“Sorry but this is my ex…I mean you pointed at nana” I said.
“No its not Kim nana,did I point at Kim nana..can u move the system closer”she said.
“Sure”I moved it
“Oh my sight,my sight started again with small figures,all the girls look the same to me”she said
“What about your glasses?”I asked
“It’s at home,why are u so desperate to see this girl? Don’t worry I will tell u if I see her one day”she added
“Ok.”I said.
She left.
Are women born to frustrate me.
I poured myself a glass of wine and gulped down angrily.
I took the next one and dropped the cup.
u have no choice but to come out.
Am not giving up yet.
I must know who you are
Ahhh why did I drink so much.
I walked over to close my door and nana walked in,she wore a black polo alone…it covered as low as her hip. I thought she said she changed.
I sighed.
“By this time “I said
She sat down
“Well I couldn’t sleep,i was thinking about us.. Bryan we never sat down to talk about things like matured people..I guess we weren’t so mature then;mostly me who left. Let’s talk things over Bryan..let me explain”she said.
I scoffed
“Get out “I said and arranged my pillow.
She scoffed rudely.
“What Is this,i have been begging you for so long bryan. even when you begged me in the past I always forgave you in 30 minutes…and now u?”she said
“The door is open nana ,get lost”I said As I covered my eye with the mask and used the bed cover to cover both my face.
She started crying..
I ignored her.
She deepened it so much that I couldn’t handle it anymore.
I still kept quiet.
She continued.
I ignored her
She cried so much she started coughing.
I opened the bed cover and sat up then I opened my eye
“Nana what are you doing right now?”I asked
“You promised not go hurt me,i already cried so much in the past after I lost mom but u said you will be with me…look you left too..even when I keep saying sorry…Bryan Am sorry I was drunk that day I swear..but you won’t forgive me..it’s painful” she said and started crying again.
I moved over and hugged her.
She held me tight.
I brushed my fingers behind her hair.. until she suddenly stopped crying.
She unlocked from the hug.
“Nana you need to — its getting late”I said.
She carefully brushed her fingers into my hair then smiled as she moved them behind intervally for a while then she brushed down to my neck.
“I miss you”She whispers as she moved into me and kissed my cheek for a long while..
I moved away
She dragged my top gently as she tried kissing me… I looked away Then I carefully brushed her fingers out of my body..
She sighed and dried her tears but they kept streaming.
“Nana get a hold of yourself”
“Bryan You are avoiding me so much,you are acting like am dirty and it hurts that you– why won’t –” She gasped and tears filled her lips…” bryan Sorry” she said.
Here i go,
am doing it again
I raised my hand and dried those tears quietly,I really hate seeing them cos she cried alot in the past.
“Bryan I changed, I still love you very much” she said and kissed me softly for a while I couldnt reciprocate.
She unlocked and looked in my face.
“Wont you, kiss me? “she added as She moved into me and brushed her fingers into my neck.
“Nana wai–” she kissed me again i got carried away.
i brushed my fingers behind her hair.. and she closed those eyes.
we kissed steadily for a long while…
What is happening..fate don’t let this happen.
I brushed my hands down from her hair into to her waist.. she deepened the kiss as locked her hand round my neck..
I carefully unlocked and looked down at her top..
She rolled over and sat on me as She pulled it out..I fell back on the red pillow.
She she bent and kissed my shoulders down to my arms.
I looked in her face and She kisses my lips tight.. I ate into her lips and turned her over to the bed…she lay the pillow quietly.
I lifted her and moved her hair then kissed her tummy down that was when I saw the tattoo again.
She pulled me up.
I can’t do this.
It’s too painful.
I want to move on from you.
I can’t be with you anymore..not with this memory .
Right now I just want to find her
I want to find her so she can distract me and stop me from rolling back into your arms.
I don’t want to come back.
I gently lifted the bed cover to her chest and lay back.
“We are over nana–we tried and it didn’t favour us,I forgive you and I know you forgive me too..so lets move on now… let’s not try this again “i said.
She gasped and wiped her tears.
“U want to move on from me so badly because of one mistake, what about you? you made mistakes too..you have a very bad temper Bryan.but I never left you for real..even if I left I always came back to you.
is it because of her, this girl you are looking for;who is she? you are so occupied and desperate with finding her.
so much that I can’t even seduce you cos your mind is not even here. What exactly did she do for you bryan.. anyone can save anyone so why are you desperately searching for her..we still love each other why are you inviting a third party ..do you just want to hurt me back? Make me jealous.. cheat back”she asked.
“No,I just want to try living without you nana” I said and stood up she tried following me so I walked into the shower and closed the door.
I heard her sobs then heard her lock the door.
Nana pov
At first I thought this was all a joke.
I thought he would come back like he always did.
I thought he was mine and couldn’t leave me..that was why I always felt proud
each time I looked around I was glad that I was the only woman in his life..that thought made pride enter.
I wanted him to treat me like God.
I wanted him to beg me every time.
I never said sorry when I was wrong cos I knew he would never leave me
No one would advice him to do so cos he didn’t even have friends.
But I never meant to cheat on Bryan.
It’s just that he didn’t want anybody to know that we where dating,he made it a secret because of that policy so I couldnt stay with him in the camp.
I just returned from my music training for 4 weeks and I missed him so much.I came back and met this stupid camp.
I couldn’t even hold or touch my man because cameras where flashing everywhere and he wanted us to be a secret.
I was seeing him but I couldn’t spend time with him.. so i fell into ian’s trap easily.
I started having desires for Ian after that tattoo he drew down my pubic bone.
I wanted a tattoo on my waist for sure..all my bffs got one too bit it got weird when he shifted my pant…I wanted to withdraw but I didn’t want my friends go think I was childish..cos they are all bullies.
So I let him draw the star there.
After That day I started getting stupid with desires.
That tattoo caused a huge quarrel between I and Bryan.
He saw it when we wear team swming at the camp.
I had to even lie that it was his female friend that drew it there.
I was so careless and crazy while growing up.
I knew Bryan didn’t want to continue this night after he saw that tattoo.
I tried wiping it but it’s kinda in a very delicate place.
I was careless, I was stupid but my worst mistake was my pride.
After he saw me with Ian I couldn’t apologize..I still proved right and it annoyed him more…I never forget our last conversation.
“Nana am talking to you and you are entering your car?”he had said.
“Bryan stop shouting at me.
I already said am sorry ok,if you won’t accept my sorry then go to hell” I said.
“What? Kim nana you lied to me, he was the one who drew that stupid tattoo but u said it was a friend…so exactly when did your affair start” he said
‘It’s all your fault Bryan.
I was missing you so much but u still keep insisting that we stay a secret… now u want to Blame for getting careless” i said.
“Baby Just explain yourself. you can’t even apologize properly. I was still talking and u already picked your car key. Nana fine! Am sorry for shouting at you. just tell me why the fuck you had to do something so disgusting..tell me when I started this” he said.
“You are not shouting huh?
but i am now disgusting right.
you know what? whatever!!
I am travelling with my dad.
“Traveling to where?”he said.
“Where ever, since you won’t forgive me and accept my sorry I am leaving,by 3.”I said and left.
He called me but I didn’t turn.
I headed to my Dada house.
I told him the time I would leave so he would come and beg me but he didn’t.
I didn’t travel that day I waited the next day but he didn’t come.
I wanted to go and beg him but I was too proud.
I believed he will come but he didn’t so I angrily left.
When I came back
I was scared he would move on and get a girl or start living the life of a play boy but I was glad that he was still the way I left him.
I even tested him with my girlfriend “Nadia” shes so hot but he didnt even reply her “hello” not to talk of falling for her.
Not any girl..until now.
I am happy that I am still The only woman in his life.
Its still Me,the only woman he had ever been with,the only lip he ever tasted, the only one he feels comfortable with. just me..and it has to be me till he the end..I already told dad I want to marry Bryan.
But after what happebed tonight, in am scared.
I can’t belive Bryan resisted me.
I am loosing Bryan.
I am scared the I lost Bryan.
That girl he is searching for, am scared that she might ruin my life.
She might take Bryan away for good.
He might fall in love with her.
I will loose him for real.
If the thought of her was so strong it stopped him from making love to me even when he was a bit tipsy then he cares about her..he hates being curious and from curiosity desire will come up.
I need to find her before Bryan does.
At first I thought deya was my problem
Its not deya, its the owner of that necklace.
She’s my biggest problem.
I walked into the room.
Every one was fast asleep.
I fell on my bed and wrapped my arms round min ah ..She was right beside me
She turned to face me
“Nana are ok?”she said.
“Am not”I added.
She brushed her fingers into my hair and held me tight.
Wow its morning I opened my eye and everyone was bright and happy I smiled
I wonder where nana went last night
Was she with Bryan?
But she spent up to 40 minutes out.
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Could they–
Ahhhhhh deya
Not your business.
“Min ah woke up, she hugged me on the bed,I laughed happily.
Nana walked out of the shower..She was so busy making calls.
Wow nice skin
She’s not looking for my trouble ..hmmm thats weird.
She sat beside min ah.
“Baby help me with the nail paint”she said to ME!!
” deya hand her the nail paint.”Min ah said.
I gave it to her.
“Nana what happened with Bryan last night.
I hastily rushed out.
I ran into someone.
She dragged me hand.
“Hey! are you not the girl Bryan is looking for? ..it’s you come here “she shouted and dragged my belt.
Oh no its the woman who have me the device that night.
Bryan look for me; odeya? hah!! Nah Scam
Dont mind me


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