Dream – part 15



I wiped my tears and leaned on the wall to wait for him.
Lydia sent me a text..oh no!!
i better leave,am even scared of Bryan finding me out.

I ran away from the back side and headed home.I don’t know what happened next with Bryan.I met kira outside
“ODEYA will you attend this years glamour camp?”she asked
“Why am I even asking its totally compulsory”..
” is it free?”i asked
“No each family sponsor’s the camp with 1million–
“What! what! what!”..
“Why are you shouting..registration will soon start..this year’s camp is so gonna be fun I can’t wait to see Bryan everyday.” She said
“Oh gosh..nana evicted you and you are still crushing on Bryan?”i asked
” Why not,he is not a toy she can keep in her closest the way she wants,she’s just proud because —
“Because of what?
“Never mind Hon”she said.
” bye.”

I ran away and ran into Jeremy.. he was alone but one guard followed him.he held his car key its obvious he was trying to get to his car.I didn’t just run into him my body also fell into his.
” Ouch my stomach!”he shouted
“Sorry sorry”I said
“whippet?”he said
“No my name is odeya,odeya Blake.”I said.
“ODEYA ODEYA ODEYA– wait do you sing?”He asked
“That’s weird I can’t sing,”I said laughing
“Ok I won’t call you whippet again instead I will call you odeya.”he said
I smiled and nodded
“Where are you going to?”he asked looking around
“Home”I said.
“Ok bye”..
I watched him walk away then I headed home.

💔 Bryan’s pov.💔
My relationship with Kim nana was very pathetic.I loved her like a fool.Everything nana did to me wounded my heart And I still forgave her because I loved like a fool.was it the cheating,fakeness,lies,her jealousy and obsession even when she was the one fucking up.who should be jealous?
But i loved her with all my heart because she was the first and only woman I ever knew.

She too knew I will keep forgiving her that’s why she’s so proud,she’s so proud cos she knows I cant stop loving her so she kept lieing and getting worse.

But after what nana did at that Camp last year or should i say last 7 months I decided to stop being the fool for love.

Nana begged me but you see she didn’t even beg enough because she still has that belive, that pride that I am still wrapped round her fingers,
That I will Still come and beg her,that I can never stop loving her so nana traveled.

this time, I decided to not forgive her.I decided not to be the fool anymore…i still love her yes but I dont want to love nana anynore..so I didn’t forgive her.

Everything nana did made me hate women, she made me hate human beings totally.she turned me into this …this person because every girl I see reminds Me of nana.

It was so difficult to move on,being a loner made it difficult to let go of nana totally from my heart because there is no one else.
it was only her ,friend, lover, sister.
But I decided to let go this time around,i forced myself to move on from nana and never go back.
I want to prove her wrong,
I want her to stop thinking that am hers forever…that I can’t leave her..that I will always come back.am not a toy nana can’t keep me in her closest forever..So I didn’t beg nana.i let her travel.
i lived with the pain and all I can think about everyday is her and the things she did.
My hatred for girls kept growing to its peak because each time I see a girl all I think of is nana cos she’s the only girl I ever really knew.. i find it hard to like or even accept a female friend.
Am so scared of becoming that fool for love again and going through the same kind of pain twice..

After the last competition I ran away from because of a female partner, sir edwardo was really mad at me for loosing. so I decided to change I forced myself to start liking girls and that was when I realised what I did to myself..I can’t like them anymore..not even as a friend.
I can’t cope anymore..it’s no longer intentional its just happening.
We missed that competition and 2 more.now this one is here.
I suddenly wished I had a female friend who has a nice voice but i don’t.I suddenly wished I could like girls but I can’t.thoughts of failing sir edwardo again filled my heart.

Why can’t a girl come to my mind? why am I not comfortable with any other girl,must It only be Kim nana? am I really wrapped around her fingers? will I fail sir edwardo again? I thought about this morning and night.

I almost committed suicide when it rang on me that I might really be wrapped around nana’s fingers.

That I won’t ever accept another woman if not nana.

That it will always be nana and i won’t stop being a fool for love.

That no matter how far I run I will never move on.that I will still go back and sing with nana since she’s the only girl am comfortable with

That I will keep avoiding women and disappointing sir edwardo.

That I Will always be like this.

These thoughts made me want suicide.

But you changed all that.I lifted the necklace.
You changed me without even knowing.
You answered my prayers but I dont know u.

I don’t know u but u are the first girl i am comfortable with.

U Dont know how happy i am,i feel like shouting to the whole world because u also have a nice voice too.

I finally accepted a girl and she has a nice voice too.
only she is the anwser to 40 of my prayers.

For the first time I thought about another girl who is not nana
For the first time another female picture came into my mind
For the first time thinking about a girl made me smile.

And lucky for me the same girl has a nice voice so my wish came true and i will sing with her.I Wont disappoint dad anymore.

Finally another girl came to my empty mind and its not nana.I finally proved her wrong..am not her property.

I can’t wait to find out who you are because only you are the solution to all my problems..Whoever you are.

Am going to s-quare tommorow with rose so we can register the song with her name before its too late.
It’s evening already and i am done with all my duty.I won’t go to school tommorow Lydia already gave me too much work but I will surely check up on bryan.I mastered the time he uses to come to that secret place so I will go over there and collect my necklace from him. if he gets mad at me I will apologise and stay away from him but my necklace shouldn’t be far from me anymore.

I fell to my bed..i feel so cold what a weather. I used a blanket to cover myself then I switched of the light.
Jeez what did i just imagine..odeya when did you start having dirty… ahhh noo.
I cover my mind with the blood of Jesus.
I covered my body well.

Next day.
I finished everything Lydia sent me to do so I headed off to dreame high. I need to collect my necklace from Bryan and also check on him.

🎤Jeremy’s pov🎤

I kept rolling on my bed jeez,
Today’s weather makes it so difficult to go to school what a sweet weather.
Someone knocked on my room door i opened and it was Evan.
“Tell me”I said
“Your girlfriend is here”he said.
“Fuck!!! zaina is not my girlfriend”I said
“Are u saying that in this weather?”he asked
I chuckled
“Send her up.

I poured myself a glass of wine and she walked in looking sexy as always.
She wore a black gown..no hand..hot🍷
she’s very pretty but her manners noo.
“Jeremy” she said and moved closer to me with her hands crossed.
I dropped the glass and fell on my pillow
“The reason why you came..say it”I said and arranged my pillow.
She sat comfortably on the bed.
“I want to be your girlfriend Jeremy, is that so difficult?
“Zaina”I said
“I love you,I always told you that but u don’t really care.
I know am stubborn and childish,fine!! I will change.
but each time I see you with odeya you keep hurting me Wont you stop talking to her?”she said.
” I wish I could stop hurting you,but I dont really like you like that. i mean it’s not that–
She kissed me.
i chuckled against her lips because that kiss was funny.
I withdrew from her.
“Zaina do you really want us to this again..I mean it’s not going to change anything cos I dont really see you that way and i don’t want a relationship right now. it’s not only about you.” I said
“But you like deya.. you see a future with her right?”she added
I stood up from the bed and picked my towel
“If you are hungry I think the cook just served downstairs, just avoid getting close to Bryan.”I said and locked the shower door.
Having sex with zaina is a mistake I Wont repeat again, not even in this weather jeez..what a cold.
I Pity people like jace and Bryan who actually have cold.
They better not go out today, infact their managers wont let them go out before the fall sick.
I hurried down and zaina already left.I sat down at the dinner when bryan walked out.
He was replying a text in his phone; I guess a text from his manager who just walked in. bryan almost fell in shock

“Diego, what are you doing here? you said you were at the gym”Bryan asked him.
” Bryan you just texted me now that you are in your bed sleeping”Diego said in shock.
“No I didn’t..it was my phone”bryan said and scratched his hair
I smiled
“Where are you going to? this weather is not–“…
Bryan ran away He almost caught him but bryan was fast enough.
I think Bryan is closer to Diego than mr edwardo..maybe because Diego become his manager when he was 13 and they spent more time together than sir edwardo.
the question is where is Bryan going too?
What could be more important than his health in this cold weather?

“How I wish its a woman”Diego said and grabbed a chair, he poured himself a cup of tea.
“I wish its a woman that has a nice voice…that would save us all”I said and lifted my cup of tea.
“Could bryan be dating,”jace asked
“Impossible,” Diego said.
“I know what Bryan went out to do”Evan said.
“What”I asked
” come on, cold shaf***”he said and we all laughed
“Who used the sexual word”Diego asked
“Evan”jace said
“Jeremy”Evan said
“Jace”I said
“It was evan”jace said.
“Jeremy”Evan said.
Diego starRed laughing

Bryans pov.
I hope it doesn’t rain..I don’t want to fall sick.
Finally I arrived at my secret sweetheart as i call this place.
God!! I hope she comes today,i really just want you so badly,i need your help.I want to know who you are first.
Intact I won’t wait here she might see me from far.
I will wait upstairs, that way I will catch her when she comes up.
I really just want to know who you are that’s all..stop running please make it easier for me.

Hours later
I got tired of waiting so I decided to go down. I was using the stair when I felt someone coming up so I hastily ran down and…………
Its her🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃
I really can’t believe my —
“It was all You😭” where the words that escaped my mouth. What kind of fate is this..
I hastily rushed out and ran past her she dragged me back she was already shedding tears.
“Bryan am sorry ..I am still apologizing even now.”Nana said
“Nana was It you,why did it have to be you?”i asked her.
“Bryan wait”she said
” when will you let me go? what did i do? am i the first to fall in love?” I asked in tears.
“Bryan please …I still love you”she said
“But I don’t want you .. i dont want to love you anymore.I was happy when I thought that finally–
“Finally what

I hastily ran away
“Bryan!! “She shouted

I was so happy that finally I thought of another girl.

Finally I will sing with a girl I feel comfortable with and she’s not nana.

Finally I am not a fool for love and i can actually have a life aside from nana.

But I was so stupid it was all nana
It’s still nana
I might actually commit suicide this time.
Why couldnt it be anybody else.

I was so stupid, only Kim nana knows that secret place.
Only nana can have such great voice.
Only nana knows that i can’t open a bottle or a cup
Only nana knows so much and only she ever cared.
I was stupid to think it was another girl.
I was stupid to think that someone else cared.
I am still a fool, I was stupid to think I finally got a friend that’s not Kim nana.Am a fool

The lightening struck and the rain started, it was so Heavy.
No one was at school; school already ended.
I still couldnt stop my heart from paining..
The rain may be made me feel better.


Oh gosh its raining.
I just arrived at school now.
Bryan Is still at his..oh no i hope the rain won’t harm him.

I tied my hair and ran into the rain until I finally ran into someone and we both fell to the floor. It is Bryan.

He was really streaming so much tears that i got confused.
“Are you okay,what happened again?”i asked
He cried and sat on the floor then carefully moved his hair back with both hands.
I started crying.
I carefully tucked his hair behind his ear with my finger. “What happened?”i asked him as I sat on the floor
He lifted his face and smiled out tears.
“If I …. if i tell you am not okay, can you help me? “he said and more tears streamed down.
“No …it will be all right..I promise”I said.
“No ..u dont understand.it will never be all right,am never alright ” he said making me cry the more..
I was now crying more than him

What happened?

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