am calling my dad for sure..right now ” he said.
“But why do you want to eat this food,you know it’s not good for your health you..what a sir” I said and hit his hand angrily.
His eye widened
“Hey just pity me, I want to eat it because it’s your food already..don’t you get? I want to eat this so badly because it was you who got the– hey deya I don’t owe you any explanations just give me my stick” he said and dragged the stick .
I held it tight” no, no,no, i won’t give up this time Sir” I said as i held the stick with all my power.
Bryan tickled my waist I laughed and left it for him..
he smiled.
“Better let me eat this”he said I nodded.
He tried eating I hastily took the chopstick.
Bryan smiled as he pinched my leg I started laughing again
“Ahhh sir”I said
“Let go..won’t you”he said and pinched my tummy I laughed and left the stick for him
He smiled
“Looser”he said he faced the food.
I hastily threw my hand like i wanted to take the stick Bryan ussed it to hit my Head I laughed and touched my hair.
“Deya stay away from me”he said and shifted with the food.
I smiled and watched him.
Bryan took his phone which was vibrating so I hastily took the plate and ran for my life
I turned back and he smiled as he watched me.
I came back and handed him the new food
“Hmmmmm”he said and shifted the food
“Bryan if I flog–
“Calm down am eating …is it not eating..ahhh” he said and took the stick I smiled happily.
He tried eating when his phone started vibrating again..
He smiled
“Security”he said
“Mmmm”I said
“Deya do you know that am not allowed to stay in a crowd?”he said
“Oh why sir?”I asked
“Well someone once tried shooting me in the school cafe..here..then in the park and the hall way” he said
I looked around and used both hands to cover his face
“Sir are they here?”I said
he smiled
“Do you think they hadn’t already seen me?
Deya remove your hand from my eye, after all the beating you gave me today…my spirit is telling me that you want to blind me now”he said
I smiled.
“Sir are you going to leave now?”i asked
“Yes”he said
“Are you going home?”I asked
“No”he said.
“Uhmmmm what do you do on Fridays?”I asked
“Uhmmm why not come with me”he said
“Huh” i added.
he smiled
“Friday…spend Friday with me deya,i want to tell you something.”he said and looked deep into my eyes.
“What?”I asked
“I can only say it then..you scare me”he said.
My daaaaaaaaaad
I looked at him and he nodded.
“Please…once”he said
“Well sir…my dad” I said.
“Can I at least take you home now”he said
I nodded and we both walked out and entered his car.
He drove for a while ..I couldn’t stop thinking about what he asked.
Then all rose said
Saying yes?
If i agree, Am not corrupt right?
But a whole day…is it ok?
I don’t know..
Hah..I want to be with him so badly too but.
I took a deep breath
“Sir turn around..I will spend your Friday with you”I said
Bryan smiled.
I tucked my hair into my ear as i sat well and looked at my shoes.
He smiled
“Really….thank you?”he said in a smile that made me run wild
“But you won’t talk about that again”I said.
“What?”he said
“The thing you said…that other ..well ..the thing–
“Hey you have not forgotten that sex?”he shouted…
my eye widened as I used my hand to cover his mouth
Zaina’s pov.
This is a lost war.
Bryan is in love with deya..
I opened my phone.
Oh no
Oh no
Oh no
Tasha whyyyy
This is what tasha needed to get started on ruining nana.
I knew she would do this
Tasha exposed nana in the group chat
The kind of closeness Bryan had with deya today has spoilt a lot of things for nana.
Oh no…all the students watched this full display.
Nana has to stop before it gets worse.
Nana moved over to me
“We need to stop the hate card zaina, don’t you see?
am only pushing her closer to Bryan and after all that happened here…the students”nana stuttered
How do I tell her what happened..
“Just withdraw the hate card zaina..” Nana shouted.
” I will but–
Kira and Bella rushed in
“nana you need to leave” kira said
“Why whats–”
All the students flooded in from outside.
Tasha walked in smiling..she was with a microphone.
Nana walked out.
“Kim nana is a liar “tasha shouted.
More students crowded.
“No that’s not…let me –“nana stuttered
its obvious deya is not nothing
all the laughs can’t be ordinary.
nana is a liar
seems Bryan dumped her.
Bryan dumped you 8 months ago..you are such a fool
Bryan is with deya
nana, tell us when Bryan broke up with you,”tasha shouted.
say something nana
Kim nana Is a looser
nana where is your tongue
dream queen more like dream liar
Oh no, nana talk.
If you do not talk tasha will win.
It will bet worse
But Kim Nana won’t be able to talk..
She is scared of embarrassment now the fear is affecting her.
Nana talk please
her fear is making things worse
Tasha knows she Wong talk
She knows all her weakness
“Nana say something please, anything” I shouted.
Come on talk,you are queen they will listen
Dont let tasha use your weakness against you
“Nana talk…talk” kira shouted
nana rushed out and all the students rushed after her.
she fell down out of fear
nana explain
is Bryan dating you
is tasha right
did Bryan dump you seven moths ago
oh my God…she is really the lowest
guys i think we should drag the truth from her
nana talk
someone get hot water
I watched tasha laugh happiest

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