fiction story

( Odeya )
“I lifted my face from the water and looked at him quietly.the bright lights made him look so ethereal,even the water was pretty.
I tried coming out but I cramped my leg
“Mum!!!”I shouted in tears,It was one of my most painful experience…tears filled my eye..
Bryan stood up and walked away …I didn’t even know when I said
“Please help me,my leg is bleeding”my tears filled my mouth.
Bryan turned over and walked down to me,
“hold still”he said as he moved his pretty hands into me and gently pulled me up from the water like i was weight less.
he placed me on the pavement and i looked at my bleeding legs.
” Thank you… and sorry,I Wont cause you trouble again” I said.
***** will he talk to me******
He didn’t talk, he just picked his phone and tried strolling out then he stopped for a while.
” In the future,let’s not meet anymore” he said and rushed out …he deeped his wet finger into his pretty hair and i watched him walk away.
I nodded and stood up to pick my bucket..next thing I heard was the gatemans voice
” queen zaina, welcome” he said.
What? zaina? zaina!!!!???
Where do I hide, my legs won’t even let me walk…Oh God not again.
“Oopa” I heard zaina’s voice say.
” the chemical used to clean the pool is unsafe ..let’s go,” bryan said to her.
****did he just do that for me****
I think he left faster, leaving her behind because I heard her voice….shouting and screaming as if an angel kissed her.
“You Wont belive Bryan spoke to Me!!”she shouted…she’s on call.
“I Am the first girl bryan finally spoke too ever since dream high!!!
“Bella Bryan spoke to Me!! Jeez” she screamed again
How many people has she called..
I saw his book on the floor , he forgot his book again..I smiled,I wonder if he found the other one I kept for him.
I am actually the first girl he talked too…Though what he said wasn’t pleasant.
I touched my waist I still can’t belive he lifted me up like a baby …he must be very fit.
ODEYA work…thank God am almost done.
I tried pulling myself up when jeremy walked in smiling on call..he saw me and froze
“Whippet?”he said
I STARTED laughing.
He came closer
“Are you okay…how did this happen?”he asked looking at my leg
“I cramped up in the pool”i said.
“It’s remaining these stuffs right?”he said picking the remaining sachet on the floor
“No don’t—
He was already done ..he packed it ok the bag and dropped the equipment by the side.he carefully lifted me up into his arms
” but am wet”I said
” you leg is bleeding”he said and held me tighter.
I smiled…my life is becoming sweet.
” how did you get hurt?”he asked
“It was Bryan”I said
He stopped
“Bryan?”he asked
‘Yes..he was coming to the pool house and i saw him coming so I decided to hide in the pool.”I said
“Who helped you out?”he asked
“It was him..bryan”I said
“Bryan helped u out of the water?”he asked me
“Yes”I repiled
He chuckled
“Isnt that unusual”he said
“Nothing…am glad you are okay”he said
I nodded
” where should i take you?”he asked
“Just drop Me outside,where I work is very close to that”i said
“Are you still going to work?”he asked
“No..I will just wait for my friend”I said
He carried me tightly thank God school was over.
when we got out his guards followed.
He finally dropped me at the restaurant outside
“Are u sure you are Okay”he asked me and I nodded
Finally be left and rose came there after school then helped me home..if Jeremy takes me home my step mom will surely kill me.
I arrived home, No work today I need to rest.I walked into the shower and each time I touch my body ..exactly where Bryan touched I just keep remembering him lifting me up. I feel so happy that people are helping Me both Bryan and jeremy. I fell on my bed and picked my dairy
I thought you were a bad person, I didn’t know you already knew I was a commoner all this while but you didnt talk.
And when you asked me “are you okay miss,” at the road yesterday..am glad you said it to odeya
When I bumped into you,that time when zaina wanted to expose me; you knew I was a commoner but you spoke to me like you didnt know who i was
You knew my secret before everybody else but you didnt interfere or ruin my life, it seems you where my real knight in colourful armour
I really wonder why you are so mean..you said we should never meet again, why are u a freind to nobody
You are pretty pitiful..I really want to know more about you…
“What the– how can you be so stupid miss”I never really forget this day..when I wounded you.
“Bia`ne” was what you said when u mistakenly took my phone.
You only said few words to me but I feel like i have heard them forever.
I really like you…I don’t know if it’s romantic feelings or not ,I never had romantic feelings anyway.all I know is that since you helped me all this while I really want to see you happy
I will just be your secret friend and admirer since you said we should never meet again
dear diary, this is a letter to bryan
I dropped my pen, Wish I knew why bryan is——
I hurried out of room and snuck into roses window.
I borrowed roses laptop after a fat heavy fight.
I snuck back into my room and i googled evrerything Bryan.
omg so he is an orphan,
rose said he stays with sir edwardo I didn’t know he was an orphan He lost everyone ..including his sibling..
He has a record of attempted suicide.
I wiped my tears and played a videod interview from when he was small…12years.
“Bryan what is your inspiration to sing”
“I don’t want to sing” he said crying, this made me shed tears .
I paused the video then i played it back
” I don’t want to sing Mr, I just want to see my mum,my dad and Lisa..I really don’t want to sing.”
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I can’t believe tears streamed down my eye,Bryan had gone true more pain the I went true.
Rose is and was here to help me move on but since he has no friend who helps him live on.
” Bryan what is your wish for this year”
“Death..I want to die sir ..I really want to ” He said and the interviewer hugged him tight.
I switched off the video and scrolled down only to get to the news section.
Breaking news!!!!!!!!!
12 years old bryan who has been missing for hours was found trying to drown himself in the ocean behind their house. the dreame boys relocated to an area without water and oceans.Bryan is no longer allowed to go outside.
Breaking news!!
Twelve year old Bryan was rushed to the hospital for eating poison deliberately,
” the best thing you can do is is send me to mummy” Bryan said to his foster father sir edwardo at the hospital.
Bryan has been sent for his five years musical training in south Korean as an idol, but was placed under a strict no dating policy by the industry.
Breaking news!!!!
Bryan returns home and finally did his first debut with his first song. “I want to live for you” ..it’s obvious that Bryan finally found a reason to live…we wonder if it’s a lover or a friend.
Bryan has been signed as William Thorne’s number one run way model..for his fashion show every November,I just love his confidence and catwalk when his on runway”top designer Mary Hilton drops a comment.
We can only see him on runway once every year..music is his life.
So bryan is a runway model, no wonder his catwalk is so attractive.I want to watch his show
I hastily logged into last November.
There he Is, amazing…
His catwalk was killing..perfect. people stood up only to watch him..so pretty.
I wonder if I Wil see him Upclose again.
I turned off the video, my eye won’t stop watering, how can he have such a painful past..Bryans story forced me to sleep Untop of roses laptop.
Early the next morning i already found my way to school.
I followed a more lonely route because of my leg,I was partly limping and i didn’t want too much questions.
I walked down and tried singing since I was alone when I saw Bryan.. I hid by the three side.
He looked so bothered,like he lost something. He still catwalked alone..he walked down…he looked pretty and expensive but he likes being alone.
He walked and breathed out at the same time while pulling down his jacket hand which he folded to cover,yes this weather is really cold.I pulled down my own sweater too.
he wore a white shirt inside then the black jacket which was unbuttoned.. he looked clean and sweet.
he didn’t know when he stepped on the flower shower, oh no!!! i closed my eye as the pipe broke and water and showered on him..
it was so Heavy he couldn’t open his eye,
.he moved his hair back with both hands but he acted like he couldn’t even see well…I hastily rushed over to the tap head and turned off the water.
he breathed out and looked at me from my shirt to my skirt… his eye was now red , purely red.. he looked so cold.
I stood a distance away from him and watched him quietly as he dripped of water… he too watched me .. no words.
i tucked my hair into my ear and smiled gently
“bia`ne,”i said and waved sorry to him


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