We were loaded and ready to go.
Me: Are you ready?
Rudzi: Yes I am.
As we were about to get in the car Nani appeared…She looked a mess.
Rudzi: Les can we please leave.
Me: Babe can’t you see her?
Rudzi: Am I supposed to see her?
Me: Babe come on now.She was ones your friend.
Rudzi: Thank you. At least you know that she ‘WAS’ my friend but not anymore..Can we leave
before I change my mind and become the caretaker instead of you finding someone to do so?
Me: Okay fine.
I didn’t want to push it because Rudzi is pregnant and anything can happen.She might even go far
as to accusing me of being involved with Nani.
We got in the car and we drive off.The tenants were already moving in so there was no need for us to stay around…
All the way I was busy playing would you still love me by Brian Nhira.
What if I couldn’t speak
What if I couldn’t meet
What if I couldn’t move
Would you still love me
What if my body ached
And I always made you late
What if I couldn’t wait
Would you still love me
Would you love me when it’s hard
And our lives falling apart
If the things we once knew where long gone
If our blue skies turn to grey
And my memory fades away
Would you still love me
Would you still love me
This is one of the songs I loved the moment I heard it.It reminds mostly of Mashudu because when
I was in a very tough situation,when our skies turned to grey she stopped loving me.She found an

opportunity and left me broken hearted and broke.When I was down and out she kicked me further
to the ground.There is nothing that hurts the most like when you love someone and you believe so

much in them but they turn to disappoint you… what I know is that I don’t know what the future

holds but that’s the promise I would never make,through the good and bad,happy and sad love is
a risk that Rudzi and I will take because I know through it all she will be there.She will love me and
stand by me..Through this journey I will embark it with her.She is my rib and she will always be by
my side…
Hours later
We were now at Pretoria.Rudzi was sleeping on the adjusted seat that was laid back.I was
confused on wether we should stay here or at Joburg.But i know Joburg better so why not.I

continued with the journey to Joburg.We were going to stay at Soweto
When we got there we rented a town house.I paid a rent for the whole year.I didn’t want stress of
popping out money every month.
Rudzi: This place is beautiful
Me: Wait until I show you around..
Rudzi: Right now i need a shower and a foot massage..My feet are killing me.
Me: Well then let’s shower then I will go furniture shopping.We can’t stay in an empty house.
Rudzi: That is true.Atleast you have some sense.
I laughed.
Rudzi: But I’m coming with you though.
Me: No problem. But you will sit in the car or better yet I will call Ethan to ask his girlfriend to
atleast take you to a restaurant..You must be hungry.

Rudzi: That’s better but as long as you choose beautiful furniture.
Me: Don’t worry about that.
I took out my phone and called Ethan.
Ethan: Miss me already?
Me: Ewww why would I even miss you.Anyway I’m around and I need to go buy furniture.I want
you to ask Shaz to take Rudzi to a restaurant she is hungry.

Ethan: Whoa whoa wait wait wait!!! You are around? Why didn’t i know about this? Furniture for
What? Why can’t Rudzi go with you?
Me: Yoh bro one question at a time and please breath in between the questions.
We haven’t told anyone about the pregnancy and she is starting to shoe so they will figure it
out.So I might aswel tell him.
Me: I’m back for good.Rudzi can’t come with me because she is Pregnant and tired from the trip
Ethan: She is what? Yoh that’s big.
Me: Yeah so can you accompany me and also ask Shaz.
Ethan: Yeah I will do that.Where are you?
Me: Soweto
Ethan: I’m around so I will be there sooner than you think..
All this luxury is new to me.Im used to staying at villages and all..I will have to embrace all this
because what tomorrow may bring I will never know..When we were done there were two cars

outside.there was a lady and Ethan busy talking or rather I say arguing.
Les: Tom and Jerry.Will you two ever stop living like this?
Them: NO
I giggled
Shaz: She is naturally beautiful.I must give it to you Les.From ladies with makeup to
a natural one.Look what she is even wearing.Girl I must make you my friend.There is nothing fake
about you.Your dreads are even long.
I was wearing a yellow summer dress with black sandles..I tied my dreads to the back..This lady
was making me blush.
She extended her hand to me.
Shaz: I’m Sharon but this fools call me Shaz.Im that fool’s fiance.
She was pointing at Ethan
Me: Rudzani but you can call me Rudzi.
Shaz: Come let’s go.But first we have to pass by the saloon for your dreads.besides I also need a
new weave
Me: Okay.
We got to her car and she drove off.
Shaz: Girl I was mesmerized by how you look and your personality is just visible.No wonder Les is
whipped to even think of impregnating you.
Me: Uh how did you know?
Shaz: You are slightly showing.
Me: Oh.
Shaz: Les is a good many.You better keep him.
Me: I plan to
We went to the salon and the hair stylists did their thing.
Shaz: Wow girl you look beautiful
Me: Not much beautiful as you..You look breath taking.Thats why Ethan fell for you.
Shaz: Thank you.Now we can go for food.Soon I will have to take you shopping.
Me: I don’t have money for shopping.
Shaz: I’m sure Les will make a plan.You are living in a town house that’s expensive.
Me: Maybe he will make a plan.I will let you know..We exchanged numbers then went to
McDonalds for food.
Shaz: I love their chicken foldovers.
Me: I will also have that…
Shaz; Okay.
She ordered for us and we sat there talking like good old buddies.Shaz is a bubbly person.She is
hyper active and she knows just how to crack the wall between two people who don’t know each
other..She took us a selfie and said she is posting it on her Instagram..The selfie was really
A familiar face walked in while we were eating.I lost my appetite same time.
Shudu: You are really a bad friend.How can you go out without me.
I saw bitterness in Shaz’s face.
Shaz: What are you doing here
Shudu: In case you didn’t know this is a restaurant whereas everyone is allowed in.
My phone rang while they were talking.It was Lesley.
Me: love
Les: I saw you on Instagram
Me: Babe it’s Shaz.She just took us selfie
Les: You look beautiful.We are done so should we leave without you because e the furniture is
being delivered?
Me: I will come with Shaz
Les: Okay I love you.
Me: I love you too.
Shudu: Count your days while saying that because Les is mine.
Shaz: Watseba ao swabe ngwanyana ke wena.Wa hao ke mang between the brothers because
kaofela re a tseba gore bao jele along le cousin ya bona?
(You know you are not ashamed you little girl.who is yours between the brothers because we all
know that they all slept with you along with their cousin.)
I wanted to laugh but I kept it cool.
Shudu: Atleast I know how to ride a man.They keep running back to me.
Shaz: Rudzi I have lost my appetite.Can we leave?
Me: Yeah let’s go.The atmosphere here is no longer cool.
She settled the bill and we left.
Shaz: I can’t believe I used to call her my friend
Me: Don’t let her get to you.I killed her with my silence shem back at Venda

Shaz ended up sleeping over at my place.What we did last night will remain there.
My phone rang and it was my father.
Me: Mr Pilusa
Dad: Hey son can you please come over? We need to talk.
Me: I hope it’s about Les because if not then I’m ready to hand in my resignation and cut you off
my life aswel.
Dad: Will you stop with your threats and come?
Me: I’m on my way..
I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower.Why would the old man want to see me this
early morning?It better be important..
When I was done I got out of the room only to find a letter on the bed with a few R100 notes.
‘Thanks for last night,treat yourself for breakfast..I love you’
I chuckled.Trust Shaz to act like a guy who just got a one night stand..
I called her.
Shaz: I take it as if you got my note.
Me: I love you too…
I hanged up ..When I was done dressing up I got in my car and drove to the parents to hear what
is so important that my father has to call me this early morning…
I found him and my mom eating breakfast with no worries in the world.
Dad: Sit down.
Me: Be fast I need to get to work.
Dad: It’s weekend so relax because it’s not a must.
Me: You have ran out of time.So have you decided?
Dad: Son this company is a legacy for you and Lesley.How do you think it makes me feel when he
wants to work for someone else when he can work for his father? He wants to make money for
someone’s father when he has his own.I worked this hard so that you and him can go to school.All
this qualifications you own today is because of my sweat.
He had tears in his eyes and mom was already sobbing
Dad: Yes it is my responsibility as your parent to take you to school but a little appreciation is
expected.What will happen to the company if I fall sick or die? You don’t know anything about
business but Lesley does..Why won’t you understand things from my point of view?
I kept quiet because I had no words to say.
I’m rich but how did I obtain my riches?It’s not through education that most people work and get
money.My riches came from a man who made life miserable for alot of people.When I went to
school I wanted to be my own man.I wanted to work my way to the top.Working for the family
company would mean getting special treatment which is something I don’t want at all.
My father does not understand..In this lifetime he doesn’t have to force me into doing what he
wants me to do..Atleast if he was ill or pensioner I would take over but now being under his wing is
something I can’t handle.Im someone who is a fast learner.I never went to school for me to be a
computer geek but look what I can do..It wouldn’t take me 3months to know the company..There is
no way I will work there while he is still there that is my condition..
As I was in my thoughts Ethan called
Me: Talk to me.
Ethan: Come over to the parents house.
Me: To do what?
Ethan: It’s about time we sit down and talk like adults don’t you think?
Me: Ethan I’m someone who is loaded with money which won’t run put anytime soon.What would I
be coming there for?
Ethan: Stop being hard headed bro.
Me: Fine but just know that after what they did to me,letting me eat out of dustbins is a scar that
will always paint they as arrogant parents to me.Im on my way.
I hanged up.
Me: Get ready we are going to my parents
Rudzi: What?
Me: Ethan called saying something about sitting down and talking as adults so get ready.
What Lesley was saying was making me sweat.Im not ready to meet his parents especially after
what they did to him.If they are capable of doing that to him then what would stop them from
hating me.
Me: I don’t think I’m needed there Les. I will stay behind.Or I will call Shaz to help me look for a
Les: Job for What? Don’t start with me Rudzani.You don’t need to work when we have all this
money.I will open an internet cafe for you..As for me i will make sure I get a job..Now get ready so
that we go meet your future monsters in law.
Me: Did you have to say that? Mxm
Les was not making the situation better because I was already stressed out..
I had already bathed so I wore a long black dress with a blazer because it was chilly outside.
Les: You should have just worn some leggings and a crop top that will expose your beautiful
African body.
I laughed.
Les: After what they did they don’t deserve respect from me.
Me: Les you may be fighting with them but that doesn’t mean I have to get involved in the
fight.One day you may wake up and fix this so where will that leave me? If there is something I
learnt from my mom that was respect.She may have shown me tough love but she taught me to
respect my elders
Les: Hallelujah mmaMoruti.
I playfully hit his shoulder.
Les: Lets go
We got in the car and he drove off.
FUNANANI (Rudzi’s mom)
They say love is blind and I guess that is whatit has turned me into.It has turned me into a blind
parent.My relationships never lasted hence I made sure that I do anything in me to keep
Derrick.Even when I saw that at some point he was abusing my children I turned a blank eye.My
reason for my treatment towards Rudzani is because of her father..
When I was 17years old in grade 11 I had a sister who was 26 years old and married to a man
who was 30 years old.My sister was someone who was so much dedicated to her job which
required her to travel alot..Whenever she travelled she would ask me to come to her house to look
after the kids because her house help was not a stay in.When the kids were asleep her husband
would come to my room and sleep with me.He was my first and he never forced me.He was a
sweet talker so I agreed to it all.He never used protection with me but instead he would give me
money for morning after pills whenever he would sleep with me.It was one rainy day which my life
changed forever.Like always my sister was not around….She left in the evening to take the
evening flight to Cape town.I was with her husband as always..When he was done he slept next to
me.Most of the time he doesn’t sleep in the room it only started recently that he does.
Hendrick: I have fallen inlove with you Funi.I didn’t mean for it to happen but I really have…
I pretended to be asleep..The door swung open and I heard a scream.It was my sister.
Her: Had my flight not be cancelled a…al..all!!!
She was crying and shouting.
Her: Get out of my house you hoe. Under my roof? With my husband?
I quickly got out of bed and she took her husband’s belt from the floor and started whipping
me.She did it until I couldn’t move on the cold tiles.She was even using the steel side of the belt.I
felt like my skin was cut open.
Hen: Honey will kill her.
Her: Let me go.How could you do this? With my younger sister.
They went out and I struggled to get up..I wore my dress carefully but the pain was just
unbearable..He could have stopped her but he stood there and watched her do this to me.He was
the one who approached me.He was the one who came to my room.
I slowly walked out out of the room.
Her: You better not tell our parents about this or else I will ruin your life for good.
I limped my way out..I didn’t have money,I didn’t have a phone I was just a teenager whom was
taken advantage of..
A good Samaritan man found me sitting on the streets and saw my state.He took me to his
house.He was living on the same street as my sister.I was now wet due to the rain.He looked like
a doctor so he cleaned my wounds without even asking me questions.He gave me pain pills and I
slept after that . The following day I explained everything to him and he gave me money to go
Him: You are still young.Take care of yourself and go to school.
Me: God bless you.Thank you
I got a taxi home..Never thought of morning after pills so after 4months that’s when I started
showing…My sister’s husband along with my sister lied and said I seduced him..
There is no way I can explain how hurt I was.My parents hated me..I had to move from there to go
and stay with my maternal grandparents..I grew up hating Rudzi due to all that.My grandmother
was the one who showered her with love.
The fact that she was so beautiful and looked like her father ripped my heart apart.He never even
ones came to see how his child was so I also never kept contact with them…My tears were no
longer teara but blood.My wounds were bleeding tears..
When we got to his place I was surprised…The house was very big.It was a double storey house
with another house at the side..It was a very beautiful place i have ever been to….We walked in
hand in hand.He didn’t even ring the bell he just opened the door.We walked in and everyone was
in the sitting room watching thin silence.
Les: Thobela
Them: Dumela
I also greeted and they greeted back.
Les: Mom dad this is Rudzani my girlfriend.
His mother moved from my eyes to my baby hump.
Mrs Pilusa: Really Lesley did you have to go for someone below your standards? Look at the farm
Julia you brought home.Where is Mashudu?
Les: Ethan talk to your mother.
Ethan: Mom please stop.
Mrs pilusa: There is nothing he will say to me.Where did you pick her up from? The dustbin? The
decisions you take this days aowa no maarn.
He held my hand tighter and we walked out.
Ethan: Bro wait! Don’t take her serious you know how mom is.We are here to talk to dad.
Les: You heard how she insulted Rudzi bro.How could she?
Ethan: Please Les just ignore her.
Me: Please give me the car keys.I will sit in the car.
Les: No babe.
Tears were falling off my eyes
Me: pl..please
Les: Let me take you home
Me: No.Go and talk to your family and you will find me here.
He gave me the keys and I walked to the car.

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