( Odeya )
I hastily stood up from his body and he fell back on the grass quietly then picked his phone. He didnt even look at me again he just picked a call.
I carefully dropped the water for him.
Why did I fall ahhh
So clumsy.
I was busy thinking of how to address him.
But why Is his face so pretty from up close?
I rushed out.
Finally I arrived where jeremy sat he dragged me down and I sat beside him.
Soon he fell back and all of them fell back,I fell back too.
We 4 looked at the sky,thank God the field was empty. It was still part of the dream estate we didn’t leave the main gate.
This building is so big.
” I told you its dull” Jeremy said while removing the ear piece Evan deeped into his ear.
“No that tune is awesome,”jace added,”Bryan said its good too. Jeremy scoffed.
“Deya check this out”Evan added and removed the ear piece from his ear again;his ear where he wore a diamond earing gosh so dreamy.. He has grey eyes,red lips,black hair. Is he really giving me his ear piece, seems they keep forgetting that am a commoner.
I was lost in thought I didn’t even know Evan was waiting for me
“Wont you listen?”he asked me
“Me “I said
He nodded
“Oh”I said and moved closer.
he deeped the ear piece into my ear, i smiled happily.
” what do you think now?..awesome right”he asked
“Its great”I said
Jeremy frowned
“You are supposed to support me”he whispered into my ear
“It’s not awesome”I shouted and they all laughed
” there’s the wishing bird, lets make a wish”jace said.
“Does it work?”Evan asked.
“Yes but you have to wish out loud so it can carry your wish to the sky goddess”jace said .
” I wish dreame success in the national competition”evan said.
“I wish to gain boldness when doing my first single soon”jace said
I smiled
“I wish ….I wish bryan would finally change,even if its for one month” Jeremy said.
“Oh I wish that too”jace said.
“Oh me too”Evan added.
“What about you?”Evan said to me.. I almost asked “me?” The truth is i am really not used to being treated kindly.
“I wish to find mom..and I wish she too will be happy to find Me”I said
“Oh me too”Jeremy said.
“Me too.”Evan added.
I smiled they are so fun.
” come on ..let’s go” jace said
I stood up and picked the bottles.
We all stood up but bryan was no longer there.
We finally headed to the mansion.
“Jeremy Austin is coming home” jace said.
“Is he done with the exam?”Evan asked
“I guess”jace said.
” today is lenora’s birthday,jeremy did you wish her well?”jace asked
“Yes I did” Jeremy said.
“Is she coming?”Evan asked
“No she’s not” Jeremy said.
I smiled.
I know she must be his girlfriend.
I wonder why people have girlfriends and later cry of heart break.
Jeremy carefully took my little hand And walked me into the building.
“Oppa”I said in shock
He smiled
“Shhhh”he added.
Jace and Evan where behind me gisting.
I gently collected my hand And held it together..that felt weird.
He took it again And we both walked in.
He let go of me when he walked into his room. I smiled as I looked into my hand.
I ran up, I saw bryan’s footwear was in front of his door, his back.
I moved into my room and took my bath.I sat on the table and looked at my picture from when I was little.
I hate seeing this picture,why didn’t I hide it well.
It reminds me of so many painful things.
Mom why did you leave me
You are not even looking for me,how can you really be so wicked huh?
I was missing you while growing up
Am an adult now and i Still need you…can’t you Need me to?
I deeped the picture into my wallet.
My dad said I didn’t smile alot when I was growing so this is the only picture where I smiled.
I have one,he has one then mom has one… and that’s pretty it.
I dressed up and locked my door quietly.
I wore two white socks,i suddenly feel cold and i miss rose.
I am really trying not to get Into trouble with bryan so i will lock my door carefully from now on.
seems he doesn’t like noise.
I locked the door then I I tucked my hair into my ear as I strolled down..i arrived at the kitchen and wore the white Apron.
I took my time to browse each of their favorite foods.
Since they treated me nicely I will be a good cook.
Jeremy likes Kimchi
Evan likes Bibimbap
Jace likes Bulgogi
Austin likes Hoeddeok
Bryan likes Japchae
Ok time to cook.
but am not sure if Bryan will eat my food,its obvious he doesn’t like me.. or even human’s totally. Even his team mates he hardly talks to them.
I opened the drawers and everything was just complete.
First I cooked for jace,both of us are looking for our mums and he was the first to give me a can drink.
Soon I was done,I kept it in the heater and cooked for Jeremy.
My guardian angel…Assuming I didn’t ever meet him I would have died by now.
soon I was done.
So I cooked for Evan.
My second crush.
So cute.. And funny too
And finally I cooked for Bryan last.
I will keep trying just like I promised myself.
I know that one day you might be happy and u might be my friend.
and jeremy’s wish to the light bird will come true.
His food was on fire when I heard in-distant noises so I peeped through the door and
A pretty woman was there.
She was so cute and young,like she is Sora’s age mate.
most shockingly Bryan came down because of her.
I watched her deep something into his mouth and he opened his mouth like a baby.
She used her fingers to close his mouth then she touched his hair.
She also deeped the same thing in Jeremy’s mouth.
then Evan and jace..I smiled.
The way she touched Bryan was filled with care and love it made me miss my mom.
Bryan walked into his room and she walked up to the kitchen.. I faced the stove.
“Good day madam” I said and bowed.
She lifted the same stuff,so it was sweet.
“Aahhh” she said.
I smiled and suddenly smiled out tears.. no one ever treated me that way..
I really miss my mum so much.
I Want someone to treat me with care too.
I opened my mouth and she deeped it in.
“Good Luck my dear”she said and i nodded.
“Where is Sora?”she asked
“Oh her room”I said.
She touched my hair and walked out. Everything about her reminded me of mum.
I wiped my tears but they couldn’t stop..oh No I dropped a tear into Bryan’s food.
I brought down Bryan’s food and dished everybody’s meal.
She came in again.
“Shall I help you serve?”she asked
I nodded and smiled happily.
“This is for jeremy right?”she asked and i nodded.
She carried his food and i took jaces food.
I placed it on the dinner and so did she.
they stood up.
We both returned.
She carried Evans food but I was lost looking at Bryan’s plate.
He shouldn’t reject it ..I really put efforts into all the dishes.
We both walked out and i placed his food on the tray.
She was serving Evan when I knocked on Bryan’s door.
he opened up.. He looked weak was it the jogging.
Hey you don’t have the right to fall sick,people like you should always be happy.
” bia`ne, uhmm I wanted to give you this”I said.
He opened his door and sat on his bed,i saw my necklace on top of his jotter..does he like it that much.
Well he can keep it,he has in been in more pain than I have.
The necklace reminds me of mum and i don’t even want to be reminded of her anymore
I guess I still have hope cos she’s still alive but you,what gives you hope?
“Uhmm sir, if you feel weak I can assist you by telling Mrs Madison” I said and bowed while holding my hand together.
He opened his door and fell on his pillow. I strolled out and locked the door.
I walked down to the diner and tried walking to the kitchen but the woman kept a chair for me to sit so I sat beside Jeremy.
He looked into my eye and whispered
“What made you cry?”
I smiled and stupidly smiled out tears as I leaned in and whispered
“I nothing”I said
He smiled.
“So what did you cook for yourself?”the woman asked me
“Huh!,no..am fine”I said
“I am cooking for you already” she said.
“Oh kuma`wo”I said and sat back.
I looked at the 3 of them.
“So can you cook uhm Ddukbokki?”Evan asked.
” what about uhm Seolleongtang?” Jace asked
” uh huh!,ok what about Sundubu-jjigae?” Jeremy asked
“Miss Madison we found another cook” jace shouted
“Good cos am traveling very soon,”she said.
They smiled.
Soon they walked to their room so I headed over to Bryans room for my tray.
I knocked for a while and opened the door.
He was drying his hair while walking out of the shower.
He wrapped a white towel round his waist but stil wore like 3 diamond rings on the finger drying his hair..
Finally He removed the towel from his face.
He saw me and carefully dropped the towel.
He picked his phone and used the other hand to place my tray in my hand.
He walked past me while carefully making sure his body didn’t touch my own.. it’s not like I have an infection right?
it hurts when people avoid my body touching them cos when I was growing other kids always did that to me because of these cane marks my dad inflicted on me so I formed the habbit of not wearing sleeveless ever and the avoidance reduced.
thank God he never saw my skin if he did he might never look my way again,since he is already avoiding me so much.
Am glad Jeremy and the others are kind to me.
I carried my tray and walked out.
There is school tomorrow after that I need to go and retire from all my jobs. Then I need to visit rose. I pray Kim nana or zaina never finds out that I work here.
It pains when they bully me,i just want to work and live.
They guys they are jealous about are people who can never actually like me that way.
Average boys didn’t fall for me not to talk of idols.
So nana and zaina I wish you could just leave me alone.
I don’t want those kind of things anyways.
Oh my,i also need to visit dad tomorrow.. He might think am a careless daughter.
i carried the plate.
I walked out and opened it, i felt like beating him.
Is this how you eat?
only the meat,fish,chic–
He didn’t even touch the leaves
I collected his spoon and continued from where he stopped.
How can you waste food like this.
I walked into the kitchen and started washing plates.
Sora walked in to sweep the kitchen.
“Did Bryan really eat that?”she asked.
“Yes unnie”I said.
“He must have thought it was Mrs Madison’s cooking”she said.
“Where is mrs Madison?”i asked.
“She is in her room, crying over an old picture.
I heard her crying once before and i opened her door;she was crying over a picture”.
“Too sad….I will check on her “i said.
Sora walked out and returned with a cup of wine in a tray.
“Give This to Bryan downstairs. when u return remove the cooks robe,I need wash it….then U can check on her”she said and I nodded.
I rushed out.
Bryan walked out of the pool quietly..
He sat down and i bowed.
I tried handing him the cup when I saw nana coming.
Whaaaaaaaat!!… oh no God
She looked hot and sexy,
Is she coming to seduce to someone.
Oh no! she can find out my identity
She Wil tell zaina too.
What do i —
Finally she moved closer and looked at me as I handed bryan the cup.
” bryan what Is she doing here? is she a cook”nana asked.
Bryan rolled up his eye and looked at me.

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