( Odeya )
We headed to s-s-quare.
Mrs Brooklyn was already seated.
As well as 4 trusted indoor members of dreame.
Mr Williams was there too.
Sir edwardo wasn’t present.
We all sat down.
Odeya’s song was playing in the background.
Diego’s Secretary already carried out a fine research on odeya.
“This odeya girl;she had the voice of an angel. She Is what we need to win this competition.the
stakes are higher now and DREAME must win”Mrs brookLyn said.
“ODEYA has been found”Jennie said and displayed her picture on the projector.
“Tell me”Mrs brookLyn said.
Jennie nodded.
“19 year old south Korean teenager,she lives with her step mom and her dad.
She works 13 jobs presently. She is a student of dreame high school.She had a best friend rose and in terms of people that can influence her decision its only her dad and her step mom.no boyfriend,no mom, no close relative.
Going deeper odeya has an amazing voice just like her mom did and it was collected from her best friend that she didn’t put her all into that clip,the voice that is driving us crazy was simplest singing.”that’sall I collected.
“So Diego,what is delaying Bryan? i heard that he rejected the 5 girl list saying their voice wasn’t good enough.
What did he say about this one?”Mrs Brooklyn said.
” Well to tell the truth,am already tired of lying.
Bryan is allergic to girls,he hates girls.
all the competition we didn’t do,bryan was never sick.
I was just lying to cover up when the truth iz that he intentionally decided not to do it.”Diego said.
” this avoidance for girls is serious madam, as Bryan threatens to leave the band if we force him to sing with a girl”Jennie said
“No no no, that should be out of the book.we can’t loose Bryan.many industries are waiting to catch him, and we are still making money here.
His five years training took money from the industry and he has not even worked for us for up to five years so anything thats gonna make Bryan leave is out of the book.”Mr Williams said.
” actually it is worse than that. right now, in as much as Bryan doesnt want to sing with a girl, odeya too doesnt want to sing.
it was collected that fear has even made singing difficult for her.
her step mom and dad warned her strictly never to sing again, so even if Bryan finally gave in to sing with deya;grabbing odeya and forcing her to sing will be difficult. even if she says yes at last,her father is still her legal guardian and he can always say no or take her far away… her dad will not agree ma ” Jennie said.
“Ok this Is much more complicated than we thought. Bryan hates girls and he won’t sing with a girl.
while the girl in question has not even agreed to sing,her parents are against singing and fright is affecting her singing capability?” the research manager asked.
“Yes” Diego repiled
‘Well the case is hopeless, i don’t think dreame is going to compete”he completed.
“Ok I understand you all and I am more nature than you all.
this is a very technical matter so we have to be very tactical. It’s a matter of hearts and emotion and I know just the perfect way to solve it”Mrs brooklyn said.
” remove Bryan and replace him with Jeremy?”Jennie asked.
“Have someone wear Bryans face mask at the competition? “Diego said.
” no, we will employ odeya as an assistant in the dream mansion.
the competition is still far so with this Bryan will get used to her presence and with that closeness He will understand that women do not bite.
He will become very comfortable with her, though this is depending on her kind of nature It might be difficult or not difficult it all depends on her nature.
If she finally succeeds in getting bryan to be comfortable around her we will then tell him that she is ODEYA and viola problem solved.”mrs brook said.
“Nice but I dont think ODEYA will agreee to come to the house if she knows the main plan is to get her to sing and secondly her dad won’t give in.”I said.
“No no one will tell that,we will employ her under s-square and pay her good money.
We will also use that time in which she is winning Bryans heart to look for her mother so when the time comes her dad won’t be her only guardian
And before the competition two things will happen.
Either her mom shows up and inspires her to sing
Or she and Bryan will become best of friends and do it for themselves.
Or they fall in love and you all know love can move mountains.”Mrs brook said.
“No,love Is out of the book,Bryan is under a no dating policy we should not forget that”Mr Williams said.
“Fate will handle the rest”Mrs brook said.
We all started clapping unconsciously.
“This plan Is a secret,Bryan shouldn’t know that she is ODEYA and she came to sing,if he finds out too early he might react wrongly remember he has a hot temper.
Also odeya shouldn’t know that she is coming to sing.. if she finds out too early she might run away because of fear of her dad.
We have to let everything happen naturally,The truth will come out at the right time.
the competin is till far so we will give them time.
But if they don’t work out before one month to the competition, we will have no choice but to use our last option.Remove Bryan and Jeremy takes over..he is too good to lose but dreame can’t loose this competition.”mrs brook said.
“Ok madam
“We are in.
Meeting ended and I headed home.
ODEYA welcome to the dreame mansion.
I can’t wait to see you
Lucky you…you will see your crush every day.
I know you will win Bryan’s heart deya..you will do it in no time.
Better win his heart baby, your future depends on bryan accepting you and u accepting him.
He is surely going to be difficult at first but I pray you never give up on him being your friend.
You are sweet and kind,u can do it.
Bryan give another girl a chance to be your friend.
Her bright future depends on you but u don’t even know.
I walked into the living room.
Have and Evan where on the couch.
For now I better not tell them yet.
Gosh I miss our cook..I just got hungry.
She never stayed this long away.
I sat down
“Who else is missing Mrs Madison”I said
“I miss her so much,that her assistant cook can’t cook”jace said.
“I miss her”Evan added.
She has been our cook for long but she keeps traveling.
I don’t know what she keeps searching for but She says she would stop traveling when she finds it.
She’s a a pretty woman and her only child is missing according to her.
I guess that’s who she keeps traveling to look for.
Mrs Madison Blake, she is even closer to Bryan than sir Edwardo’s wife.
Bryan doesnt eat what anybody cooks but he sure eats her food.
Right from a little age, she sang for him and advised him so much against suicide. even when he traveled for training he kept calling to talk to her.
We all love her, I last we saw her was last 3 months.
The assistant cook walked out with tray.
“Young masters, your food is ready”she said
Everybody started coughing.
” No we are full”I said.
“We ate In our dreams”Evan added.
I laughed out
She bowed and took the food away.
Bryan walked out with a song book he placed it on the table.
” so guys, this is the song we are doing at the live show in Miami” he said
“Nice..isn’t this the flame song?”jace asked
“Yes it is, so lets —-
“Is this flame, spell flame or is it –“Evan stuttered but Bryan interupted.
” it’s flame ..flame Ok!!! Good so let’s practice the sides of the —” Bryan tried completing the statement but jace started again.
“Wait!! is this water? spell water “jace said.
Bryan finished the glass of water on the table and slapped his forehead..he was already looking sick.
“Its water, w a t e r. Or should I rewrite it?”bryan asked.
“Yes I couldn’t see well”jace said.
“Me too”Evan said.
Bryan started rewriting.
He doesn’t know that they are doing this to him on purpose.
He likes staying alone so this is the only way they can steal his time.
They have done this to him so many times still He doesn’t understand.
Staying alone has mastered him,look how he is sweating Staying here is already making him feel sick..what introvercy.
He rewrote everything.
” here,here. I rewrote everything!! water, fire flame, roses, me, you—— are you guys even listening to me” he asked
I chuckled.
“Yes water,spell fire, spell it”Evan said
Bryan scattered his hair in frustration for a while.
He suddenly looked sick.
He licked his lip and took a deep breath.
“This is fire,fire fire huh!! F I R E fire”he said.
“Oooooooooohh so now we understand, spell roses”jace said.
Bryan used the pillow to cover his face.
He removed it and ran into his room..he will still come back,he is a group leader.

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