( Odeya )
Omg,where am I falling into.
God help me. i opened my eye.
Oh no!! Bryan was on call and he was passing — oh my!! If I fall on him we will both fall into the ocean.
No its better I fall alone.
I wish i can stop time, I closed my eye as I fell into him.
I almost rolled over but i didn’t,thank God!!
I looked down,oh no!! His phone fell down.
It shattered.
“are you blind? why the hell couldn’t you watch where you were–“he looked in my face and didnt complete his statement anymore.
His lips where still open he gently closed them then looked to the left side with his fingers across his fore head
“Am sorry”I said as I bent to pick the phone parts.
” I told you to stop fighting nana deya, but u didn’t listen. Now look”zaina said.
Me fight nana? How? When? That’s a lie.
“Bryan are you okay? Oh no! It’s your real phone. Its ok, deya find his cards first, i will show you light” nana said as she held his hand and used her other hand to turn on her phone light.
Bryan looked down…I can’t see any of his cards.
He sighed.
“Honey did you store anything there”she said as she moved closer to him.
“Yes,ummm.. the contract files from your dad ” He said gently as He bent beside me.
He tried taking my phone torch nana handed him her own.
All the girls there where smiling stupidly.. he didn’t see the cards seems it fell off.
He stood up and handed her the phone.
“In the future,just try being more careful” He said to me as He rushed out.
Nana smiled as she squatted to face me.
“Omg are you sad,zaina I think she’s in love with Bryan”nana said.
I scoffed
“Whoever said that,am just searching for these cards because I caused the fall..that’s all” I said as I covered my hair warmer well.
” she can’t like him,She’s hopeless with him..look at her hair” zaina said.
“She has nice hair its just… dirty and greasy” kira said while touching my hair.
” why Wont it be greasy? she’s always wearing weird hair warmers…Nana is this the girl you think you can loose Bryan to? yuck he can’t even look twice at her” Bella said.
“I just realised it now,he didn’t even look in her face.
I was scared He was really dating her” nana said calmly while smiling.
Zaina laughed
“Dating who, on my gash!!,Kim nana. Bryan has taste for crying out loud,a lot of girls want him so why will he fall for this tramp..you were scared for nothing baby” zaina said
“Her jacket makes me cry,she is always wearing a jacket..is your skin bad or you twice coloured” Bella added
And they all laughed.
I just continued my search.
” then in this hot weather she’s still wearing a Jean gosh…she doesn’t ever really look sexy like, I thought the students said her body was as hot as nana’s? ” zaina said.
” I hope the cards go missing,I want Bryan to hate her more” nana said.
“I mean she’s rich but duuurrrrh!!! She’s just like Rita..they don’t kniw how to use money…so classless” Bella said.
I didn’t reply, I brightened my phone torch but nana took my phone.
” Kim nana” I said.
“Omg she called my name”nana said.
I didn’t talk.
She threw the phone into the ocean.
I scoffed and dried my tears.
I smiled gently and covered my hair well.
” Nana you are too mean, she’s gonna cry” Bella said
“Kim nana, have you ever suffered in your life?”I said
She smiled
“I don’t think so, not even for the smallest things. you keep thinking the world is yours, you think you are better than everyone else.
am not like you nanA, you might be prettier and of course you are an idol..you are popular,but am better than you because I am humane. I won’t fight u,I have better things to think about. My life is not like yours.
i guess, you will understand life more better when you have no body to call your own. That moment when the only person who cares about you is yourself.
You will understand that…
People like me, have more important things to think about and misbehaving is far from that.” I said and continued by search.
Nana walked out with her crew.
No need to prosecute me…the Bryan doesn’t even know My name not to talk of ever liking me.
I wish you would just leave me alone nana.
I better find these cards..
I keep causing him trouble.
Bryan sorry for this..I hope u don’t fire me.
I saw the door close..Nana knows am outside so mean.
I searched and found his first card, it should remain 2.
I searched round for hours..
Until I fell asleep.. It was so cold.
I woke up and checked my time 12pm.
Oh no!!
I started searching again.
I better find this fast.
Finally I saw it, I smiled and suddenly laughed..by 12:40
I sat on the floor as I held both cards.
Am phone less now, all thanks to nana and crew.
I rushed over to the boys section where I met security
“Good day, I want to see Bryan”I said.
“By this time?”he asked.
“Yes,which roll is he in? I just want to return something I will surely come out now.”I said.
“Well”he added
“Please ajussi”I said
“Ok fine,he is in the guest house”he said.
I nodded.
“Which one?”I asked.
He pointed at the door to the back of the yacht.
I carefully ran over and opened it.
Is this place different from the yacht?
It was so pretty
I already saw his shadow from the room curtains..he is awake.
The room was too bright from out here.
I rushed over…I remembered my hair. I stopped.
Why do I suddenly care.
I removed the hair warmer and tied my hair up then I wore it and totally covered everything.
I have not even had time to trim my hair..it’s getting much and bushy yet people keep praising it.
I knocked and he opened.
He was wearing a red eye mask on his hair and he was on call.
“I told you i was on the call when my phone dropped”he said into the phone.
“Am confused too,it was saved in the card…diego one minute” he said and dropped the call.
“Uhmm are you lost?”he asked while looking out the door.
I hastily raised my hand where I was holding the card..I bowed.
” I am sorry, I won’t run into you again,I promise to be more careful in the future” I said.
He left my hand hanging for a while.
I felt his hand on my hand.
he carefully picked everything.
I withdrew my hand then smiled.
” then bye” I said and turned
” where you searching all night for this?”he said.
I turned
“Who me? No no, hah am I drunk? I came out to look at the ocean then I saw it on the floor,like that” i said
“Do u look at the ocean at midnight?”he asked again
“Yes–no..well good night” I said and ran off.. I don’t really know what to lie again.
I felt him pull me back by my hand then he grabbed my waist and turned me into him. I was shocked as I looked in his neck where I mistakenly kissed.
Oh my God.. did i fall.
What’s going on
I tried pulling out but he held my tight.
I tried turning when I heard a loud crash…. I gasped.
He removed his hand from my body and I turned.
it turned out the bill board where our school name was written fell down because of the wind.
Both the board and iron holder.
It shattered including the glass cover.
I used both hands to cover my mouth
I was so scared.
Oh my it almost–
I watched him close his door quietly.
Oh my …
I almost died.
I couldn’t sleep anymore so I leaned on the yacht and looked into ocean.
My tears dropped as I remembered everything nana had said.
I remembered my phone and all the memories there.
I remembered mom and how it feels to have no one.
Assuming that bill board fell on me,i know no body will come
Am really pathetic.
I rushed over to the girls section and security opened the door.
I walked in and min ah rushed up to me.
Bryan’s pov.
That coffee girl is something else on one hand but on the other hand she is a nice person in her own way.
I can’t believe she stayed up to find the card.
But fighting with Kim nana..that wouldnt get her anywhere..I really thought she was a calm person.
I have bigger problems..am looking for that girl.
Am searching for her right now.
Before I wanted to wait until you finally decide to show up but right now I can’t wait anymore.
I want to find you cos am getting curious and I hate being curious it makes me restless.
Am curious to know your name, how you look,your skin colour,where your from.
Am curious to hear your voice,i want to know who u are.
Am suddenly so curious.
Am curious to know why it was you
Why u always showed up at the right time
Do u attend dream high?
Are u n my class?
Am so Curious God help me.
So I have been trying to find you but you don’t want to help me.
You are getting me restless..leaving Me breathless.
I hate curiosity..my soul is in suspense.
Sometimes it feels like you are close
Then after a while you just seem far
Why won’t u ask for your necklace.
Help me please.
Save me from this curiosity…I will surely run mad.
I already called Mrs Jane;she was the one in charge of our last show.
She told me she knows the girl who saved me, She said she was the one who handed the girl the intercom device She used to create Alarm when I was found.
But when they arrived she didn’t see the girl but she saw the device..and recognized it was the one she gave her.
She said she can recognize her anywhere, she said ahe knows her face.
She is in this boat right now ..she works for dreame.
I invited her over…she just texted me that she’s on her way.
She just finished some tyding up in the boat.
I told the media department to send me the video from the backstage c.c.t.v
I just need her to point at the girl.
I heard a knock on my door..oh its her.
I opened
“Thank you,so I got the footage..kindly point at the girl for me
“Oh ok
She walked In and I pulled a chair.
I turned on the video and she watched carefully then she suddenly smiled and pointed at someone.
She turned the video to my face.
“Thats her,that’s the girl..look she’s wearing the same necklace” she said
I looked well..jeeeez! how can it–
“Is she–
“She’s the one.”she added
It’s been her ……..

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