( Odeya )
I need him to be there on the day of my show,am doing my first single and i need to keep looking at his face.
Am the toppest female idol right now in this part of the world.it would have been Lenora but she is not from Korea. She just learnt our language because she gets invited over here alot.
I know Bryan won’t come if I invite him so my dad will invite him not as a guest but as an idol.He won’t be able to deny that invitation I just want to see him there.and I also wanted to see him today so I guess good planing.
My dad is also my manager,so cool and also so not cool.
He Is actually very young cos am the only kid and he gave birth to me pretty early.
I looked out my room window and there he sat with my dad.
” so uhmmm you guys will Be there?”my dad asked.
Bryan hesitated for a while and nodded.
“Until then” he said and stood up.
“Ok…it was nice” my dad said and Bryan stood up..
I rushed down.. and i was fast enough to meet him at his car.He wore a white tracksuit then a white slipper.I love him in all colours.he looked pretty seductive.
” bryan” I said and hugged him tight..he didn’t touch me until I finally let go.I brushed my fingers into his hair
” Bryan Its enough,stop please. you punished me enough, Am sorry..forgive me please”I said.. while holding his top softly.
He looked at my half cut which I wore with a red short just below my hip.
‘ its snowing and you are not properly dressed,get inside ..u have cold” he said and I hugged him again.
” Bryan,truthfully..”I looked in his face” dont you love me anymore? Even the smallest feeling or desire, do you really not feel anything for me? huh?”I asked.
He tried moving so I trapped him into my arms and locked it to the car.
“Bryan just tell Me,tell me so I know what am doing please” I said.
“If I tell you the truth,will you stay away?”he asked
I felt like I already l knew what he wanted to say,i couldn’t bear to hear him say it so I let go if him and ran into our house …I heard him try calling me but he didn’t complete the statement instead he walked into his car and drove off.
I walked into my room
Better love me now,i dont have plans of giving up on you.
I won’t give up on you
I won’t stop until I get you back
I know I played with you but I always loved you.
I Hurt you too much, sorry! isnt sorry enough.
You can’t leave Mr Bryan,my friends can’t laugh at me.
I walked over to my room and tried opening the door but it was so difficult.I deeped my badge into my pocket and tried pushing it but it was hard.
“Unnie!! Sora” I shouted and she walked out.
” why is the door so difficult?”I asked
“Well it’s like that if it is locked with force,it seems I locked it with force”she said
“So what next?” I asked
“Come to my room,let the door rest”she said and dragged me down.
I followed her and that was when the idol’s came back.
Oh my gosh,so hot.
Jeremy wore a black and white tracksuit with a white slipper
Jace wore a red tracksuit with a black slipper
And Evan wore blue with a blue slipper. Wow they looked so expensive and they held their bottled water which looked so cold.
“Too much water…it’s worsening the hunger syndrome”jace said and Evan chuckled.
As they fell on the chair
Jeremy Tucked his hair behind his ear as he sat Down and poured himself a glass of wine.
Awwwwn he has such attitude and style.
All of them.
Seeing him here makes me wonder if he was really the one who was my friend.
” what do you think nana’s dad wants to tell Bryan?”Jeremy asked.
“Marry my daughter”jace said as he dropped his slipper.
“Crazy” Evan said and picked his phone.
” i even heard we got a new assistant” jace said
“..the first one was useless,cook useless, now another useless one double uselessness” Evan added.
Jeremy smiled” did she already arrive?”Jeremy said as they all looked back
Sora dragged my hand and we both bowed.
“Welcome young masters”she shouted.
I lifted my face and their mouths opened and closed out of shock as Sora dragged me closer to them. She dropped me in their face so I could introduce myself then she rushed into her room.
“Good day uhmm my name is–
“Political money?”evan said.
“Gosh! its really her”jace added.
Jeremy smiled and lifted his leg to the chair.
“But how did she get into dream high?” Jace asked.
” secondly guys, we just lost that bet” evan said.
” i cant believe jeremy,so you knew she was a commoner and we entered that stupid bet” Evan said and threw money at Jeremy.
Jeremy smiled and looked at me that was when he whispered “hy”
I smiled and he concentrated on his phone.
“Guys i didn’t know she was a commoner,i found out after the bet”Jeremy said.
” so how did you convince them that you were political money?”Evan asked
“Secondly how Did you get into dreame high school?”jace said.
“Me?”I said
“No me”jace added
“Oh”I took a deep breath
” uhmmm I never said I was political money,they students assumed that when the saw me.
It was Haleys dad that gave me admission so they assumed I was related to Haley since Haley is political money
Uhmmm I am a commoner,my dad is retired because he has a wound on his leg and my mom well I don’t know where she is.
Uhmm I live with my step mom.am not embarrassed of who I am and i had no intention to lie that was why I preferred to run instead of lying.
It’s just that they bullied people too much at school so I didn’t know what to say anymore but I never lied I don’t even know how lie.
I worked alot of jobs jobs before and it made me fall sick.
Am really happy that I got this job so please don’t send me away
Even if you sent me away i have nowhere else to go because my dad already sent me out.
sorry for the lie I didn’t tell.
I am suppose to work as an assistant
I will assist you in anyway I can..promise!
Please have mercy upon me
And accept Me…Thank you.
I bowed
They were all speechless
Jeremy smiled into his phone.
I turned and saw Bryan coming.
My heart heated.
He was still trying to move in through the door and finally he walked in
He didn’t even look happy.
I bowed.
He looked at me for a while
“Who is she?”he asked and rolled his eye at jeremy
“Me?”I said..and he finally looked at me.

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