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(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)



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How can she say we are sisters??
“She’s not serious, Jariel thinks I will fall for her silly pranks.

“I’m not your sister and we do not look alike” I cut her short and increased the pace at which I walk… So as to avoid Len and Emily but Jariel won’t just stop following me

“Wait up!!
“Hey” Jariel ran after me and brush her shoulder with mine.

“What do you think you’re doing?
“I don’t know you and you keep saying it that we look alike.
“I have only one sister and her name is Dy…..” I stopped my statement because Emily is almost close to me.

“Ohhhh my goodness what am I doing??? I just keep breaking the rules. Just one day and I have already broken and destroy the rules beyong imagination.

“Why ain’t you talking again???
“I said you look like my sister and her name is Beau…..”
Jariel also stopped her statement because Emily is already standing in our presence with six other girls including Dyna.

“Your sister name is what?? Emily questioned Jariel.

And you,you look exactly like the girl Seven was with in the elevator” Emily uttered with a smirk,a deadly one.
I opened my mouth to say something but nothing was coming out.

“Are you the one!!! Emily made a tiny shout and my pounding headache arrived.

“Queen Emily she’s not the one.
The name on her tag said it all. She’s Eve Dana and the girl with Seven is Beauty Dana. She’s not the one and moreover,can’t you see her hair is weaved but the one with Seven,her hair was not weaved” Dyna came to my rescue,slowly my pounding headache disappeared.

“Are you sure???
“How sure is your fact??
“I’m not gonna accept that, can’t you see her eyelashes is the same with the other girl that was with Seven”
Emily seethed with a scorn.

“Queen Emily, I’m sure she’s not the one. I’m 100% sure” Dyna speak for me again.
What a sister???

“I don’t believe that!!
“She’s the one. I know her….
“She’s that same girl that works in seven’s best selling club….
“She’s Beauty and not Eve!!
Mitchell rolled her big eyeballs and push her hair backwards.

“She’s not the one!!
Dyna argued back.

“Enough of all your arguments…”
Emily waved her fingers to showcase her diamond ring.

“How long is your hair??
Emily sneered at me….

“I don’t even know what to say, I just stare at Dyna face and I saw her raising her 8fingers.

“My hair is 8inches long”
I speak back to Emily.

“8 inches long you say!
“It’s 8inches Long and you’re still able to roll it 8times” Emily scoffed and raised her hand to loose my hair.

“Stop it!!!
“What’s your freaking business with her hair?
“You wanna touch it as if she’s your maid…. And it’s not like she’s one of them.
“Why are you always jealous??
“You’re jealous because of how she weaved it…so that you can copy her hairstyle.
“Emily what’s up with you??
“Why are you always deriving happiness in taking peoples joy??
“Emily you’re a total mess and a disgrace to womanhood.”
Jariel speak for me and took my hand in her own.

“Jariel it’s none of your business!!
“You’re always poking your stupid nose into what does not concerns you” Mitchell voiced out to Jariel.

“Fine I’m always poking my mouth into others people matter but the good thing is that I’m better than you Mitchell.

Mitchell I’m not like you that goes around fucking with dogs….
Well I’m not surprised by your character because waste products like you are just born foolish so I can see any reason why you will be sensible for once!!!!

And as for you ,
Queen Emily or Evilimy or what the hell you call yourself….
I can’t actually find fault in you because you’re mad right from birth.
The party you’re hosting has become the landlord in your brain. Your stupidity has totally blinded you” Jariel speaks for me again without leaving my hand…. She dragged me out of Emily’s sight.

“Did you actually speak to Emily like that?
I start a friendly conversation with her.

“Who cares??. She shrugged her shoulders.
Emily is always like that..
She thinks she can always get what she wants but the best player will always win.

I was once a fool to Emily but not after I stand up for myself.

My friend you have to start speaking for yourself, don’t let your emotions bring you down” Jariel blurt out.

But I must say this again,you look just exactly like my sister. The last time I saw her is when I’m three, then she was four.
Right now if I should ask my parents were Beauty is, all they do is to show me her recent picture….they will say she’s doing fine that it’s not yet time to see her….but I will keep saying you look like her” Jariel smiled and stared at my bangles.

She look away sadly and hopped into her car, her driver is waiting patiently for her.

“Should I drop you??? She popped her head out of the car.

“No I’m fine, I’m waiting for my sister” I blurt out and I regretted why I mentioned the word sister.

“You have a sister” Jariel smiled.

“Sister…. No….I don’t have” I rolled my eyeballs since Dyna said I shouldn’t mention her name.

“Liar,you have a sister” Jariel cut me off guarded…

“Hmmmmm just drop me” I changed the topic and entered her car.

“I know you don’t want to tell me anything but I will tell you something” Jariel won’t just stop talking.

Check this out” she handed me her classic iPod.

All about Len and Emily” she placed a price tag on their name so that I can see their data’s.

β†˜Emily Daniels
19years of a age…
Heir to the Daniel’s
She’s a well trained hacker and a gun shooter who never miss her targets.
Hacking into others people data is her hobby while getting what she want by a snap of her finger is her favourite..

β†˜Len Pablo
22years of age….
He’s a talented mind reader.

“Weird” I mumbled and returned back Jariel iPod.

“Just be careful Beauty” Jariel said and offered me some chocolates.

“I’m not Beauty, I’m Eve” I lied and get out of her car.
You don’t want my chocolate??
Jariel persisted and brought out a particular one that I can never resist.
It’s my favourite…

“I don’t want it” I prove sturboness.

Minutes later,I was home. No one was in,not even Elva.
Dyna isn’t back from school… And Elva must have probably gone to meeting or my Granny’s place.
I took key from my bag and opened the main door.

While waiting for the Dyna,I quickly freshen up and changed into a peach long gown. I styled my hair and applied olive oil.

After about 40minutes,I heard a knock on my window.

“Who’s there?? I asked, waiting for an answer but I got none.

The knock came again and it was more hard this time around.

“Just get out of here and start explaining to me what you’re doing with Seven”
“You’re like a leopard and you can not change your spot”
“Beauty just get out of here”
“Open this window or else I’m gonna break it !!!!
The ranting continued.

Fear took over me instantly and I start fidgeting.

“Open this window or else i wil break it!!!
Len speaks in range.

“Len just go away….
You banging on my door won’t change anything…. It will only disturb the neighborhood”
I replied him and start locking all the doors.
I stop immediately I heard cracking sounds…..
Len just broke into my window.

For a start,i was dumb and visionless that i never knew when tgey key to all the doors fell off my hand. It fell and dropped right in front of Len.

The bad ass was claded in black with anger burning all over his skin.
He’s checking me out😭😭😭😭

“This colour suite you” he chuckled at my pink dress.

I flinch back in fear and looked at the key with a corner of my eyes.

“You want to get this??
“The key!!!
Len picked it up with a smirk and threw it out of the window.

He moved closer to me and pushed me with force to the floor till my hairs swept the floor.

I gasped for more air and stood up abruptly.
My lashes are starting to bring tears.

“Len stop it,you are hurting me badly”
“Just get out of my house!!
I rant to his face….

“Even that so called Seven Miles can not stop me from doing what i want to do!!!
Len yelled and made a tiny shout at me….

He wants me to faint.

“Don’t refer Severn as a so called!!!
I speak to his face and furrowed my brows at him but instead the idiot took my hands and pushed me again.

“Eat that!! He brought out some cookies and threw them on me.

“I don’t want!!
I through it back to him and pushed my hair backwards….

Then I just saw the real Len..
“You through my cookies away!!
Darkness surpassed him while venom start running in his veins…

He gave a deadly smirk and moved close to me.
I also continue moving back till my back hit the wall….
Now, I have no choice than to face the beast.

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