Crazy Hannah👒
By Lady C 👄
🍇Episode 8🍓
Hilton high🏫
Jeremy’s POV 🍇
“And that’s all for today guys.. don’t forget to do your assignments” miss Choi said, and walked out of the class,.. other students followed with their books and bags..
“So.. cafeteria?” Ryan asked looking down at me, with his bag on his right shoulder..
“Yep” I said as I stood up and we both walked out..
“Where’s blaze by the way? I didn’t see him in class” I asked as we walked down the hall to my locker..
“He’s with Kiera, in the store room” he replied with a grin.
“I thought he dumped her ass” I muttered
“He did, he’s just using her to pass time.. I guess” he mumbled..
🚺Wow.. Jeremy looks so cute
🚺What are you saying? He’s always cute..
🚺I love his hair warmer
🚺Well, I love his outfit.. he looks so dashing..
🚺I wish he can just go on a date with me
🚺 Don’t even think about it, Zee will kill you..
🚺Yes, you better shut up..
I chuckled and looked at Ryan..
“That’s what you get for being the most popular guy in school” he blurted out..
I opened my locker and dumped my books in it..
We walked into the cafeteria and the ladies started whispering..
I looked around and spotted Zee chatting with her cheer squad..
She met my gaze and smiled seductively, I winked and blew her a kiss.. the girls started shouting..
We walked to the counter and bought our lunch.
Then we walked to our usual spot, and sat down, Ryan sat beside me and just then blaze walked in with Kiera..
They walked over to our table and sat down..
“Hey guys” Kiera greeted.
“Hi k”
“Uhm, Kiera.. why don’t you go get something for us to eat?” Blaze asked slipping some notes into her palm
“Okay” she said and walked out after giving him a brief kiss..
“So.., I thought you guys broke up” I said taking a sip of my soda
“We did..but we got back together today” he said
“Wow.. you never get back with a girl after breakup, what happened?” Ryan asked surprised
“I don’t know man.. there’s this thing about Kiera, I think I’m really in love with her man” he said
“Whoa!” I said
“I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true” he said, just then Kiera walked back to the table holding two trays, she set one in front of him and placed the other in her front..
“So are you guys going to the party?” She asked
“Nope, we are having a boys night in my house” I said..
“Really?” She asked
“Yes” Ryan replied
“Okay” she mumbled and started eating.
“Jeremy!” A familiar voice shouted, I looked up to see Sona walking towards our table with her cute Friend.. Miya..
“How many times have I told you to stop yelling my name Sona?” I asked looking at her, she rolled her eyes and sat beside Kira, while Miya sat beside her.. wow we are both Wearing same color, she looks so cute..
“Jeremy.. I need your help” Sona. Said looking at me
“No” I said
“But you haven’t heard what I wanted to say” she muttered
“Whatever it is, my answer is no” I replied, then she started forming her crazy puppy eyes
“Okay fine, what is it?” I asked
“I need 100 bucks” she said
“What!” Blaze yelled
“What do you wanna use 100 won for?” I asked
“Well.. there’s this dress I wanna buy, I only have half of the money..”
“No way” I said cutting her short
“Please, Jeremy…” She said with her puppy eyes
“No!” I said
“Please J” Miya said quietly,
J.. wow, this is the first time she called me that, I smiled mentally and looked at Sona
“Fine, I’ll give you when we get home” I said
“Thanks Jeremy.. you are the best brother ever” she said and blew me a kiss..
“Keep your kiss to yourself” I muttered
“Whatever” she said as she reached over and picked Ryan’s chips..
“Hey baby” Zee called from behind and pecked my cheek..
Sona scoffed and started chatting with the guys.
Hannah’s pov🍓
“Wow… He’s so nice, I told you he would forgive you” Sofia said excitedly and I smiled..
“So what kind of phone are you buying?” She asked
“Phone?.. I’m not buying anything” I replied simply
“But he asked you to buy a new phone”
“He did, but I won’t”I said
“Half of this money is for Nick’s surgery, the other half is for the other expenses” I added..
“Oh, that’s nice” she said
“So are you excited?” She asked
“For what?” I asked back
“For your date with doctor Evans” she said
“Oh.. I’m not going” I mumbled
“Why?” She asked
“I don’t feel like” I replied
“You’re going Hannah, I mean you already gave him your word.. ” she said glaring at me.. I shrugged and continued twirling my hair around my fingers..
She continued glaring at me and I sighed
“Fine, I will go, but how do I know the place, he didn’t come to work today and my phone is spoilt” I asked
“Don’t worry, I’ll call him” she said smiling..
“But..” I was interrupted by a Knock on the door..
“Hi guys” nurse Kim greeted as she walked in
“Hi” we both muttered back
“Dr Harry said you should meet him at the garage in two minutes” she said
“Okay” I replied
She smiled and walked out.
Sofia looked at me with a huge grin on her face,
“Wow!.. he’s really serious” she said.
“So it seems” I said and stood up.
“Good luck with the drama queen” she said referring to my mom.
“I just hope she’s not there” I said as I picked my bag and walked out of the office..
..👊for those that don’t understand, Hannah has three siblings, Jeremy, Sona and Nicky.. Ryan and blaze are Jeremy’s friend, Miya and Kiera are Sona’s friends , and Zee is Jeremy’s latest girlfriend.. if you still don’t understand, read episode 1 and 7👊
Hannah’s pov 👊
I walked into the garage and saw Harry standing beside a black sparkling car, with tinted glasses..
He smiled when he saw me..
“Hi” he said
“Hi” I mumbled back
He opened the door for me and I stepped into the car, he closed the door and walked over to the driver’s side, he opened the door and slipped in.. while I battled with my seatbelt..
“Let me” he said stretching his hands
“No.. don’t worry I can do it” I said
“Okay” he said as he started the engine, I finally locked the seatbelt and he drove out of the garage..
“So.. tell me about yourself” he said breaking the silence
“What do you want to Know?” I asked glancing at his face..
“Everything” he replied
“Okay… Uhm my name is Hannah Shù..I am..”
“Wait don’t you have a Korean name?” He asked, cutting me short..
“No.. My mother is American and my father is Korean, mom didn’t want a Korean name for me so she named me after her mother..” I replied
“Okay…”he drawed.
“So how old are you?” He asked
“22” I replied simply..
“Wow” he muttered
“What about you?” I asked
“I’m 25” he replied..
“Are you serious?” I asked looking at his face
“Yeah, why?” He asked taking a glance at me..
“You look younger than your age” I said
“Really?” He asked
“Yeah” I replied.
“So.. how long did you stay in France?” I asked
“Ten years” he replied
“Wow!.. so you didn’t see your parents and siblings for ten whole years?” I asked
“My sisters used to come for holidays, so I saw them maybe once or twice a year” he replied,
“What about your mom?, I haven’t seen her since I started working at the hospital” I asked
For a moment I noticed something like sadness in his face..
“She’s gone” he stated simply,
“Gone?.. gone to where?” I asked confused
“She’s dead” he said.
I gasped and covered my mouth, he sighed and continued driving..
Now I feel so guilty, why didn’t I just mind my business, now he’s gonna hate me for being nosey..
“She died during child birth, some minutes after she gave birth to the twins.. I stayed for two years before I traveled to France” he said..
I looked at him and blinked my eyes,
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to..”
“It’s okay, you’re my friend after all.. besides you’ve told me a lot about your family, it’s only fair if I do same” he said with a smile..
Wow.. he looks so cute, I can’t believe the first guy, I am actually comfortable with is my boss.. I feel so free with him, like I’ve known him forever.. and for the first time since I turned five, he’s the only guy that has hugged and kissed me without getting beaten up.. and even though I stripped him half naked on the road, he still showed me kindness.. I’m really lucky to have you as my friend Ju Sung..
“Which way now?” He asked snapping me out of my thoughts..
“Oh.. uhm” I drawed as I looked around,
“That way” I said
“Okay” he muttered…
“So what’s the name of your sisters?” I asked
“Jodi and Josi” he replied..
“Wow.. nice,” I mumbled..
Harry’s pov🤞
We both stepped out of the car and I slipped my hands in my pockets..
“Uhm.. Sir, ” she started and I glared at her
“Sorry.. Ju Sung, are you sure you want to go in there with me?” She asked looking at me.
“Uhh durhh.. of course” I said walking towards the door..
“Well.. sir, Ju Sung.. mom is..”
“Shhhh” I whispered and walked into the restaurant.
It wasn’t that classic or fancy like she said, but it was okay.. I saw a woman who looked exactly like Hannah, maybe her sister, she was busy talking to a staff, who was holding a tray..
Hannah rushed to my side and looked around..
“Sir, quickly come and sit before she sees you” Hannah said holding my hand, but it was too late, the lady turned and was shocked to see us, she looked down at our hands and smiled happily..
“Uh oh” Hannah mumbled..
“Oh my goodness!!!, Finally Hannah has brought her boyfriend” the lady said excitedly
“Ethan.. come quick, Hannah is here with her boyfriend” she said and started walking towards us..
“No.. mom, he’s not..” Hannah started..
Mom? Did she just say mom?.. wow! Her Mom is way younger than I expected..
“Come on Hannah, you don’t have to be shy.. your boyfriend is so cute” she said smiling at me..
“Good afternoon ma’am” I greeted..
“Oh please, you can call me mom.. you are part of the family now..” she said giving me a hug..
“Urrhhh” Hannah whined with her hand on her face..
“Wow.. are you a model? Or an actor? You look so cute.. I love your eyes” she said
“Thanks.. ma.. I mean mom” I said
Hannah frowned and rolled her eyes
“Just to be clear.. you are Hannah’s boyfriend right?” She asked..
“Uhh.. kinda” I muttered, Hannah scoffed and walked away..
“Thank goodness.. please have a seat” she said..
“What would you like honey?” She asked sweetly.
“Uhm.. anything” I replied
“Hannah dear, bring your boyfriend some refreshments.. ” she yelled
“He’s not my boyfriend mom!” Hannah yelled back..
“Oh don’t be silly” she said
“Don’t mind your girlfriend sweetie, she acts abnormal sometimes” she said and I chuckled..
“So what’s your name?” She asked
“Ju Sung ” I replied simply..
“Awwn, i like it, ” she said..
“Oh my goodness!.. is he really Hannah’s boyfriend?” A guy asked catwalking towards us..
“Yes .. Ethan” she said with a smile.
“Oh my!.. baby you look so cute” he said sitting beside me with his legs crossed..
“Uhh thanks?” I said..
“My name’s Ethan, what’s your name?” He asked placing his polished nails under his chin..
“Ju Sung” I mumbled
“Wow.. I love it” he said smiling.

“Here’s your ‘refreshment” Hannah said placing a tray on the table with a frown..
“Hannah, that’s not a way to treat your boyfriend.. ” her mother snapped..
“Apologize to him now” her mother said . Hannah frowned and looked at me..
“Sorry.. babe” she said with a fake smile..
“It’s okay mom.. that’s how we express our love, right baby?” I asked placing my hand on Hannah’s..
She blinked severally and nodded..
“Ye.. yes, yes he’s right” she stuttered.
“Well.. that’s a really crazy way of expressing it..” her mother said
“Ju Sung dear, I’ll be back, let me go get something for you to eat” she said and stood up..
“Okay” I muttered
She smiled and walked away, Hannah quickly withdrew her hand and adjusted her seat.. I chuckled, just then I felt something on my hair, I looked up and saw Ethan touching my hair with a smile on his face..
“Oppa, I like your hair.. it’s really soft and curly” he said..
“Quit it Ethan, he’s not gay” Hannah scolded..
“You’re not gay right?” She asked looking at me.
“No!. Of course not, I don’t do guys.. that’s gross” I said causing a gasp to escape from Ethan’s mouth..
“Girlfriend, your boyfriend just hurt my feelings” he said looking at Hannah..
“Sorry” I mumbled..
“Apology not accepted” he said..
“He said he’s sorry, what else do you want?” Hannah asked
“A kiss” he said smiling
“What!” I yelled
“Come on, just one” he said moving his face closer to mine.
“Ethan are you crazy! That’s my boyfriend! You can’t kiss him” Hannah yelled
“But .. I thought you said he’s not your boyfriend?” Ethan asked looking at her.
Her face turned red and she started blinking.. I bit my lips to hide my laughter
“Well.. he’s .. he’s”
“Where’s dad?” She asked changing the topic.
“He’s at home with Nicky” he said
“Okay” she mumbled…
Hilton high🏫
Sona’s pov🍓

Amongst all the girls Jeremy has ever dated, Zee is the worst..
She’s a complete baby doll, and she’s so full of herself, just because she’s rich and she’s the cheerleader..
And of course, I know the main reason why she agreed to be Jeremy’s girlfriend.. Because he’s the most popular guy in the school and the captain of the basketball team..
I mean I know, every girl drools over my brother, he’s got the looks and everything except for money of course..
And he’s super intelligent.. which girl wouldn’t want a guy like that?..
Miya on her part has been crushing on him since God knows when.. and I Know he likes her too.. but what I don’t understand is why he can’t man up and ask her out..
Although I would love to see them together, sometimes I’m just glad they aren’t dating, cause I wouldn’t have to worry about my best friend not lasting more than a month with my brother..
“Hi cutie” Jeremy said pecking her lips..
“Can we please leave?” Miya asked quietly.
“No.. I still need to do something” I whispered back
“Uhm Ryan” I called
“Yes?” He answered
“Can you please exchange seats with Miya?.. I wanna tell you something” I said with a smile..
“What!.. no way” Miya whispered looking at me
“Yes way” I replied..
“Okay” Ryan said and they both switched seats, now Miya was seating beside Jeremy..
“Uhm.. excuse me, I wanna seat there” Zee said looking at Miya
“I’m sorry, but the table is filled as you can see” I said looking at her.
“But there’s some space beside you, adjust a little” Jeremy said looking at me
“Well my bag is there, and I can’t move it” I said placing my bag on the space
“Can you just stop being a b*tch for once in your life?” Zee asked angrily..
She’s already getting angry, that’s what I want .. I smiled and looked at Jeremy
“Did you just call my sister a b*tch?” Jeremy asked looking at Zee.
“Uhm.. I.. no baby, I didn’t” she stuttered
“Better” Ryan muttered
“Zee.. go sit with your friends, we’ll talk later” Jeremy said
“But I want to sit with you” she whined
“You heard him puppy, run along, shuu” I said
She glared at me and frowned
“Baby… She just called me a puppy” she said
“But that’s what you are” I mumbled
“Sona! Zee is my girlfriend, stop talking to her that way” Jeremy said faking a frown.. and Zee smiled
“Girlfriend, that won’t last more than a month” I muttered and the guys started laughing.. Zee frowned and stormed out angrily .
“Sona.. did you really have to say that?” Jeremy asked
“But it’s true” I said and he smiled
“I love you because you Know me” he said and we high fives..
To be continued 🍇

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