I was sitting in the house stressed when a truck hooted at the gate and a bunch of construction
men walked in and told me they were here to build. I was instructed to pack and move to the back
room. Maybe Les forgot to tell me that we are moving. I packed all our clothes. As I was packing I
found a suitcase hidden under the bed. I put it with other suitcases and made a mental note to check what it is as it was very heavy. I moved the suitcases and as soon as I was settled I opened
inside the suitcase to check what was inside. When I opened I got the shock of my life. I was so

angry and scared at the same time.Where did Les get so much money?! There were alot of

questions running in my mind.Has he suddenly turned gangster?What could be a better
explanation for so much money?
I arrived home and called the builders to get to work. I then called the car dealership to check how
far with the car arrangements. Yes that’s my second surprise. As soon as I was done with all that I

slept because I was a little tired. Woke up later on and refreshed then drove to the parents house.
I was serious about what I said. We need some change in this family. It has been long overdue.

Mom opened the door and welcomed me in. I was not my usual bubbly self.
Dad: Why are you looking so depressed?
Me: We need to talk
Mom: Sounds serious. Maybe I should give you space
Me: No I need you here
Mom: Alright then we are all ears
Me: I want you both to take Les back in and acknowledge him as your son. What you did to him
was unfair and still is
Dad: You will not come into my house and tell us what to do! We are your parents!
Mom: Why are you bringing him up now? Is everything okay?

Me: If you must know he is suffering and it’s not even exciting.. His life is not the same. He has
done well all those years going to school ans studying hard to please you but only for him to live
life like this.
Dad: He is learning.How will he grow if we pamper him even when he is this old? We built this
empire for you both but he wants to be a man now and work for someone else when his father’s
company is up and running.
Me: Is it wrong for him to want something different.Until when will you dictate our lives? For crying
out loud we are grown now.We are no longer the little boys you used to take decisions for Pa.Why

cant you accept that? You better take Les back and treat him like your son or else…you will live to
regret it.
I stood up then walked towards the door. I then turned around and looked at them..
Me: I give you one month
Then I was out of their house.
Mashudu. My love. I am in love with her and there is nothing and no one who will come between
us. We have been making love since we returned and all the time my future wife cries. It angers

me alot because I sometimes feel like She is thinking about those stupid twins called my cousins.I
honestly don’t want to lose her as even if She wants to leave me i will not allow that to happen.
She is my everything,I have always wanted her and Les had to go for her..I cant stomach the
thought of losing her. I have forgiven her. Although my plans for Ethan have not even begun. I
shall deal with him accordingly. My gang has been trying to get me back for a long time and I think now is the time. I took my phone out to call bull.
Bull: Heita ola my broer
Me: Heita. Wat gaan aan?
Bull: Ah nex man. Hierdie plek is nie goed nine. We need you back.
Me: Ek hoor jou. You will be glad to know that I’m coming back.
Bull: Ek sal vertel die onder mense. They will be glad to know about the good news.
Me: Okay man. Cheers
I dropped the call.
Stanley has turned into a beast. He got a body guard for me and I am not allowed to go anywhere
without him. He tracks my every move. I don’t know what to do with him. If I try and report him I
will lose my life. I am so defeated. All the bad that I have ever done is catching up to me. Why is
God punishing me this was though? It is the most painful way and I would never wish it upon my
greatest enemy. I have learnt my lesson.
I got home to find people working on the house. I asked their boss about my girlfriend’s
whereabouts and I was told. I went to the back room and found her sleeping. She looked so
peaceful but one can tell that she had troubles..She was carrying all the pain on her shoulders..I
think the pain of not being able to help her sister was really eating her up.She has even lost a kilo.
I kissed her on her forehead and she woke up immediately.
Me: Hey.Im sorry I woke you up.
Rudzi: I was waiting for you so I guess I fell asleep.
Me: Okay..Im here now.
Rudzi: What’s that in that suitcase?
I turned and looked at it.
Me: Oh that
Rudzi: Yes that.
Me: Money that I was given by Ethan..
I went and took the letter..
She read it.
Rudzi: Oh Okay.
Me: Babe wait..You were doubting me?
Rudzi: Desperate times calls for desperate measures so how will i know when you are into shady
Me: Come on now really? Geez.
Rudzi: Where are you going?
Me: I need some air.
As I was about to walk out Boss got in with his goons..
They started messing the place up.I just stood there and looked at them.The took the suitcase on
the bed and opened it.
Boss: Well well well.Look what we have here..This I wasn’t expecting…I was here to terrorise the place but I guess this is my lucky day.
Me: Hell no you ain’t taking that.
Boss: Watch me.
Me: If I were you I wouldn’t do that
Boss: Again watch me.
They walked out.
Rudzi: You are just gonna let him take the only money that will help us survive?
Me: He just made the biggest mistake of his life.I am done being nice.That man just woke the
beast in me.
Behind this innocent face there is a man who is more dangerous to a point where no one will
believe.See when I was in university I was asked to join a gang due to my knowledge too much on
technology..Im a man of many talents..The gang knew that if they had me on their side they will
break alot of codes and that would mean even high security banks or safe won’t be a trouble for
them..Maybe it’s about time I use my knowledge…Its about time I run Mr boss broke.

I’m glad I didn’t sell my laptop but how am I gonna get Wi-Fi?.. I called Ethan.
Ethan: Sho
Me: Hey dude
Ethan: You don’t sound like someone who is happy.What is wrong?
Me: There is someone who is making my life a living hell because I refused to date his daughter
so he has been a pain in the ass.He took the money you gave me.
Ethan: What? Hell no..
Me: Don’t worry about that.I will get it back and more.But right now I need money to buy data for
my modem.
Ethan: Seriously? What are you going to do with data?
Me: You will find out as soon as I’m done dude..
Ethan: How much should i transfer?
Me: Send 4k just in case.
Ethan: Okay you will see your bank notification
Me: Thanks.I owe you alot.
Ethan: Its the least I can do.
Me: I will contact you as soon as I’m done.
Ethan: Okay no problem.
The money came in and it was 5k and I bought data..If it don’t last then I’m gonna have to
add..Rudzi sleeps alot this days.I guess it’s the pregnancy. I connected my laptop and got down to
business. D–n this man is loaded. I want to leave him DRY. I transferred R5 000 000 into an
offshore account then another R5 000 000. I can’t transfer it to my account yet. But I trust my
work. They won’t be able to trace it back to me. I transferred R1 000 000 again. Then transferred another R4 000 000. I am really going to leave him broke. I transfered the rest of the money that
was left, covered ALL my tracks then transfered the money into my other account that was a
business account . I logged out and switched off my laptop. I sat down and relaxed with a huge
smile on my face. I did everything with great speed. I’m proud. I called Ethan to let him know.
As I was sitting deep in my thoughts I received another call from Les.
Me: Hey…talk to me
Les: I hacked into his account and transferred all his money into my account.
Me: Les are you mad? What if you get caught?
Les: Relax I’m not stupid. I sent it to an offshore account then to my account. They can’t trace it
back to me.
Me: Oh I tend to forget you are an expert when it comes to these things. So tell me how much did
you score?
Les: Just know it’s millions. This fool is loaded.
Me: I’m glad man. Look expect your third gift soon. Should be ready before the end of this week.
Les: I wonder what it is
Me: Relax. You will be put out of your misery soon.
Les: Whatever man. You won’t tell me so bye
I laughed and just hung up. Les is dramatic. Just when I was about to stand I received another call
from my parents. I answered
Me: Dad
Dad: We need to talk. Could you come over please
Me: Not today but I will let you know when I am free.
Dad: Alright then. We will hear from you.
Me: bye
I dropped the call. I knew that they had come to their senses but I was going to play with them a
little before going there. They must taste their own medicine.
Me: Heita majimbos
They am jump up as they see me and they start greeting me with our secret handshake. They are
all so excited. They seem very happy ii must say.
Scar: Maar grand shap uthi usofunani yii? Noma uza awuszeli nezimnandi.
Me: My auti this time ke tlile ka mabaka. Eh monna kere bona. I am back. Vir goed! So prepare to
be rich ONCE AGAIN.
The gang was whistling and dancing. They were excited. They were happy. The gang was
ecstatic. I just stood there laughing and shaking my head.
Yes I officially belong to a gang now. Touch one and touch all. This is who we are!
Me: You have to give me half of that money dad
Boss: Not until you spend the night with me.
Me: Dad come on now.Mom will be suspicious now…I have been sleeping out for 3days now..Its even more worse because even you are also sleeping out.
Boss: She knows I have business to take care of.As for you she knows you are wild so I’m sure
she is not worried at all.
Me: I don’t know about that hey.
Boss: Don’t worry I will take care of her..
Me: You better dad.
Boss: Let me go and put this money at the bank.Its not safe here.
Me: Tomorrow you have to transfer me half of it
Boss: I will.
He left.
Well I’m no longer ashamed that I sleep with my father for all the things he does for me.The only
person i don’t want to hurt is my mom.She is very special to me.
I went and poured myself some sweet rose wine…
I spent the whole day indoors drinking..When dad got here I was already getting drunk.
Boss: There is my princess.
He approached me.Honestly I no longer had energy to be driving him.This is the fourth day and
I’m very tired.
I don’t even remember how last night ended…Dont even know how I fell asleep.I was woken up by
my father’s phone with messages flooding his phone and phone calls that were never answered.
I shook him to wake up.
Me: Dad it might be mom.
Just when he was about to answer it hanged up.
He put the phone down.
Me: And then?
Boss: If the person is serious they will call again.
He went back to sleep..I got up and went to shower.

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