( Odeya )
“Bryan its not mine,i have never seen it before what’s going on?”i asked.. while taking his hand into mine.
He tried leaving
“Bryan dont go”i said
he came back
“Nana I am done,we hadn’t broke up right..ok fine! Its over” he said
I locked the door
“what else do u want,u already broke me into pieces so let me go now”he said.
“Bryan what did i do that’s so difficult to forgive huh,it was just one mistake that everybody makes..we had been dating for two years now! Isn’t that anything to you?”i asked.
“Mistake everbody makes? Come on i dont even want to open our past diary right now. We dated for two years? Nana i dated you for 8months then i dated myself for the remaining months that made up that two years.We were so perfect but your pride ruined us.”he said.
“Bryan am sorry that i left,i was childish and proud but why didnt you follow me,i didn’t eat for one month I was waiting for you but you didn’t come”I said.
” Am leaving.am Done.its over.I won’t come back this time.I don’t even know how to love u anymore.
if possible let’s not see each other again” he said, And walked out.
I fell on my bed
But who owns that necklace.
Bryan is not comfortable around girls.
When the duet competition gets closer
When the heat gets hotter
He will have no choice but to choose the only girl he is comfortable with and that’s nana
He will say it’s just one song.
But after one month of writting songs together
Practicing together
Singing and spending time together.
He will surely come back to me
He will spin back into my arms.
That’s where I am holding you my love.
I know girls make him want to throw up so he can’t even force himself to sing with a girl.
Unless– who owns that necklace?
I hope u don’t have a nice voice
U can’t come and ruin my plans.
But it’s obvious he is still searching for her.
I need to find her first,I need to find that girl.
I picked my call,it was Ian.oh gosh!! You are reason why I lost my baby so let me be.
I am not sleeping with you again I already did it alot when I traveled.
It didn’t work,we couldn’t connect. So I want Bryan back.Ian is so bad at everything,roma
nce,spending,even in bed gosh.but he is too proud he won’t beg me if I get angry.
Bryan was perfect but he still begged me.he wasn’t proud.
Bryan’s pov
I headed home and rushed into my room.
I fell on the bed.
I feel so sick.
At last it wasnt nana.
Only two girls in the world I can stay with and not throw up.
Nana and you.
I choose you,i never want to see Kim nana again.
I know you don’t want me to find you so I won’t force it.
I just have a feeling that you will surely show up before the competition.
Better show up before then if not things might get really difficult for me.
Thank you for saving Me.
And as it stands now you are the only woman I want to and can sing with.
You are my hope for singing in that competition.
Better show up … I don’t want to ever consider nana.
I know u will show up before then
I feel it so strongly.
I swear I feel so sick, i need to travel.
I need a vacation to relieve stress.
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Jeremy’s pov.
1 day later.
Bryan traveled,i just got a call right now that he fell sick over there.
He is good at leaving whenever he has a lot on his mind..don’t know where he learnt that style.
If he doesn’t travel he would go to his own personal house.
going to school is going to be so boring today for Jeremy.
I walked into the school compound.
I need someone who is going to make my day
Where is deya?
I walked past Bryans secret place and i saw a girl sitting there.that hair? Is it deya or nana..or is it min ah
I rushed in and it was her.
” anyo`ha`seyo whippet!!” I shouted laughing.
she stood up and bowed.
“Oh oppa”she said
I sat beside her
“Are you waiting for Bryan?”i asked
“No,he’s not really my friend”she said
I nodded
“How old are you anyway?”i asked
“Ahhh 19″she raised her fingers up cutely
“So cute, baby” I touched her hair playfully and and she laughed.
“Sooo uhmm do you have a boyfriend?”i asked playfully
She used both hands to cover her mouth making me laugh
“What!! did I say something wrong?”i whispered and she nodded.
I smiled..
She suddenly looked sad..
Is she Trying to tell me to stop talking to her
“Are you okay?”i asked.
” am fine but that person, is he okay?” She asked
“Who,”i asked
“Ahhh never mind” she said
“Bryan?”i asked
She nodded
“No he’s sick,he traveled but I got a call that he’s sick few minutes ago”I said
“Did he travel far?”she asked
“No..he should be in his main house or he traveled nearby”I said
“Who is going to take good care of him since he’s sick?”she said.
“Ahhh he doesn’t like being taken care of”I added
“But is it–
“That person,do you like him?”i asked
“What!!” She exclaimed
“Bryan,do you have feelings for him?.”I questioned openly.
She rolled her eye up at my face
I chuckled”tell me” i said.
I don’t really know”she said.
“There is bryan coming” I said and she hastily stood up to look.
She was already pressing into her fingers.
She looked but couldn’t see him
The look in her eye got so different.
Is She’s falling for him or is it a mere crush
” where?”she asked
“It was a prank”I said and she smiled.
Her phone rang, work I guess.
“Oopa bye”she said
I nodded
She ran off.
I headed off to s-square
I was so busy in sir Edwardo’s office.
This search for that odeya girl is not really getting easier.
We had to keep tabs on the registrar in case anybody came to register the song.
We saved the song with mystery Angel.
I watched from the window when a cute girl came over.
She wore a hair warmer.
Rabbit design
So crazy.
I concentrated on sir edwardo and I watched her leave.
That was when the registrar tried calling her back but it was just too late.
He called me on phone so I walked out
“Tell me”I said
” sir I was carried away,she just registered that dreame song with the name rose”he said
“Seems she’s the mystery Angel.”he said.
” which of the girls?”i asked.
“The cute one she already left.I was so carried away I didnt raise alarm on time.”he said.
I dropped by phone and rushed out.
My guards rushed out after me.
Oh God where is she
Jeez there she is.
I waved at Her but she looked around in shock
” miss rose, just stop!!” I shouted.
She looked around
“Me?”she said
“Just stop rabbit head,quickly!!”I shouted.
The crazy girl ran away
“Please get her ” i said to my guards.
Only she can take us to the girl who sang that song.
Finally I saw them bringing her over.
She was shouting for straight out 1 hour because she saw an idol.
I got embarrassing so I dragged her into my car and locked the car door.
” oppa you are so cute. am so lucky,,oh my!!”she said
I can’t belive that made me laugh.
“Well rose right?”i said
“Yes” she repiled
“That song you went to register,did you sing it ,”i asked
“No it was my friend.”She said
“Who is she?”..
“She doesn’t wany to sing, she’s not allowed to sing..if I tell you her identity she might feel bad.” She said
“I won’t force her to sing,i won’t expose the fact that she sang on the Clip, so her family Wont harm her.I just really want to know who she is” I said
“ODEYA”she said
“ODEYA?, do you have her picture
“Yes sure” she said and brought out her phone.
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