fiction story

The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice
#Chapter 31
**Drake’s POV continues**
Getting home, I saw Gina and Kira parking luggages into their dad’s car boot.
I turned to Clara.
“I need to see them,” I said.
She stared at them for awhile then headed to her apartment.
I walked to them.
Gina closed the trunk and turned to me. Kira walked into the backseat and slammed the door shut!
“Hey Gina, you guys travelling?” I asked.
She crossed her arms.
“You caused this. Our dad found out about you and us and he’s sending us to Florida to our strict aunt!” she said.
Wow. What a good news.
“Damn! how did he?” I asked.
“Question!” she hissed, opened the passenger’s seat, went in and slammed the door shut just like her sister did.
Oh.. better.
Their dad came out and without taking even a glance at me, got into the car and drove off.
I breathed out with a smile and pushed my hair back.
“Finally you both could stop giving me troubles,” I muttered and walked to Clara’s door.
I rang the doorbell and she opened up.
I smiled, “Just gimme an hour, I’ll be back,” I said.
“Ain’t you doing anything? why bothering so much about me?” she said
“It’s my duty to be there for my friend,” I said.
She chuckled.
“That’s funny,” she said. I smiled.
“Drake im fine,” she added.
“I know,” I said. She smiled and closed the door.
My smile widened.
She smiled… she smiled.
And her smile, it appeared really different, like she’s liking me now.
Oh.. what a good start.
A new style of smile from her is a sign of likeness.
Ahh… that smile.
It appeared quite charming.
I got into my sitting room and fell on the couch.
I couldn’t help the smile on my lips.
I picked the throw-pillow and took a look at it before dropping it back.
Why im I so excited?
I took out my phone and logged into WhatsApp.
Brenda’s message was at the top.
I opened our chat.
Drake, why ain’t you picking up my calls? why are you so mean. Don’t you even understand how much I love you, why are you hurting me this way!
09:40am, Today.
I sighed and replied her.
Brenda, please try to understand that we can’t date. We can’t be together, I can’t love you. Trust me, you’re gonna find the guy who would love you.
Drake it’s you that I want. It’s only you that I want. 10:06am.
But I don’t want you. Whatever we had ended right after the sex. Get that! 10:08am.
I went through others chats.
Hey Drake, it’s been ages we saw you in NightShade. Come out tonight let’s drink. Ten hours ago.
Dude, what’s up? why ain’t you showing up at NightShade. Got a new hot chick for ya. She’s a devil in bed Three days ago.
Hey handsome Three days ago.
Brenda’s message came in and I left it unread and logged out.
I stood up and headed to the bedroom to go have my bathe.
Only thoughts of staying with Clara all day makes me super happy.
Drake this was what you promised yourself never to do. To fall inlove but it seem the heart can’t be locked forever.
I love Clara. Im inlove with Clara.
**Brenda’s POV**
I stared at our chat as I waited for his reply but none came.
He had logged out.
I hissed and dropped the phone angrily.
“Drake I love you! I love you! why don’t you just want me! Im beautiful, I have everything that you want in a lady! why can’t you just accept to date me! I want you! I must have you!” I half yelled in anger.
The doorbell rang and I walked out of my bedroom, down the stairs to the sitting-room, then to the door and opened it.
She was in all black.
Black facecap, black eyeglass, black jacket, black trouser with so many pockets
She looked like a guy except for her short red hair and her boobs.
I left the door and she walked in and shut the door.
Then removed the eyeglass, cap and flung her short hair back with a smile.
“Mission successful,” she said and pulled out a gun from one of her trouser pockets and dropped it on the table.
“No Nikky take that away from there. Now,” I said.
She rolled her eyes.
“There’s nothing to be scared. The gun is empty, no bullets,” she said.
“Just take it away from the table. My dad is coming tonight,” I said.
She shrugged and took it.
“So did he find them this time?” she asked.
“No,” I answered.
“Then why don’t he wanna forget about them. I mean he has you, why spending so many years looking for the family he once left,” she said.
“No Nikky, I want them to be found. I wanna have sisters and have a woman I can call my mother. I hate mine and don’t wish to set my eyes on her. She left me! ” I said.
“Brenda the way you hate your mom and wouldn’t wanna see her cos she left you is the way your stepsister’s and your step mom hates your dad now and never wish to see him. I suggest he should just forget about the search and be happy that he have you,” she said.
“Nikky, I know he’s gonna find them someday and I really wish that he do, he needs their forgiveness at least for leaving them for a woman who still left him and her daughter,”I said.
She shrugged, “Fine, let’s hope he finds them soon,” she said.
“I hope so,” I said.
She headed upstairs and I followed behind.
“Nikky, Drake don’t just want me,” I said with so much sadness.
“Ohh Brenda don’t even disturb me with that. I gave you an advice but you choose not to take my advice,” she said.
“Im just scared,” I said.
“Scared of what?” she asked.
“Hurting someone,” I said.
“It’s not like you’re gonna be the one to pull the trigger on her damn head,” she said.
“I don’t have a heart like yours,” I said.
“Alright then but don’t bother me again about it,” she said and walked into my bedroom and over to the full length mirrow to stare at herself.
I sat on my bed and picked my phone.
He still haven’t replied.
I sighed.
“So lemme help you make meals for your dad before I leave, I know you are scared of the kitchen,” she said as she pulled off her jacket to reveal the white singlet she wore inside.
“Yeah please do, I hate going into that kitchen. The cook will be back next week, I can’t wait. Im tired of making others,” I said.
“you are scared of the kitchen, you are scared of almost everything but you ain’t scared about going four rounds in sex,” she said and chuckled.
I rolled my eyes, “Why should I be?”
She turned to me with a funny face and we both bursted into laughter.
[From Author Rejoice Books ] **Clara’s POV**
I’ve had my bathe.
Prepared breakfast.
And now decided to sit at the sitting-room and read the novel Drake bought.
‘Summer of Roses’
All because he saw me reading Firefly beach and I told him I’ve also read a novel by Launne Rice and her works are cool, he had to go buy me this one?
The way he is trying to care and help me out of this heartbreak is pretty amazing.
I can’t deny.
Noah never bought me a novel, nor took me out for a jog, or tell me a novel from the beginning to the end.
What he did was kiss me and tell me i’ll be fine.
Bought me so much gifts, and made me fall inlove with him with his sweet words.
He never said he care because we are friends, but that he care because he’s inlove with me and it was love at first sight.
I was drunk in his romantic words and the night when we came back from his damn dad’s company and stopped at a bar, I drank and I became so tipsy, he carried me home and we ended up having sex.
The sex and the way he cared so much after made me fall so much inlove with him and I believed that he truly love me..
Maybe he do but he lied to me.
Why would he?
I told him everything about me. Why did he lie to me?
He should have been truthful and I wouldn’t have left him.
But he lied!
And I found out in the most painful way!!
I noticed tears in my eyes and I wiped it off.
I still keep thinking about him.
No matter how hard I try! How would I face him, how would I yell at him without breaking into tears.
Untill Im strong enough to face him, to question him, to yell at him, that is when I can go see him.
I wiped all of my tears, and repacked my hair.
I wonder if my hair give me a little strength cos whenever I wanna stop my tears and I repack my hair, tears stops.
I picked the novel, opened to the prologue and began reading.
My wedding was like a dream. It was almost everything a wedding should be, and when I think of it, even now, I see it unfolding like the kind of beautiful story that always has a happy ending.
I got married in my grandmother’s garden, by the sea, on a brilliant early July morning at Hubbard’s point. The daylilies were in blo-
I got interrupted by the doorbell ring.
Drake was the only person who came to my mind and I dropped the book and went for the door.
I opened it and there he was, smiling just like he always do.
He wore a black and red stripe short which stopped just a little below his knees and a black shirt. He must love black shirt alot.
“Sorry, I spent more than an hour, I was-” I cut him short.
“No sorry,” I said.
Why should he tell me sorry? I didn’t employ him to care about me!
Why should he say sorry?
I left the door for him to come in, he did and closed the door.
His presence made me remember the twins.
“What about the twins? your girlfriends,” I asked going to the couch.
He followed behind.
“Their dad found out about us and have to send them to Florida, according to Gina,” he said.
I sat down and picked the novel, “So ain’t you sad about it? your two beautiful bae’s are gone,” I said.
He sat down beside me.
He’s been doing that and I will end up falling asleep on his shoulder.
But not again.
“I took to your advice,” he said.
What advice?
Oh I recall.
The one that I gave to him that night in his car.
“There are other seats,” I said.
He smiled, “I wanna read the novel with you,” he said, coming closer.
“Hey, you’re not a fan of novels” I said.
“I wanna read with you, let’s know who read faster?” he said.
I chuckled,
“Are you trying to say you can read faster than I?” I asked.
He arched his brow, “Yeah ofcourse.”
“No way!” I said.
“Fine, let’s bet it,” he said.
“With what?” I asked.
He searched around, then stopped and looked back to me.
“Let’s bet that… uhmm. alright, that if you win, we won’t attend the party but if I win, we will,” he said.
I rolled my eyes, “I don’t like the bet,” I said.
He laughed. “Cos you know im gonna win,” he said.
“No! I can read more faster than you!” I said.
“You can’t,” he said.
“Fine I’ll show you,” I said.
I opened back to the prologue.
“No, you were reading this before I came,” he said.
Hmm see brain!
“Fine, chapter one,” I said.
“Yeah,” he said.
I opened to chapter one.
[A minute later;] “Im done!” he said when I haven’t even gotten to half of the page!
“That’s a lie!” I half yelled.
He laughed and dropped his back on the couch backrest.
“Yeah,” he said, looking at the ceiling.
I flipped back to the prologue.
“But Clara, I think we should go to the party, it will be fun,” he said.
I ignored him and continued from where I stopped.
bloom. That’s what I remember, almost as much as the roses: orange, cream, lemon, golden daylilies on a tall green stalks, tossed by the summer breeze, trumpeting exultation up to the wild blue sky.
Drake joined me.
**Drake’s POV**
I stared at her.
I don’t care if Im not a fan of novels.
I’ll read with you just to be this close to you, Clara.
If you don’t wanna go to the party, im not gonna force you.
I don’t wanna make you angry or sad.
I just want you to be happy always.
I love you, I hope you see that I do soon and I pray you give me a chance.
I’ll never take that chance for granted.
She flipped to the next page and I wasn’t even through reading the previous page.
I smiled.
Just because I’ve been staring at your lips.


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