fiction story

My Indoor Holiday
Written by Rejoice
Chapter 7
(Hours later)
I had just finished having my night shower and
pulling into my pajamas when Henry appeared
After I went downstairs with aunt Kiki to have
dinner, he hadn’t showed up but here he is
again, to trouble me.
“I ain’t troubling you, im only begging you to
help me out here.” he said.
“I told you not to be reading my mind.” I barked
at him.
“You shouldn’t let your voice be loud or your
aunt might hear you and you’ll end up telling
her another lie.” he said.
“You cause them all.” I said.
He shrugged, “I know.”
He dropped his red guitar beside me.
I felt like touching but a crazy thought came in.
He chuckled, “It won’t disappear. It’s my
bestfriend. When I fell inlove with the guitar and
wanted to have it so much, I begged the seller
not sell it out that im gonna do everything I can
to bring him the money the next day. When he
finally accepted, I ran home and had to borrow
from my mother, then after I bought it, I gave
her back the money from playing the guitar in
the high streets all day though I didn’t complete
the money.” he said.
“Really?” I said.
“Can you play me the song, ‘Once upon a river
flow’” I said.
He chuckled, “Maybe I should play, ‘London
I laughed.
“Okay, play me my favourite song, the one I
wanted to record but you didn’t let me.” I said.
He smiled, “You know why I didn’t let you, cos
if you do, I won’t appear in the video and even
if you record only my voice, you won’t hear it
after.” he said.
I inhaled. Oh really.
“Yeah, so im gonna play it only if you promise
me this.” he said.
I knew already.
“Im not gonna promise you that, I need to think
about it, give me awhile.” I said.
He giggled, “Not that, I mean promise me you
not gonna try to record it.”
I chuckled.
“Ah alright.”
“Can I sit beside you?” he asked.
I shifted a bit away.
“Yeah.” I said.
“but you shifted away.”
“Not really.”
“Yeah you did.” he said and sat down, his feet
still wasn’t touching the floor.
He took his guitar and played few strings. Then
he began.
Bittersweet me…
Inperfect songs…
But hey, Im not minding at all.
I learn from every mistakes I do..
You don’t like me, there’s someone else that
Im not perfect, baby you are not too.
But im so happy to be me all tho.
They say im little but I don’t mind at all.
They say im not better than they all,
oh yeah.
Im just trying to be me.
Never wanna be anybody but me….
“Why do you love the song, it ain’t so sweet?”
he asked after he was done.
I shrugged, “I guess cos it talks about yourself,
about who you really are.” I said.
“Yeah.” he said.
“How do you get the inspirations?” I asked him.
“Sometimes when im asleep, sometimes when
im playing the guitar, at times when im eating,
running or learning in class.” he said.
“I think I gotta sleep.” I said.
“Alright.” he said.
“You should leave.” I said.
He shrugged and got up from the bed.
I stared at him, waiting for him to go but he
wasn’t acting like he’s about to leave.
“Henry what are you still waiting for?”
“Are you scared to sleep while im here?”
“Don’t you sleep!” I asked.
“No.” he said.
I sighed and pulled the duvet over my body.
“Can I tell you something Isa?” he said.
“What’s it?” I asked.
“That.. I I..Like you alot.” he said.
“You can’t like me, you are a ghost.” I said.
“It doesn’t matter. I like you Isa.” he
Okay. I’ve gotta sleep.
“Goodnight Isa.” he said.
“Oh better.” I said. He disappeared, only for me
to hear him minutes later, singing outside.
Everbody’s looking for that something..
Something that makes it all..complete.
You find it in the strange places,.
Places you never knew it could be..
Some found it in the face of their children
Some found it in.. their lover’s eyes.
You can’t deny the joy it brings…
When you found that special thing…
You’re flying without wings….
I smiled..
I fell asleep.
I woke up by the repeat calling of my name by
a very weak voice.
I was astonished to see it was Henry.
His hair scattered to his face in a crazy way
and I wondered why.
His eyes were dull and he rested his back on
my closet with his guitar in his hand.
“What happened?” I asked, sitting up.
“I don’t know. I felt something like electric
shock last night. Like my body was being
touched by something very harmful. I feel
weak. I have to get to my body.” he said.
I swallowed, “Gosh, what do we do?” I asked,
“You’ve got to help me Isa. Find my body,
release my soul.” he said.
“How im I gonna do this?” I asked.
“The Holloways.” he said.
“The Holloways!!” I sighed.
“The Holloways.” he repeated, then slumped
I rushed to him but before I could, he
disappeared. Like a smoke.
That is not the way he use to disappear! and
his guitar didn’t go with him.
Oh my God, Henry!
“Henry!!!!” I screamed out loud and fell on my
“Henry!!!!. Henry!!” I cried.
“Isabel! Isabel Are you alright?” I heard aunt
Kiki’s voice. Then followed by the opening of
the door.
She rushed in, to me.
“Isabel what’s the matter?” she got down and
hugged me tightly.
“Henry..” I cried.
“Henry? who’s Henry?” she said.
“Henry. I have to find Henry.” I cried.
“Oh my God Isabel, you are scaring the hell
outta me dear child. Who is Henry?”
(Minutes later)
“He’s a ghost.”
“A ghost!?”
“Yes. He’s been with me since yesterday but I
met him the the very day I came here while he
was singing in the night. He was the one who
made me send Rose away. He’s the one I was
always talking to while I tell you I was on a
phone call.” I said then I took her hands with
tears in my eyes.


“The night I first heard him singing, I loved his
songs, his songs, he’s so cute. He was sitting
just right at the next house window. I had no
idea he was a ghost… but when he came to me
I found out, I was damn scared at first but now
im not. He needs my help aunt, I need to get to
the Holloways.”
She blinked her eyes with shock, “Isa, don’t
talk about the Holloways, they are the family of
Elizabeth. They are evil, they will hurt you.”
“I have to go aunt. I need to save Henry and
save my niece, Regina too.”
She gasped, “Regina? What do you mean?”
“Henry said that she isn’t dead. That the
Holloways are holding her captive. Aunt I have
to do this. Im the only one who sees Henry and
there’s a reason and this is the reason.” I said.
She cupped my cheek in her palm.
I can see the fear in her eyes just like she can
see mine too.
“Isabel, this was never what I and your dad
planned for your indoor holiday.” she said.
“I know but im glad im here, im gonna fight for
my niece and for Henry. I don’t care how I do it
but im gonna get into there and release them.” I
She smiled as tears dropped from her eyes.
“Then Im gonna go with you.” she said.
I gasped, “Aunt.”
“Yeah.” she said and hugged me.
Henry’s POV
Im weak… im being tied down in place. In this
glass coldy cage.
The smoke.. the fire, the sand.
I need someone to take them away.
I feel so weak.. I can’t use my ghost power.
Im being paused like a statue.
I can’t move, I can’t talk.
Im being pinned down.
Ohh Isabel.. I need you here.
You’ve gotta save me..
Before I fade away.
The long door opened and she walked in.
Juliet Holloways.
In a black long robe with a red thin belt tied
around the stomache.
Her blue eyes peering into mine as she let out
a loud mockery laugh.
“Ohh dearest.. Such a long time.” she said and
touched her black hair which fell to her
“You never thought I could get you isn’t it?”
she smiled. “Oh great I did. I caught you. I did,
now I have you and your body with me. Isn’t
that pleasant? ohh yeah it is. Ha ha ha ha ha
ha.” she laughed out horiffically, turned and
walked out, slamming shut the long door.
I breathed out..

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