( Odeya )
I was fixing it back when I realised I pressed the red button mistakenly..oh no!!
I heard footsteps coming closer..I ran away forgetting that i was with his earing.
I ran back into the show and dragged Hana as well as rose so we could go home.Hana saw the diamond earing
“Jesus,is this yours?”she asked
“Bryan,i will return it tommorrow”I said
“You were with Bryan?”she asked
“Yes he was weak and intoxicated.”I said
“Did you steal a kiss?”she asked
I started laughing
“If it was me I would have stollen a kiss…. those pure pink lips jeez” she said
“Hans you are crazy”i said
We all laughed
“Is he okay now?”rose asked
‘I don’t know, I guess”I said
We all headed home and luckily I didn’t run into lydia.
I snuck into my bed that was when I realised that my necklace was missing.
I searched and searched but I couldn’t just see it…i slept off.
Early the next morning i headed off to school. everywhere was so quiet..
I met kira
“Hey deya”she said
“Hy”I added.
“Welcome”she said.
“Why is every quiet?”i asked.
“The news of what happened to Bryan just came out”she said.
“Sir edwardo already found the boy and another news came out that Bryan kiled his elder brother” she said.
“He has a bad bed temper so I think it’s possible..I know he is my crush so I took time to get to know him better..he has a bad temper even at home they rarely get on his nerves.”she said.
“Kids Bryan didn’t kill that boys brother, everyone knows that its not true. he has temper? yes!! but he can’t kill a person he doesn’t look like a killer”min ah said.
“Killers actually have the most sexiest looks” min ah’s teammate said joining is
I got confused…Bryan killer..how..no its not possible.
After class I strolled down to the lonely road wondering if I dropped my necklace when went to switch off the tap.
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Bryans pov
I lay on my bed and lifted the necklace… who is she..I was too intoxicated to see her clearly but I know for sure that its the same girl.if nothing else its still the same hair.
I don’t know who you are but I cant wait to find out.
It’s all you,the same girl.
The same girl who found my jotter and thought me how to open the milk shake cup.. shes the only girl who knows that sectret liar. the same girl bought me a drink and closed the tap when water almost blinded Me.. its her.
the same girl also saved my life yesterday night..I know it’s her though am not really sure.
My diamond stonned earing is missing, if its her I know she would drop it at that secret place for me.
That’s why am going there now,i have two reasons for going to school.
I want to find the paper where I wrote the other song and secondly I want to confirm if my imagination was right..if it’s really one person.
I opened my door and sir edwardo’s wife was already there
‘Mum”I said.
She knocked my head..ouch that pained.
“Why did you lock yourself in there how will your team-mates know if you are okay or sick?”she said
“I don’t want them to know that…am better off when no one cares”i said and rushed out.
“Your mum”she said making me pause”your mum,can’t I ever replace her even if it’s in the smallest way..can’t you at least let me love you the way I always wanted”she said
” am really late”I said
“What about this?”she said lifting a bag of food
I opened my door wider then I sat on my bed and watched her fill my fridge or should i say Evan’s fridge cos my key will soon go missing.soon she was done she dragged me up and hugged me tight.I almost even forgot how to hug somebody. She let go because she was leaving
“Eat well okay”she said
“Dont lock yourself inside ok
“Drink alot of water and don’t get into fights ok
“I added a lot of meat
“I love you
She got to the door and waved
“I love– i– i am really late right now…bye” I said and picked my bag then I rushed out.
I headed off to dreame high school.
Soon my driver arrived at my secret building.I walked in and before I could sit down I already saw my earing on the chair with a cup of milk shake.I was right,it was all one person.it’s all one person.
Am running mad softly because I never saw her face.
but I know she has amazing hair. I guess we are not destined meet, maybe meeting will ruin us so just continue being my secret Angel and i will continue thinking of who u are.I kept her necklace in my phone case and picked my earing.I rembered my song and started looking around for the paper.
I came to drop Bryans earing for him but I was surprised when I saw him coming so I carefully placed the earing on that chair and ran up here.
I need him to leave so I can go,he said we shouldn’t meet again I need to stop runing into him so I would stop getting him mad.
I watched him drop my necklace in his phone pack.
Am glad that at least he is with it so it is safe.I wonder what he is looking for?
He finally picked it up and it was ruined.. it was a paper and the paper was ruined by the rain. it’s the paper where he wrote that first song.
oh no!! Maybe that was his only record.his expression changed and it was so painful.
He threw it away and picked his guitar..he carefully cleared his throat.
“one more chance,..was it –no one more night came first..am dead” he said to himself and deeped his finger into his hair.
seems he forgot that song.
He cleared his throat again and tried singing but he couldn’t get the rhythm so he angrily threw away his jotter.
” too bad..i lost the song “he said to himself.
I decided to make you happy anytime I can,i guess I will just remind you of the song u forgot.
He dropped the guitar and tried standing up when I sang out one line.
one more chance, baby one more night ” I sang in my simplest voice.
Bryan picked his jotter,he didn’t bother to look around for me seems he knows I will run away if he tries that.
“Please..continue “he said.
I smiled
” I beg you……let me in.
“all I need is one last dance, baby one last song .
“with you…… that’s my dream come true.
I stopped,that’s enough for him to find the rythym.
BRYAN hastily dropped his jotter and rushed up after me. i tried Runing away but he saw my hair from the opening and he said..
‘Please don’t go away,please dont leave like you always did” he said making me freeze where I stood.
Won’t you be disappointed when you know who it is,its the girl you hate,i poured you coffee,u said we should never meet again.right now u said I should wait for you Wont you get mad at me
…am really scared of getting you angry because you know my identify
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