Chapter Four
Emma’s POV.
I was so regretting on agreeing to Alice about shopping. We have been here for at least four hours. My feet and legs are hurting like hell and I could just literally fall on the tiled floor.
“Alice! Just choose it…” I said while groaning and shifting from one foot to another.
I am tired as hell!
D–n! Why can’t she choose one?
“But which one?” She pouted.
She was holding two dresses. One was a red lace dress with a neckline and the other a knee-length black dress.
“Just choose any…” I groaned.
“Emma, you are supposed to help me, which you are not…” She retorted.
“Aaah… just take the red one,” I said her trying to end this wait and to rush back to home.
“Are you sure?” She said whilst taking a look at the red dress.
“Hmm…. idea! I will try both, then you can tell me which suits me the best,” She rushed into the dressing room leaving me again, hanging on to my poor tiny legs.
There was no use of me protesting. So, I waited for her until she came out with the red dress on.
“So, how do I look?”
“You look great. Now, can we go?” I said trying my best to leave.
“Emma!” She lightly yelled at me.
“Aaah, fine… It looks great. But it’s a bit loose. Don’t you think.?” I stated the truth as she takes a look in the mirror.
“Yeah. You’re right, let’s try black now.” She said while controlling her joy.
She just goes mad while shopping .
After 5 minutes of waiting, she came out.
And Wow…!
She looks breathtaking. The black dress hugging her body showed her perfect curves. It was strapless and had a black sparkling net at the bottom of it. The color bringing out her fair complexion making her look even prettier.
“So…?” She said raising her eyebrows.
“WOW! You look hot Alice. It looks awesome. I think it’s only meant for you.” I told her the truth and she grinned.
“Really!” She said with joy and rushed towards me pulling me into a hug.
“I am gonna buy it.”
She changed into her clothes, went to the cashier and paid for it.
“Now where to? Hmm…” She said while thinking as we were heading out of the shop.
What? Did I heard her right..!
“Oh, Miss! We are going home. No other stops,” I glared at her.
“What…? But I bought only 4 dresses, 2 purses, and 3 pairs of heels. That’s not enough.”
“That’s quite enough. Now let’s go,” I said while walking towards the exit.
“But we’ve been to only a few shops.”
She smiled and I just stared at her dumbfounded.
Few… She calls them few?
I swear… We have gone at least to 30
shops. And she calls it few.
What is this girl? A robot?
“Emma, look, there are plenty of other shops left which we haven’t been to,” She said while grabbing my arm trying to stop me from exiting.
“We have only been to few… say 22 shops.” She said with a sly smile.
“Oh no, miss! 30 shops! We have visited 30 shops Alice! 30! I am so tired. I don’t know if I will be able to go to work tomorrow or not. My feet are killing me and I could just die right now.” I said while stopping.
“Then let’s take some rest first. I saw a cafe on the second floor. Let’s go,” She said while dragging me.
“Okay okay!” I said while freeing my arm from her grip and straightening myself.
“You know? You are very stubborn,” I said to her.
Seriously, if there was a boy with me right now instead of her, I would have beat the s–t out of him. But I control my temper in case of my friends. I love them all.
“I know… and thanks to it, I was able to make you stay,” She replied to me by sticking out her tongue like a 5-year-old girl making me smile and shook my head at her childish behavior.
We went into the cafe and sat at a table. We ordered our favorite coffee and some cake. After a few minutes, the waitress came with our order as we dug in.
After taking a break, talking, and eating for half an hour, we continued our journey to the remaining shops. Like Alice said, she visited every shop in this mall, and I was following her like a lost torn up puppy.
By the end the of day or should I say at 11:30, she finally decided to go home and I was d–n tired. My whole body was aching and my muscles were all cramped. It was a hectic day for me.
We were already full because of eating the junk food on our way, so there was no need for dinner. We reached our apartment at midnight. I was holding at least 20 bags full of clothes, while Alice was holding 25 bags full of makeup, shoes, purses, etc.
Of those, only two bags were mine. I bought 2 dresses, a pair of black heels, and a purse only because Alice forced me too. I don’t spend much money on shopping because I want to save some for my college. The pay at the cafe is not bad, just enough to fill my needs but not enough to save some money. I put all the bags in the living room and went straight to my bedroom.
“Goodnight, Emma.”
“You too…” I murmured as I walked sleepily to my haven.
I went straight to my bed as I didn’t have the strength to change my clothes.
I was so tired! The purpose of going out wasn’t fulfilled at all. That jerk hasn’t gotten out of my mind for a single d–n minute. His piercing blue eyes never left my mind.
I could not get him out.
Who was he? And he knew my name? I don’t even remember telling him. I had never seen him before. Was he really that sexy and handsome? I didn’t pay much attention to him as I was too aggressive at that time. But I remember his blue eyes.
Hey, Emma! Snap out of it. What has gotten into you?! What are you thinking? You hate him! Just don’t forget that. It’s not like you’ll see him again. Ha…
Right. It’s not like I’ll meet him again.
I fell into a tiresome sleep. I am thinking about him never…ever…again.
to be continued…….

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