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The Billionaire’s To¥
( # Pweety_Adesola )
# Chapter ~•8
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“You are the cause” Dyna snap at me.
“No it’s not my fault” i raised my hand on the
“It’s your fault and i don’t know why you’re not
sharp” Dyna hiss at me.
“Am not sharp at all han” i stood up abruptly
and held my long hair in other to prevent it from
falling on my face.
“Yes,you’re not sharp enough”
If you had not cry earlier,Elva would have allow
you attend Miles high school.
B,you know how much you wanted to attend
that school,yet you got the opportunity but you
Allow it slip away”
Dyna hiss again.
Like seriously,you just keep blaming thing on
me and i don’t blame you either for doing that.
Gosh Dyna,you don’t understand”
What’s there to understand!!!
Ohhh you want to continue striping so that you
can continue seeing that young Billionaire
Is that not it!!!!
Dyna yell at me and it was more of a shout.
“What did you just say???
So you’re using style to call me a stripper
Or have you forgotten you are the one that
push me into the act!!!
I slam my forehead and that’s it,my pounding
headache has arrived.
“B,are you alright!!! Dyna rush to my aid and
made an attempt to touch me.
“Don’t touch me Dyna….
“You’re sucking the life out of me by reminding
me that I’m a stripper”
“Yes,I’m a stripper”
“Just let me be” i walk out of her to the small
room that we both share.
Argggh,my drugs has been exhausted”
I stamp my feet on the floor and go to bed.
I pulled the blanket all over myself and drifted
into a deep slumber.
Hours later
“Beauty I’m sorry….
“I swear i didn’t mean what i said earlier
“I was just mad at you because Elva won’t
allow you attend your dream high school and
you really want to attend it”
I heard Dyna speaking to my sleeping body. I
didn’t even look at her.
Instead,i pull the blanket to my face and turn
my back at her.
“Pink lips please can you help me with my
towel” Dyna pleaded.
“Sure” i replied her and took the towel to the
She step out minutes later with water dripping
down her hair.
Hmmmm,i wanna make a request”
“Can you help me out with my restaurant work
till i will be back from school?
“I didn’t tell Chloe that i will be resuming
“Can you be of help??? Dyna pleaded.
“I’m sorry but i can’t”
I shrug while putting on my shower cap.
“Why, are you still angry with me??
Nah,I’m not mad with you but what if Seven
recognize me as the girl he ask Chloe to fire” i
blurted out to Dyna.
“How can that happen???
Seven won’t come to the restaurant today, he
will be in school” Dyna argued.
“Ohhh you forgot in a hurry that he usually
have breakfast in the restaurant”
No,he won’t recognize you with your brown hair
because you’re gonna use a black wig. With
that, he won’t recognize you,he will only see
you as that stripper”
Dyna confused me the more.
“I’m sorry i can’t”
“What do you want him to see me as??
“A commoner,an assistant chef and a
Common Dyna, scratch it off….that’s too much
for me” i seeth at Dyna.
“Please Beauty,can’t you just forgive and
forget about yesterday”
“I remembered telling you sorry”
Dyna uttered,almost at the verge of tears.
“Fine,i will help” i replied her like a fool and
step into the bathroom while she dress in her
high school wear of red skirt,white shirt,red
jacked and a white long socks.
She made her hair in a fringe and leave for the
Ohhh goodness, what’s happening to me???”
I scratch my neck and quickly pull out an outfit
for the restaurant work, i also pick a perfect
bikini,a pair of heel and a wig for my striping
“What else????
Nothing….’ I move into the bathroom and did
my business.
I step out minutes later and quickly dress into
my outfit,with my black bag,i joined Elva and
Dyna at the dining.
“A cup of coffee,bread and jam for breakfast”
I sat down and ate in silence.
“Mom,please allow Beauty attend Miles high
Dyna pleaded with Elva but she would not just
hear any of that.
Bye Mom” i stood up after i had taken breakfast
and left for the door.
“Bye Dyna, enjoy your first day at school” i
winked at her before i finally step outside.
At Miles Restaurant
“Welcome Beauty”
I hope you’re with the black wig for disguise so
that Seven won’t recognize you as the girl he
asked me to fire”
Chloe questioned.
“Yes ma’am” i nod and rushed into the
dressing section.
Black skirt,white shirt,white long socks,black
wig and a small chef cap.
I change hurriedly and move to Chloe stand.
“You look good just as always”
Anyway,today’s dish;
Spicy rice cake
Stir-fried noodles
Ox-bone stew
Fermented vegetables
Mixed rice
Sweet syrupy pancakes.
Just get started” Chloe uttered and left me at
Dyna’s stand.
Soon,the cuisine was filled to its brim.
“Take a plate of Spicy rice cake to table 226”
Chloe ordered.
I adjusted my cap and carried the tray that
contained the expensive food to the required
“Ohhh goodness,I’m in trouble already”
“Here is your order”
I panick before dropping the tray in front of a
young guy with thick dark hair and a whitish
“What did you bring here???
He questioned with a smirk.
“Ohhh,i just saw him very well,he is putting on
Miles high school wear,he attends there”
“Spicy rice cake” i replied him with my hands at
my back…
What type of restaurant is this???
“You only brought food,where’s the water!!!
He chuckle wickedly and pierced into His
expensive wrist watch.
“I will get it right away” i said and turned to
“Oppps,i just saw his name on his jacket tag..
He is Len Pablo”
Such a rude jerk.
I rush back to the huge refrigerator and pack to
glass bottle water in a small tray.
I must not get into trouble today” i uttered
inwardly and start moving from one section to
the other.
“What’s happening to me,this is not the right
way and it’s not like it’s my first time here!!!
I walk straight again…. I had forgotten the
name of the table…
The more i walk,the more I’m getting lost in the
section of the huge restaurant.
Ohhh no,this jerk again!!!
I froze on my spot and squeezed my fingers.
I slam my forehead and moved left and i did
bump into Seven Miles.
I’m doom totally” i flinch backwards as the tray
fell off my hand.
The glass bottle water shattered into millions of
pieces,the water spilled on Seven’s expensive
For a start,i found my lips shaking…
Ohh Seven don’t recognize me as Beauty the
assistant chef,just recognize me as Beauty the
No,Beauty the commoner…
No,don’t even recognize me at all” i spoke
shakily inwardly.
Can’t you just face where you’re going han???
He yell and it was more of a shout.
I flinch backwards with a pounding heart.
His dark gaze met mine….and i am really
becoming uncomfortable with the manner in
which he stared into my dark eyeball it’s
becoming more intense .
Did he recognize me as the chef he asked
Chloe to fire???
Ohh no!!!
Hmmmm….i…i…ammm…sorry” i starmmared
and pick up the half broken tray.
I made an attempt to leave but the idiot took my
“Scratch that off because i remember you” he
smirks and my mouth moved into my stomach.
For a second,i become speechless…
He recognize me as…..
You’re the stripper right??? He questioned and
cage me to the sapphire tiled wall of the
“Shiva,get out of here” i heard him say to his
“Yes sir” he gave a bow and left.
“Back to you” Seven faced me and took my two
tiny hands together.
Ohhh no,what is he gonna do with my hand,is
he going to cut it off!!!
“You’re beautiful you know!!
He uttered and brought his pink lips closer to
my forehead.
Ohh no,this is bad…
I moved my forehead down and played with my
God why did you made me this short,my height
reach his chest region and I’m always getting
into trouble.
“No no,i don’t do boys”
I replied him and moved my head
sideways.Again,my head hit his breast tag and
that made my fake hair (wig) tangle with it…
Ohh no,this is trouble in trouble”.
I can help” he made an attempt to remove it..
Ahhh he will know that it’s a fake hair… And he
will definitely know who i really am…
No,i can do it” i touch his hand and untangle
the tag from my hair.
He blink his lashes again and took my hand,
he clasp them romantically.
is he going crazy or what???
What’s happening here,is that the water i ask
you to get!!!
Len burst in and shouted in an high tone,and
that’s what i hate.
I hate noise.
My pounding headache arrived and i found
myself fainting again on Seven’s arm with my
lips brushing his jacket.


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