( Odeya )
I hastily turned over with my face on the road…so he Wont get a clear sight,thanks to the dirt that covered my face partly
“Am fine” I shouted”no need for treatment” I said .
I signaled rose so all of them stood up
“Sir she’s fine”rose said
“Shes okay”Hana said
“Shes strong like Rock”Rachel said
” more powerful than a lion” Michelle said
“Unbreakable like a —
“Ok” Bryan’s guard said.
Bryan walked out.I watched bryan rush into his car..a little girl in school uniform was busy laughing in the car.
I rolled on the road for hours as I thought about my stupid life ..I hate my life!
” ODEYA the manager will soon come”rose said
I hastily stood up and picked my broom..
We all started sweeping and laughing.
Soon that was over.
My phone rang
“Lydia!”I said
“ODEYA is my store open?”she asked
“Yes, no,Sorry!” I shouted as I dragged roses and hanas hand and we ran away.
I concentrated on the shops while rose helped me do my duty in Haley house.
Hana did my duty in pause for pizza and also cleaned some chairs in Mark a movie.
Soon We all headed home, today is my resting day.
I headed over to roses house as Hans went to anwser her granny.
I and rose, we both ran into the shower where we bathed and i wore her nightgown and fell on the bed She fell on top of me.
Hans walked in minutes later
“Why do u look dull?”I asked
“My granny is sick and I already collected/used the money for that work “she said.
“The pool house cleaning?”I asked
“Yes but I can’t do it cause am grandma rose is gravely ill and we are traveling, but the work is tommorow” she said.
“Is it Much?”I asked.
“No, some first grade students
Littered the guest presidential pool house of the school , so I need to clean it..the floor not the water..water is clean”she said.
“Ok… DREAME high right?’I asked
“Yes” she said.
“Ok,I will help you”I Said.
She hugged me and rushed out.
“ODEYA what if you get seen?”rose said.
” No, the presidential pool house is not meant for students, and its very far from school”I said
Rose noded and rested on me
Hans left.I will help her because she helps me too.
” ODEYA!”rose said
“Yes!”I said
“Sorry”she said
“Why”I asked
“Everything that makes you sad”she said.
I smiled and wrapped my arms around her.
Gosh I can’t beliveve jeremy could do that to me. I walked into our pool house..we live together,we are a band.nana’s Dad Is the owner of this band right now so she can remove and recruit.
I rushed into the pool house and nana walked out of the water.kira and Bella where playing chess by the bench side.I angrily walked towards nana.
” nana i need you to help me teach some girl a lesson” I said
“Do it yourself”she said
“I can’t , Jeremy is standing up for her,u know I can’t challenge him because I love him, but you can..come on” I said
“Why is Jeremy standing up for her?” She asked
” he even ignored me and walked out on me with her,nana how could he do this after everything we shared.”I said
She smiled and picked her towel
“U didn’t share anything it was just sex”she said walking out.
I followed her…am actually the closest to her,we keep each others secret stuffs.
She sat on the couch and i stood facing her
” what do u mean just sex,
U mean he doesn’t like me”I said
“I never said that,Jeremy might like you but don’t try to hold him down with that one time sex stuff..you are not pregnant,you are not 12,you obviously were not a virgin and he didn’t make any promises…you guys were doing your music video, you where taking a break in a room,you got attracted to each other and you consummated the moment.it doesn’t mean his your boyfriend zee.”she said
” what about you and Bryan, isn’t almo–
“What I and Bryan shared was different “she said.
“This new girl is also interested in Bryan”I said
‘Yes..she even had to keep sitting close to him all the time ..she is trying to seduce him with her pretty looks so just help me kick her out nana”I said
“So she is trying to get Bryans attention?”nana asked
“Everyday” I said
“Come on,that’s a lie zee” min ah said waking in.she and nana hugged each other…they are friends.
“Min ah,did you get–
“I DiD” ..min ah handed her a bag.
“Ok…so this new girl, is she really after Bryan?”nana asked
“Come on,..if she was I would tell you,she’s a nice girl.Bryan sat beside her nana but he never looked at her,he doesn’t look at any girl…I mean all the girls in the world are crushing but he doesn’t talk to any girl..and U know why Nana.”min ah said and Nana smiled.
“I got really scared”nana said
“Talk about a girl who is trying to get Bryans attention..I think it’s kira” min ah said
“Yes…she even made him talk to her”I said
“Yes its kira not the new girl..odeya doesnt even like Bryan so please the wrath of kim nana should not touch my new friend.”min ah said and walked out.
“Nana when will u come to school?”I asked.
“Soon”she said.
“Ok”I said
“So kira wants to get Bryan to like her?”nana asked
“Yes she does…she even calls him and sends him text messages”I said
“She must be stupid”Nana said and lifted her Phone to make a call
“Dad,I can’t work with kira any more please. I am choosing another girl.She dropped the call.
“Bryan is just mine , mine alone…in every way..he’s trapped to me “she said and rushed out.
“He was yours until u fucked up Nana,he’s free to move on but I guess he can’t move on because of his indoor nature..no friend , no partner,it was only u “I said.
” he has to come back…he too knows he can’t move on from me, he just has to forgive me because we still love each other” she wiped her tears and walked out.
****Bryan is free to move on bestie*****
Goodbye kira, oh min ah…u just ruined my opportunity to make nana an enemy to odeya shit!!
My authority is small to compare to Nana.
she can even withdraw admissions and scholarships.
everyone fears her, she is the only one who can stand-up to anyone without fear.
Now Jeremy had stopped me from bullying odeya publicly, I need an upper hand, nana must do it. I will make sure nana ruins odeya for me.
Nana will you attend this year’s glamour camp!!”I shouted as I rushed in after her.
Finally Lydia let me in and i did all my night duties.my dad was watching a movie in the parlor, this is the first time I actually sat in the living room close to him and he didn’t shout.it made me happy but Lydia looked angry when she came out
” ODEYA how much do u have in your account,”my dad asked
‘Well just–
“U need to work harder,the rent will soon be out”he said.
“Ok, I will add more jobs to my list.”I said as i looked at his injured leg which made him stop work.
“Blake, u see why I said she shouldn’t go to school..now she is growing lazy to work.
by this time last year odeya already saved up half the rent,true or false?”Lydia said
“True but–
“Shut up..school my foot.”Lydia added
I tucked my hair into my ear and used my brain to start searching for more job opportunities..
“Dont worry dad,I will work hard.”I said and walked into my room, I ironed my school uniform and slept off.
I rushed into the school compound ..min ah just rushed down from her car
“Hy good morning”she said
I smiled
“You too”I added
I looked around smiling happily.
Just then two girlfriends walked out zaina and Bella.
I thought zaina would start a fight again but she walked past me
“Did she just leave me alone?”I asked.
“She knows jereny is watching..she can’t harm u openly”min ah said.
“But where is kira,”I asked
“She was evicted for crushing on Bryan” min ah said.
“Waaaaaaaaaat!!..who does Bryan belong to?”I Said
“Nana..Kim Nana”she said I nodded
She evicted her team mate because of a man, what would she now do to a nobody,won’t she kill?.
” I don’t think Bryan came to school today”she said.
“Maybe He did..when they are upstairs no one sees them.”I said.
Soon we arrived in class.
I sat and kira sat beside me,I was shocked.
“Hy”she said
“Me?”I asked
“Sorry for everuthing,can I be your friend”she said.
“Yes..of course”I said and she smiled as we all faced the board.
Soon the history teacher walked in.
dreame by Author chidinma jerry
3 hours after class was over..school cleared fully.
I changed into my casual clothing and followed the back gate into the thick bush..then down into the other gate into the flower garden then I arrived at the presidential pool house.
God it’s so lretty,who stays here?
I started work
I hastily started picking the sachets all over the floor one by one and i pack them in a bag.
DREAME from chidels library
I suddely heard a voice
“Welcome sir Bryan,the cleaning is almost over” I was lucky to hear this because everywhere was quiet and the security man has a loud voice.
Is Bryan cloming in here?Then I am finished!!
I dived into the pool and sank sound lessly.
once he passes by I will surely run off and head home.
I felt/heard him come closer. He suddenly sat in the bench facing me.
Jeez, he is not passing..he wants me to die here..my breathing was seizing
even my cleaning eouipmets where there.
odeya just die and stop suffering
“hiding your identity as a commoner,is it worth more than your life” Bryan said calmly.
Wait he knows am—-
I hastily lifted my face up from the water in a haste and looked at him with my mouth OPEN
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