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(The Billionaire’s Toy)



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“What were you doing with Seven??
“Did I not tell you to stay away from him???
“Can’t you just understand simple English??
“You even have the gut to spill my cookies!!!
“What effrontery??? Len made a tiny shout and I find myself squeezing my face to the wall.

Ironically, I hold on even more tight to the wall. I don’t want to stare deeply into his eyeballs… I don’t ever want to see the darkness that clung to the humor of his eyeballs, I don’t even want him coming close to me but he keep coming with a dark battle inside his heart.

His eyes fell on my wrists, just like they are counting my bangles.

“Where is your sixth bangle??? He questioned, still in collision with the dark and ardent anger.

“My sixth bangle!!
I uttered and check my wrist but it was nowhere to be found.

“I see you’re now getting courageous.
Seven is behind your back!!
“Why will you give that last bangle to Seven??? Len roared and raised his hand,the one that has a dark scar.

“No,I didn’t give Seven!! I closed my eyes and start crying.

Instead,Len grab my neck tightly and covered my mouth and nose nose with his hands,he keeps making it difficult for me to breath while his eyes continue rolling just like the storm will turn the sail.

“What can I do??
I can’t do anything because Len is a way too stronger than I do.
I’m just to weak to the general of the soil.

My own step mother never treat me like this, she won’t even allow anything happen to a strand of my hair, but here is a stranger….
A stranger who’s treating me like I worth nothing. He’s just treating me like toy that one can just play with and toss aside.

Just because I am weak does not make me a toy. I blink back tears and keep trying to gasp for air, it seems I won’t find any air because Len hold on me is very tight.
His hands are really full of dirty characters.

“Let go off me!!!!
I keep shouting, thinking my voice will come out as a yell but it only came out calmly.

Now,I have no option than to bite Len hand away from my mouth.
I didn’t think twice, I Peirce my sharp teeth into his palms till he withdrew them.

The window is not a best option of escaping because I cannot jump.
And if I should try jumping,I will end up breaking my hand or leg.

“You want to escspe!!!
“Can you not just drop sturbonness and leave Seven alone??
He made a loud shout and my pounding headache arrived. I was starting to be vision less because all I can see were just dark empty spaces.
Bit by bit,my consciousness was getting out of hold.

“Look Len, you just keep shouting it to me that I should leave Seven.
“I’m I the one going to Seven or it’s seven that will not stop coming close to me.
“Stop disturbing my life….
“I’m not the one going to seven it’s seven that is always coming to me so go and tell Seven to stay away from me also!!
I speak back to Len, still struggling weakly with the door.

🍷Len POV🍷

I acted frigid because when ever I stare at her,she won’t just look at me.
She keep doing what I hated. I like it whenever I stare at girls and they should also stare back but this idiot is not doing that and it is even making anger to set my vocal cord on fire.

“Eat those cookies now!! I ordered her,with a killer look. She sqeeze her face to the wall and pour all the cookies away,she even throw the nylon on my body.

“You can feed your bloody cookies to the dogs. It’s not worth eating!! She blurted out and keep spilling the cookies.

I ignored her ranting and focused on her high cheek bone, her full pink lips and her golden black eyeballs.
She has the face of a fucking goddess,her eyeballs are slanted like a cat’s own.

For a start, I was lost. I just keep staring like I have never seen a woman in my life and at the same time,pain keeps eating me alive just because of Seven.

Seven does not takes shits, he might look calm but he’s a…….
What should I even call him??
I ran my fingers into my hair in frustration. I raised my gaze and met Beauty who keeps struggling with the door.

She wants to run away!
No way because it’s not gonna happen.

“You’re just disturbing yourself because the door won’t open. It’s just me and you and I am not going to take long. I promise,it won’t pain you” I retorted with a grin.

Her mood change and her face looks more sober as more tears keep dropping on her dry cheek bones.

I don’t give a damn about her tears. She drop her head down like she’s saying some prayers.

“You have just 20min to compose yourself or else I’m gonna give it to you in the hard way”
I drag the helm of her gown,she jerked away and wrapped her.hand all over her body.

Seven POV

Gloominess keeps dripping like perspiration beads as I sat in one corner at Miles Villa(one of my best selling clubs)

No glimpse of Beauty, maybe she’s not coming today. I turned my back and met Emily,she looks frustrated and tensed like she’s looking for something. That bitch called Mitchell keeps following her.

I know they are looking for Beauty.

“Bunch of fools!!!
I said and took my already beeping iPod. I got a message from Jake.

💌Sir I have checked both the nooks and cranies of the clubs, I even checked the restaurant but she’s not there. Maybe she’s not coming today.
I read Jake’s text.

“Why won’t she come????
I took my car key from Shiva and dismiss him.
I walk out of the club and move into my car. I will just go and check on her since her house is just few blocks away. I ignited the engine and start driving calmly with my feet’s pressed against the accelerator pedal.

Minutes later ,I got to their main door and rang the door bell,no response.
There should be a back door….
I made a u turn and entered through the back door.

“Gross” I rolled my eyeballs and took a left turning.

“Too bad!! I went back and took another left turning. Then I came across six doors. Five were opened while only one was locked.

“What’s going on????
She’s not at home. I turned my back at the door and fixed my ear buds.

Soon, I heard weeping sounds…
That’s exactly how Beauty cries.
She’s crying!!!

I kicked the door with my left leg,it didn’t open.
By the time I kicked it the second time, it didn’t just open,it fling away from it’s position.

Immediately the door fling open, I saw a shadow of someone flying through the window.
I didn’t get to.see the person face.

I wandered in the anger that has collided with my throats.
Beauty tried standing up but her nerves fail her. She slump backwards slowly with a shaking lips.

I was quick to have grab her tiny waist while she held my red cloth tightly.

“Just tell me what happened???
I questioned softly but deep down, the pain she’s feeling makes it looks like I’m dying.

“Seven….I….I…” She stammered and shut her eyes.

She did not want to tell me what happened.. I made her stand errect and saw the blisters that formed on her wrist,her long hair was scattered..

Did Len touch you?????
I shouted with furry in my humor, the dark in my eyeballs became more dark till it reached it’s peak where it is the darkest.

“Did Len touch you??
I shouted with pitch of darkness hovering in my voice…

She was saying before she fell on my body with her hairs sweeping the floor of my face.
She fainted, with her hands clutching my red cloth..

Her body and lips won’t just stop shaking even when she has fainted.

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