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( Odeya )
Even if an angel sang,i can’t ever accept a female partner.
Singing with her means: training,spending half of my time, seeing a girl everyday until that competition..I can’t handle that, i can’t be with a girl ..I can’t cope. now the industry might even decide that the girl will live here for perfect rehearsals but I don’t want all this, i can’t be that close to a woman .after the last competition I really tried to change,i tried accepting girls,i tried letting go but I can’t.I really want to make dad proud and i wish there was one single girl in the world whom i am comfortable with and who also has a nice voice but there isn’t..Its only kim nana, and i can’t go back to her..I can’t do it again.. I won’t spend time with nana.so am sorry dad…I will still fail u again.
I am only giving this reply because I know odeya can’t be found.
” Dad until then “I said and they nodded.
Soon the cleared out and i walked sir edwardo to the door. he handed Me a bag.
“Your mom cooked,since you Wont come home and visit her”he said
I took the bag
“I will come next month when am less busy”I said.
“Thats what you told her last year…I would be happier if you loved her half the way she loves you”he said and tapped my shoulders.
I rushed in with the bag in my other hand.
” Bryan is that food–“jeremy asked,before I could reply evan and jace ran into the kitchen.
Finally jace and Evan walked out holding like 6 spoons.
“I hate that cook, I had not eaten for weeks.”Evan said.
Sitting down as well as jace.
“Oopa drop the food” jace Said.
I remembered that we even have a live show tonight.
“Guys lets practice”i said
“Story”jeremy said and fell on the couch.
“Story?”I asked Jeremy and he closed his eye to sleep
” practice without food? Scam!!” Evan said and fell on the floor with his spoon in his mouth.
I looked at jace and he didn’t talk.
Ahhhhhh i knew they would do this
” we need to rehearse,we have a show”I said
” hungry people don’t rehearse” jace said and fell on his pillow
“Okay then, lets go there and screw up”I said and tried walking in.
” if we fail the team leader will carry the blame” Evan said
“Oh He forgot”jeremy said.
I came back and placed the flask on the table all of them stood up.
I opened it and they all sent their dirty fingers
” wait! wait! wait! wait!.I used my spoon to hit them all one by one.
I collected the meat and jeremy collected the other meat.
We both stood up and walked into our different rooms.
I heard Evan and jace…they always fight over food.
I played her recording in my room..it was really inspiring.
how can a human being have such a voice..too bad u are a girl…ODEYA..to bad you are a woman.
Smiled happily as I swept the house. Bryan drank my drink..he drank the drink I bought.
I can’t belive I fell asleep there.
I swept he house carefully till i was done.I rushed out to roses house..she has been calling
” hey bes”she said.
” lets go to dreame’s show baby”rose said
“How did you buy tickets or are we cleaners again?”I asked.
“Cleaners my foot,we are not cleaners we are guests and hana said she would make us up.”rose said.
“Really?”I asked
“Yes”she repiled.
” will Lydia let me?”i asked her
” Who will tell her…before She realises u left we would be back,we Wont waste time.”she said.
“Ok..” I added.
DREAME by chidinma Jerry
I can’t believe am me, we looked so nice and pretty..not to expensive but good enough all thanks to Hannah.
Am not good at all this but since rose insisted here I am.
“ODEYA you are pretty”Hana said and i smiled in excitement.
Soon we arrived at the show.
I took my sit so I could see the stage clearly..they had not come on stage yet.
I gisted with my friends while making sure no other school student saw me.
The stage light brightened a bit and the intro lights came on.
“Hana what is delaying?”I asked, I was bothered because the stage was still empty.
“I don’t know,did something happen to one of them?”rose asked
I looked around and just then a man rushed into the hall back door
“Who is that man?”I asked rose
“Bryans manager?”She said
“Why does he look so worried is Bryan okay?”I asked
Just then nana received a call and ran out of her sit in the VIP section her guards ran after her.
I got crazily worried..is it Bryan or is it Jeremy.
“ODEYA stop worrying,look the dreame boys are on stage”rose said.
I smiled and turned but bryan was not on stage I didnt even know when I stood up
” ODEYA”rose said, but i already found my way to the back stage.
It was so pretty but every body was runing helter skelter
A woman came to me
” are u s-square’s staff” she said
” well–
” we ‘re looking for Bryan..if you find him press the red button” she forced a device into my hand.I looked around and almost EVERYBODY had that device with them.
” but–
“What are u doing,search.
the press shouldn’t hear of this and this news shouldn’t leave this building”she said
I rushed away,Bryan where are you..please be safe.
I ran into Kim nana and her manager,she’s so pretty I wish to be like her. she’s indeed the best dressed female idol,her fingers where filled with pretty Diamond stones.
she suddenly took my hand..she looked so pained. and I turned in shock then bowed.
“Are you okay ma”i asked her
” is there any news on Bryan? is he okay? was he found? where is he? what’s going on with him?” she asked in full concern
Her manager took her hand
“Nana sir edwardo doesn’t want the press to sense anything,if you dont return to the show, the press will surely sense something” her manager said and she nodded then let go of my hand
“Please find Bryan…don’t let him get hurt”she said and i nodded.
she wiped her tears then pratciced a smile. I watched her walk back into the show. we have the same hair colour and length,even the same body fitting.
I hastily turned back
Bryan where are you?
I took to my heels and started searching for Bryan
DREAME from chidels library
Finally I saw his ring in front of a door.Oh no!!
“Bryan are you okay? Bryan are you in there please talk”I shouted while hitting the door.
“I can’t breath..I really can’t”I looked around and saw the — omg the locked him up and filled the room with gas,he could have–
I hastily picked the iron stuff I saw there and broke the door handle then I pushed the DOOR open.
There he was
Who is trying to harm u,the pain u already felt can’t they pity you..what did you do to this world.
I carefully dragged him,He was sweating and he was already dressed for his show.
It seems he hadn’t inhaled that much of it..right?
I looked in his face and his eye was closed.I was scared to even hold him properly.from up close you really look like Angel.who keeps causing you pain?
” bia`ne, you will be okay,don’t worry…nothing will happen to you..am here”i said.
He opened his eye and tears just streamed down, it was just so much…it streamed down his pretty pink lips; sparkling like he was made up, then down his chest making the diamond necklace he wore glitter more**you are beautiful**
i wanted to wipe his tears but i was scared to touch him.
I almost tucked his hair behind his ear because it covered his sight but I was still scared to touch his hair.I just watched him like a movie…and my tears streamed down cos each time he opens his eye tears just fell
“Bia`ne, don’t cry.Jeremy said its not pretty to shed tears.” I said.
I tried pressing the red button on the device when I saw his earing on the floor. I decided to call them after placing it on his ear.
I smiled innocently as I fixed it back …


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