Destiny to love
Chapter Three
Edan’s POV.
I was sitting in my office trying to do work, but I just can’t seem to get her off my mind. My mind was constantly drifting to my encounter with that feisty girl. I had never been to that area of the city. It was by chance.
I was just returning from an important meeting when suddenly the car came to stop.
“What happened?” I asked my driver.
“Sir, the car tyre just punctured,” He said worriedly as I groaned.
“How much time it will take to be changed?” I asked him with a cold expression.
“S-S-Sir It may take t-thirty minutes,” He stuttered and I nodded.
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That’s when I saw a coffee shop
Café Latté. I had never been to that shop. I took out my iPhone 6 and was busy writing a message about my tardiness to an important meeting due to that stupid tyre. I was busy on my phone when I bumped into her . She fell on the floor with the cup on her head and the coffee on her clothes.
Her expression was hilarious! And I could just laugh at her but I kept my stance high and authoritative. She yelled at me, but I couldn’t seem to concentrate on what she was yelling. I was observing her face, her expressions. She was beautiful and not a bit of makeup on her face.
A girl with blonde hair rush towards her worriedly.
“Oh my God! Emma, are you alright?” She asked her with concern as she nodded.
So her name is Emma.
She was talking to that girl and I could tell from her face that she was fuming with anger.
“I am going to teach him some manners…” was all I heard her say as I smile inwardly at her behavior.
What a woman!
“So you’re going to teach me some manners?” I said to her with a smirk as soon as she made that blonde girl go in.
I remembered how I caught and held her hand when she was going to punch me. She was strong. She tried to set her hand free, but my grip was stronger.
She wanted me to say sorry.
Doesn’t she know who I am?
Every woman falls for me. They drool at the sight of me. My one look at them, and they’re in front of me on their knees. They worship me. My one snap of finger makes them get crazy for me and for my body.
I’ve never said sorry or please to anyone. Well, besides my mom and dad. ‘Cause sometimes my mom could scare the hell out of me. I love them.
My papers were scattered on the desk in front of me and I couldn’t seem to do any work because I just can’t get her off my mind.
Darn it!
I thought of her expression when I winked at her and called her by her name as a sudden smile plastered on my face. She was furious at first and then shocked. She was probably wondering how I knew her name but she didn’t know I was eavesdropping on her little conversation.
I was thinking about our little accident when something hit me.
“Miss Seville?” I said through the intercom.
“Yes, sir,” she said.
She was a one night stand too. What can I say! No one can resist me. They all yearn for me. She was indeed good in bed, but now, I don’t want anything from her. She’s here only to do her work.
“Send Mr. Daniel in my office,” I said firmly.
“OK, sir.”
I waited for him as I continued to fidget my pen in my fingers. He is the most trust-worthy employee in my company, and I can trust him in any case. He is working here for 40 years now and he has my greatest trust.
“Mr. Wilton, you asked for my presence?” He said from the other side of the door.
“Yes. Come in.”
He came in and stood in front of my desk. Her hair was already halfway to grey and he was in his 70s but still, his dedication to his work make him our best employee.
“Yes, sir. How can I help you?” He said in his manly voice.
“Mr. Daniel. I want you to investigate a girl named Emma. I don’t know her full name, but you can find out about it at a shop called Café Latté. I want every detail. Got it?” I said while looking straight into his eyes as he nodded.
“Sure, sir. I will get to it right now,” He said.
“Okay. You’re dismissed now,” I said to him and he turned around ready to leave. “Mr. Daniel?”
“Yes, sir?” He said while turning his head towards me.
“This conversation should remain between the two of us. No third person. Okay?” I said with a stern look.
“Yes, sir.” He said and then left.
I smirked at the thought of it.
It’s gonna be hell fun.
to be continued………

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