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My Indoor Holiday
Written by Rejoice
Chapter 8 (Semi-finale)
Isa’s POV
The first three Police led the front with their
guns while aunt Kiki and I followed in the
middle then the two other police were behind
“I think the house got no cameras.” the second
police at the front whispered.
I sighed. I really didn’t want the police getting
involved in this. I had wanted to do this the way
I have planned but aunt Kiki insisted on
involving the police.
The three police ran to the wall of the house
while the two others ran to the other side.
I glanced at aunt Kiki and she nodded and
gave me an assured and hopeful smile, then
joined the other two.
I inhaled and walked to the door of the
Holloways, then rang the doorbell.
I waited with beating heart.
In few seconds, the door was opened by a girl
I guess would be my age mate.
Elizabeth I guess.
I breathed in, appearing bold.
She has long black hair that fell to her shoulder
and wore a blue trouser and purple top.
“Goodmorning.” I said.
“Who are you?” she threw the question.
I smiled, “Im a new neighbour, my name is
Isabel, im just trying to make friends, can I
come in if you don’t mind?”
She stared at me, I guess she was trying to
look into my eyes but I smiled and looked
“Right, come in.” she said and let the door
open for me.
I pushed in, and just immediately the police
men pushed in too with aunt Kiki.
“Your hands up!!” a police man commanded.
She gasped and with evil monsterious eyes at
me, “Juliet!!!!” she screamed.
Just immediately, Juliet landed like a wind,
dressed in a black robe.
The police backed away in fright but I didn’t. Im
determined to get Henry and also get my
“How dare you come in here.” Juliet hurled with
her evil blue eyes on me and then to the rest.
“I need my friends.” I said.
“Ha ha ha ha.” she laughed out and drew
nearer to me and I was so bold enough not to
move back.
“I want my daughter. Let me have my daughter
back you witch!” aunt Kiki yelled beside me.
“Silence!” Juliet hurled. “I don’t have your
daughter and I do not have your friends.” she
“You do! You have Regina and you have
Henry!” I yelled.
She moved back with an evil smile, “Oh
silence.” she said.
“I want my daughter Juliet!” aunt Kiki said.
She smiled and looked at the police men, said
a few enchant and just then a glass cage
appeared and formed around them and once
they cage formed, they all iced.
I got frightened and aunt Kiki held my hand.
Juliet laughed…. her sister followed.
“What do you think you can do to me?” she
I breathed out, “I do not wish to do anything to
you, All I want is to have my friends back.” I
“You are not gonna have them but join them as
well.” she said.
aunt Kiki tightened her grip on mine.
I know she’s scared but it’s okay .
My eyes quickly scanned the large sitting-room
and I found a tiny door, then another large door
and the curved staircase.
“Tell me Elizabeth, what do we do to this two?”
she asked her sister.
“Cage them like the police forever…Make them
melt like an ice do.” Elizabeth said.
Juliet laughed, “No. I would take them to their
beloved friends.” she said.
“Okay sister, whatever you say.” Elizabeth
Juliet smiled at me.
“Do you wish to see your friends?” she said.
“I don’t only wish for it, I’ll have them back!” I
She smiled, then turned to aunt Kiki.
I thought she was about saying something but
she stretched out your hands, moved her
fingers and my aunt screamed and fell on her
knees. I dashed to the small door and pushed
in with force..
I felt a force following me.
I ran so hard through the dark corridor..
It was pitch dark, I can’t see anything, but I
kept running, trying to find another corner.. but
there was none, just then I hit my head on a
hard surface, a wall. I screamed in pain and
slumped down.
“Oh well well well.. great. I caught ya.” I heard
Juliet’s faint voice, then her laugh before I
finally passed out.
I opened my eyes to see myself held to the wall
with my hands side by side in handcuffs like im
being crucified.
I winced in pain..
Looking up, I saw the long glass cage in my
I gasped when I saw Henry in there.
His face was down… His body tied.
There was a small pot of little burning fire but
much smoke just before the cage… but very
close to the cage.
“Henry.” I called but my voice wasn’t so loud. I
couldn’t even hear it.
“Henry!” I called louder.. now I think I heard it
but he didn’t.
“Henry!!” I shouted with all my strength and
gasped for breath… waiting for him to look up
but he didn’t.
I blinked as tears rolled down my eyes.
How im I gonna get away from this handcuff.
I need to save you Henry. I need to save you.
Please look up and tell me what to do.
But he wasn’t responding.
He seem so weak.. too weak.
What do I do?
I looked around and there is nothing I could get
hold off.
They are all so far from me.
No window, just a long door very far away.
I sighed.
Is there hope?
I could only watch him… with tears.
The door flung open and Juliet walked in, in her
black long robe.
The door automatically closed back.
“Ohh pleasant pleasant. You are awake.This is
so great. So you can actually see him, Isabel.
Tellme, are you a sorceress?” she said coming
closer to me.
I ignored her, my mind only focused on how to
get out of this handcuff.
“Ohhh tell me Isabel.” she said.
I didn’t answer.
“Ohh you don’t wanna answer me, great great.”
she said then laughed.
She turned to Henry.
“He is having a good time right?”
I ignored.
She moved back and fumed, “Answer me!!”
she hurled and a great painful force raced
through me and I screamed.
“Answer me, who are you!” she hurled.
The painful force still held me and I was
wild winds blew through her black hair and she
stretched out her hand and a ball of fire formed
on her palms.
“Fee ere gue ne eta” she said and then threw
the ball of fire close to my feet, it spread in
semi-circle around my feet.
The heat wasn’t so strong at first but then at
each passing minute, the flame rised more and
the heat and burn escalated.
I groaned in pains.
“Who are you Isabel or you are gonna get
burnt in this rising flame!” she said.
I winced, feeling so thirsty. My throat
completely dry and sour.
“Answer me!” she hurled.
“Isabel Dalton..” I said.
She moved backwards, “Who is your mother!”
she yelled.
“I don’t know. I grew up without her.” I said.
“Lies!” she thundered and raised her hands to
the air and the flames rised more….
I cried out..
The heat of the fire was burning me.
“Who is your mother!!” she roared.
“I. Have. No. Idea.” I said.
“Lies!! you fool!” she hurled and raised up her
hands more higher and the flames of the fire
increased more.
I screamed in burning pains as hot tears
poured down my eyes.. my heart pounding but
my breath ceasing.
She held it up for a very long time then
tightening her fist, the flames began going
And when she brought down her hands, the fire
went off.
I breathed out.
She glanced at Henry who’s head still was
Then she turned back to me just immediately.
“You are the daughter… of Ellie.” she said.
I need water.
“Ellie..Ellie, you are the daughter of Ellie!!.”
she yelled.
“I don’t know my mother. I don’t even know her
name.” I said.
“She betrayed us! She betrayed my mother!
She took what rightfully belonged to my mother!
the crystal!” she yelled.
Her blue eyes turning black..
It’s too scary, I shut my eyes.
“She gave it to you… let me have it!” she said.
“I don’t know what you are talking about.” I
said, confused.
“Finally it’s you! I found you. I foud the
crystal.” she said and began coming nearer
with a wicked smile.
aunt Kiki’s POV
Im pinned down on the floor.
I can’t move.
I wonder if Isa is alright. God I hope so.
Lord, I need you to come to our rescue.
I need you end this all right now. Save us.
Help me get my daughter, my niece and Henry.
“Just shut up!” Elizabeth’s voice barked as she
came down from the staircase.
“How could you and your sister take my
daughter! How could you.” I cried.
“She deserves it! She won the painting
competition when it was supposed to be me! I
begged her to let me win. She was perfect and
I wanted to make my mom and my sister proud
of me too, but she refused. She won the
painting game. She betrayed me!” she barked.
“It was a competition. How could she withdraw
for you to win. If you had put in more effort, you
would have won Elizabeth.” I wept.
“I don’t care!! im never gonna let her go! and
you are going to join her and the rest of them
as well!” she hurled before walking away.
I sighed.
Just then, a loud scream echoed and I gasped.
“Isabel!!!!” I screamed.
A force pulled me down.
I gasped, realizing i’ve been released.
I got up and heard cracking sounds behind.
I turned to see the glass cage breaking, the ice
which pinned the police men all melted and the
police men rushed out, gasping and looking
about in confusion.
“What happened?” one asked.
“Let’s find my niece!” I said and ran towards
the staircase,..
The scream came from the upstairs.
The police ran behind me.

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